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How is the value of the securities?

The action – this is a valuable paper, which are the basis for dividend rights of the company. It allows you to:

In fact, the action helps a person to become a co-owner of an organization. This happens in exchange for what the man invests in the development of the company through acquisition of its securities. One of the factors that influence the formation of the market value of the organization – this share value. The price of the shares, in turn, determines the level of demand. the higher investment attractiveness of the enterprise, the more high a price for their shares.

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 Classification of shares

There are two main types of shares:

This is the main differences between the two types of securities, however, upon purchasing, to get better acquainted with a number of minor differences.

 Comparison of different types of shares

Value creation comes in stages, and each stage has its own name and its own characteristics:

Market value is constantly changing, and the change in its value is affected by the following factors:

 The calculation of the market value of the shares

One can easily see that some of the factors that influence the stock price, the company simply can not control. From the enterprise does not depend on the economic situation in the country or the emergence of a competitor in its services segment. However, part of the factors can be controlled by changing the value of the shares. The company can improve their image, credibility, increase consumer confidence.