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Map Yandex money

 Plastic card Yandex money

The company ’Yandex» known for its convenient payment system e-type, and simplicity. Not so long ago in the payment system Yandex.Money have a wonderful offer for the users, namely, special plastic card Yandex money. Now every Internet user of the service may use the free card Gold MasterCard bound to Yandex purse, both in the network and beyond. Since the card is valid worldwide, you can pay with it wherever it is accepted.

Users of payment system are extremely pleased with such innovation as a considerable number used their services already paid via Yandex money online. In addition, freelancers, who received remittances on Yandex purse, now can comfortably manage their finances, make quick cash them at the nearest ATM and pay in supermarkets and entertainment centers, accepting credit card payments.

The release of banking map Yandex money and its aktivirovana

So, the card is issued for free, and its validity is three years. To issue a card, you only need to pay shipping, the cost of which is exactly 149 rubles within the Russian Federation, and outside – 199 roubles. Be careful to release a map Yandex money you can only in case of availability of own account in the payment system a Yandex, if account is linked to your mobile phone.

After receiving the card at the post office, it must be activated. This can be done on the website Yandex. Opening the activation page, click the home link. In the form that appears, enter the last eight digits of credit card and expiration date, and their own payment password. Then the activation process will be completed automatically.

Does Yandex map money service charge, is there a fee for using the card?

Company Yandex does not charge their clients money for the production, as well as for the maintenance of Gold MasterCard. With the release of a special pin-code together with a card, you can withdraw cash in ATMs. If the card is removed any currency, in addition to Russian roubles at an internal rate of the Bank is paid a fee for currency conversion.

 The package submitted by the company Yandex map

It should be noted that in the process of this transaction fee is charged, which is three percent of the amount (not less than one hundred roubles), also charged fifteen roubles. As for payments made with the card, for which the Commission is not charged. Fees also stars in the case of transfer of money from Yandex maps on any other Bank card.

What does the Gold?

As a plastic card Yandex money – it MasterCard class "premium», it means that all of its owners have other benefits, such as, for example, the possibility of full control of expenditures, budget planning.

Thanks to the Gold you can get various bonuses, discounts in restaurants and shops of Russia and other countries. You receive a complete financial freedom.

As translate Yandex money on map

Reloading the account by Yandex.Money, and receiving money on this account from other accounts, transferring them to other accounts on their own, you can spend them with cards. In addition, you can credit card through Internet banking and ATM, but there is one condition – connection to the system MoneySend. Term of transfer of money on the card is the order of several days.

To Deposit using a Bank transfer, you must use the following details:

The receiving Bank – TKC Bank (ZAO);

BIC – 044583974;

Correspondent account – 30101810900000000974;


the recipient – TKC Bank (ZAO);

CPR – 775001001;

INN – specify your own room or (in case of absence) 7710140679;

The recipient's account – 30232810100000000004;

Transaction type – room 01;

The order of payment – 6;

Purpose – it ’Transfer of funds on the card/agreement (the 16-digit card number, first name, last Name, not subject to VAT».

Duration of transfer should take up to two business days (max – up to five days).

Transfer funds on Yandex can with any Bank card, transferring funds to the account, specifying your wallet.

As for the owners of plastic cards of Sberbank, they have a wide range of Deposit methods, for example, by means of ATMs, payment terminals, and also with the help of money transfer through the service, called Sberbank Online.

In addition, Sberbank provides user Yandex.Money the opportunity to replenish the account with any Russian Bank credit card at ATMs of the savings Bank. For this you need in the menu under the name «Payments" select "Electronic money». The implementation of the transfer immediately, and Commission fee amounts to only 1.5 percent of the amount.

What features does the map Yandex money?

Since the card is prepaid, to it are subject to the same limits as for the account. Law no FZ (ON the national payment system) equates such cards to e-currency by setting the following limits:

A detailed list of limits can be found in a special table that is on the official site Yandex money.

