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How to connect the mobile Bank of Sberbank

 Payment for services through the mobile Bank

Modern life is impossible without all kinds of gadgets and electronic devices. Many blamed all innovations, saying that they replace live life, only mimic communication and action, and in fact useless. But let us imagine that instead of spending time with family, to have a rest outside the city, to create works of art, to put sports records, having fun with my friends or just nice to sit back, enjoying life, you prostaivaete all your precious time in queues. Savings Bank, banks, municipal establishments, train stations, offices take a lot of time, energy, and more importantly, the percentage of the purchases. It is to be constantly in contact with your money account, to efficiently manage them and use at any time Sberbank offers all its customers the service of Mobile Bank. First of all, the question arises – how to connect the Mobile Bank Sberbank, what is the cost, and a list of possibilities it offers? Let's first define what is a mobile banking.

How to activate the service mobile Bank

Now, connect to the Mobile Bank of Sberbank in several ways: directly in one of the offices of Sberbank in your city, through a self-service terminal or call the support Service of the Bank:

Also, users are able to connect the Mobile Bank Sberbank online. For this you should receive an identification number Bank branch or through a payment terminal. In the terminal, insert a map, confirm the PIN code, select "Internet room" and choose another item - "printing ID and password". It is important to keep this check : in the integrity and security. Activate your online Bank can call the support service for the mentioned numbers and speaking operator information on receipts and other personal data. Soon you will get access to online Bank.

What services of Mobile Bank of Sberbank

So, You are a happy user of services of Mobile Bank, or only dare to mount the – in any case it is important for you to know the whole range of services and opportunities it can offer. For any card transactions on special number 900, according to the corresponding form of the required you send a message with a request and within a short time you get an answer.

The brief list of services of the Mobile Bank of Sberbank:

Refill card 

To replenish your mobile phone account is enough to send just the amount of money you want to put on account – without words, codes and numbers. For such Sumy there is a minimum and maximum limit – from 50 rubles to 10 thousand rubles. If there are several payment cards. In addition after Sumy replenishment specify the last four digits of the one with which you want to charge. But thanks to the mobile Bank you have the opportunity to refill not only through your mobile phone, but also any mobile operator in Russia. To do this in a message-the application should indicate the code of the PHONE, or any of these PAY, PAY, PAY, PLATI, PAY, OPLATA), PAYMENT, PAYMENT, PLATEZ, PLATEZH, REPLENISHMENT, POPOLNENIE, PAY, OLPATI REPLENISH, TELEPHONE, TELEFONE, TELEFON, PHONE, FONE, POPOLNIT, REFILL, POPOLNI, TEL, TELEPHONE, and a full ten digit phone number of the person on whose account you wish to transfer funds.

For regular automatic recharge your mobile phone you can also use the service of automatic payment. In this case, the minimum amount on your account you will specify in advance, the system will automatically transfer you to the mobile account the agreed amount of money.

If you want to pay for the services of organizations which have signed the contractual relationship with Sberbank, create a message indicating the code, props payment, amount of payment and the last four digits of your credit card. In this case, your message will look like this: NTV+ YYYYYYYYYY 1111 1000. All the possible letter codes you can learn on the official site of Sberbank. If the operation is successful you will additionally inform the SMS notification.

Service repayment of loans

Also the Mobile Bank of the savings Bank offers a range of services for the repayment of loans. This action can be made as to any desired amount, and amount of debt. For it is also sufficient to know the number of credit accounts, and by creating a message with the word of CREDIT, payment amount and details of the account to send it to the already well-known 900.

Thus, the Mobile Bank of the savings Bank offers a wide range of services, which helps to save your time and greatly facilitates the majority of the actions, connected with funds transfer. A more extensive list of possible actions you can study in detail on the official website of Sberbank. Sberbank connection to Mobile Bank will save you a lot of time and money in the future.


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