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How to disable the service of mobile Bank Sberbank

As a rule, the service of Mobile Bank suggest to use when making a Bank card to all clients of Sberbank, and most people agree on connecting useful, at first sight, services. But over time, the majority of clients, it becomes clear that the Mobile Bank they almost do not use, but have to pay a monthly fee. Someone annoyed by endless  SMS notification, not to carry a real benefit, and someone to worry about your personal data, which  with a low level of security in the Bank can get into the wrong hands. Regardless of the root cause of such clients a natural question arises: " How to disable Mobile Bank Sberbank?».

How to disable the service of Mobile Bank: instructions

 Brief rukovodstvo mobile Bank

Disabling services (as connection) is made within 3 working days from the date of registration of the application in the Bank.

Disable Mobile banking you can branch of Sberbank and call support.

To deactivate the service you will need the following documents:

After registration your room, connected to the service of Mobile Bank, should receive a confirmation message that disabling services.

To deactivate the service of Mobile Bank Sberbank and without visiting the Bank branch with a simple phone call to the help Desk of the Bank. Phone numbers specify separately for the locality. Moreover, the support service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service staff is happy to help the customers.

To deactivate the service of Mobile Bank Sberbank mo telephone you should:

Within 3 days the service will be disabled.

What does the service of Mobile Bank Sberbank?

Disabling the Mobile Bank Sberbank makes sense if you never use the provided system (payment of loans and accounts, Deposit accounts, view the balance and other) and is connected service when making a card without a clear intention.

If you're just afraid for their sensitive data or do not want to pay a subscription fee, you can think of other solutions.

Protection of Mobile Bank from hackers:

In case you are just not satisfied with a large fee for the service – you can go to the tariff package " Economy»where there is no monthly fee. The disadvantage of this tariff is the lack of automatic notices and pay requests.  Remember that full shutdown of the Mobile Bank Sberbank will not allow you to use functions of system (payment of bills, loans etc), while in «economy version» Mobile Bank all these services are not much, but it can save a lot of time.

Why not profitable to disable Mobile Bank Sberbank?

 Translations for mobile Bank

Are you sure you really want Sberbank online mobile Bank disable? A complete shutdown of the Mobile Bank may bring some inconvenience, including in the work with Internet-banking.

You may also experience problems with payment of the goods through the Internet. The thing is that if you connect to the Internet banking to you on the phone come passwords for access to Internet account, and if you will be disconnected Mobile Bank – you have to get all passwords in the ATM that, you see, is not very convenient.

Not necessary to disable the service of Mobile Bank Sberbank, can in time to block it. However, in this case your account will still charge a monthly fee.

To lock your mobile account you need to send SMS – message to number 900 with plain text: "Lock services». After a few minutes you will receive a notification about the successful completion of the operation. Also the service of Mobile Bank is locked automatically at the moment when your account runs out. When you refill your account – Mobile Bank will work without your intervention.

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