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Currency Converter

What you need to know current exchange rates? With the development of international retail e-Commerce, many realized the benefits of purchasing goods of foreign production directly in the producing countries. Obviously, this reduces the cost of buying sometimes several times, even taking into account the cost of mail delivery. Of course, the deal will have to exchange the rubles, if you live in Russia, in the currency of the state of the seller. To know, at what rate it is more profitable to exchange, you need currency Converter.

Currency conversion is an opportunity of exchange of money one country of the world for money the other in a certain proportion. In simple words, it allows you to make payments currencies of different countries when conducting financial transactions, particularly purchases. Special programs or services that help to determine the current exchange rates of the currencies of different countries and are referred to as the Converter of currencies.

Applications such functionality, there are quite a lot and that pleases, particularly quickly develop this direction of the developers of software for mobile operating systems as mobile gadgets - smart phones and tablet computers, already actively used as a means of electronic payments. This is not to mention the fact that for some users who earn on stock exchanges, information about the current exchange rate current at every minute.

Below, one can say, a brief overview of popular applications and services that can be found on the Internet. Using search, it is important not to confuse the name of what you find. For example, trying to find the "Converter", you are unlikely to get a useful response from search engines, because the concept of "convection" and "conversion" - from different regions, that is, for operations with currencies you need to look for a Converter.

The programs determine the exchange rate for personal computers

 Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator

Popular shareware currency conversion for Microsoft Windows platforms. Features:

Free software for any version of Windows. Does not require installation, works with any popular currencies. Requires a constant Internet access, updates the course in the real-time mode.

 Easy Currency

Simple shareware currency Converter for Windows.

Extremely simple and handy program that allows you to make the conversion more than two hundred world currencies with a single mouse click.

 5star Currency Calculator

Another free and simple to operate program for all versions of Windows.

Works with 37 currencies: US dollar, Japanese inami, euros, British pounds, Swiss francs, South American Rand, and many others. Requires Internet access, the information of the programme correspond to the exchange rate of the European Central Bank.

Free program for Windows with the condition of ads.

Looks like a conventional calculator, works with exchange rates provided by Cloanto - an authority in the field of financial services. Supports future and past rates of the Euro, spreadsheets, change shells and some other functions.

Shareware currency Converter and a powerful tool of financial management. Created under the Windows platform.

The program can be compared to a personal financial consultant, it allows you to manage personal accounts, loans, savings, loans and other financial matters. Features:

Another simple and useful shareware determine the exchange rate for Windows. Has information about more than 150 types of currencies of different countries. Data updates every day, nearer to the time of trading sessions. In the accuracy and reliability of information, you can be sure of one hundred percent.

The application is easy to use, represents one window with two buttons, a list of currencies and input fields. The data of calculations copy from the clipboard. Does not require special skills for work. Needs constant access to the Internet.

Completely free Windows application platform Forex currency exchange.

Positioned by the developer as a trading system Forex platforms. This service currency conversion, the daily review of the current information on the exchange, and more, combined in one. Every second update of the exchange rate and loss protection rating. EFX Forex Trading System has long been popular with participants of currency trading.

The programs determine the exchange rate for mobile devices


Interesting Android app, easy to use and functional. Features:

 ZAO RosBuisnessConsulting

As with the previous program, intended for the Android platform.

Convert currencies from over 30 countries, as the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia, and according to Forex. The right data gets automatically. Allows to monitor the dynamics of courses within 10 days. Converts monetary unit for user-selected date.


Another simple and useful Android-program. Works with 180 currencies, supports live exchange rates, can be used in standalone mode, allows you to plot, to add data to the elected and has a number of other possibilities.

 Hana App

Android application that is easy to manage and convenience. Completely free of charge. Works with 150 currencies, allows to expand the lists, select a base currency, contains a calculator that can run offline.

Designed for the Windows Mobile platform. Features:

The Windows Mobile Application. Simple one-button program that retrieves information from Yahoo! Finance.

 Smart Coin

Easy pay iPhone application for currency conversion. Contains a minimum of functions, controlled by one button. Uses several sources of exchange rate. Information is always current.

Paid IPhone application that works with 190 currencies, can build charts and graphs of different exchange rates, including taking into account the exchange rate variations during a defined time period: week, month, quarter, half year, year, several years. Other features:

Another program for the IPhone. Converts 30 kinds of the most popular currencies, rates of the Central Bank of Russia and Forex. Download and install fresh databases automatically. Works with the latest exchange rates, and with the past - the date, the user needs. Track ten-day dynamics of the exchange rate, can output data in the form of tables and graphics.

A good looking free application for the iPhone. Like most simple and convenient. In the appropriate boxes enter the amount of money you select the start and end exchange, and one click is calculated. Has a built-in calculator.

Paid app for the iPhone and iPad. Has all the main features of the considered solutions. The choice for those who need the most recent data, because iCurrency Pad able to continually update the databases.

Online-services currency conversion

Considers at the rate of Central Bank of Russia and the European Central Bank, as well as the results of several types of trades. Works with more than 20 types of popular currencies. Calculates the rate as given and without fee of the exchange. Extremely easy to use.

Supports more currency than the previous service and a larger number of data sources. Can calculate the fee for the currency.

Ukrainian service. Controlled by one button, calculates the rate of cash banks of Ukraine.

The review of applications and services conversion of monetary units covered only the most well-known solution, in reality - like there is much more. However, from what has been discussed, everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. The main thing here is not to get confused in choosing.

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