Be careful, all of the restrictions taken into account not only the actual payments and the amounts that are exclusively reserved for specific purposes (the authorization process of payment).

Binds do banking map Yandex money to another map (Bank Coherent and «Corn Master Card»)?

This binding is possible, however, to do this, the user must be identified. Be careful, for such transactions will be charged the same Commission, as when funds are withdrawn directly at the ATM (that is 3% + 15 rubles).

When you test the binding credit cards from your account will be charged a random amount (for example, 6 roubles), in addition, a fee will be charged for this activity in the form of one hundred rubles. To confirm the binding necessary to specify the sum without a fee (that is 6 rubles). If you have any doubt about the size of the paid amount of money you can always clarify, as it will be indicated in the payment details that are in your history.

At the expiration of thirty calendar days after the operation on the link you mentioned random sum will be returned to your account automatically. To return the fee paid is recommended to contact the customer support system Yandex.Money.

Custom notifications via SMS on the phone and e-mail

If you want to be notified absolutely all payments, all you need is to logon to the website Yandex and connect to SMS-notification. Messages will be sent to your phone, they will contain the information about all operations on the card and on your account.

Also it is possible to connect a free – notification by email. To receive messages on payments, you only need to specify your email address in the appropriate box.

To get pin-code may the owner of plastic card Yandex, calling from your main number (attached to the Yandex account phone) at:

1) 8-800-555-25-30 (for citizens of the Russian Federation);

2) +7 [495]645-59-19 (for citizens of other countries).

 Do not write letters, it is enough to call to CallCenter

After a number of questions operator you will be dictated by a special pin-code, you have to say "Yes” after listening, otherwise, he will be destroyed without confirmation.

Be attentive! Each user can only once to get the pin for the card.

If you ever forget your special pin code lost it then, unfortunately, get a copy of it will be impossible. Each plastic card Yandex money can have only one pin. In case of loss of the code you will need to get a new card and then get a new code.

One of the reasons of technical block your card may be the wrong pin three times in a row. After she locked, you will not be able to use credit card for payment. You can unblock your card, if you accidentally made a mistake by entering the pin code. To unlock contact the Bank ’Tinkoff Credit Systems» (publisher of the map). Here are the options phones of the Bank:

1) 8-800-555-25-30 (for Russian citizens);

2) +7 [495]645-59-19 (for citizens of other countries).

Purchase in foreign shops

Is there a need to enter a pin code when paying in shops? To this question there is no definite answer, because it all depends on the rules of store. Some shopping centres are asked to confirm the payment with a card by the signature on the check, while others require a pin to be entered in a special terminal.

Why after payment may be charged an additional amount?

This is solely due to exchange rate differences. The internal rate of TCS Bank (the Bank manages the operation to convert money) may differ from the rate MasterCard, according to which the payment is processed first. Calculates the course is very easy: the total amount of payment in rubles is divided by amount in any other currency. In the section " credit card» on the website TKS Bank you can always trace the current rate of Euro, US dollar, Russian ruble.

Can I take another currency at an ATM?

Of course, such a possibility exists, however, should take into account that the account in the system Yandex.Money indicated in Russian rubles, so the inevitable currency conversion according to the internal rate of the Bank.

Close maps Yandex money

If your card was lost, stolen, and you have already managed to make a activation, it should be closed immediately. To do this, you must go to the section called ‘account Management». Next, click the block ’Bank card Yandex», then click on the link with the name «Close». Further steps will be described by the system.

The option to close a map yourself missing? Hurry to call support services, namely:

1) 8-800-555-80-99 (Russian Federation);

2) +7 [495]974-35-86 (other countries).

If the card activation is not needed, you do not worry about anything. If you wish to close a credit card, you can report the incident through a form on the site Yandex. To issue a new card, you can at any comfortable time, however, your request will be satisfied only when closing the previous card.

The issue several cards to one account Yandex.Money

You can't release several credit cards for your account. If necessary, to other members of your family have used Yandex map, open for them a separate account at Yandex.Money.

What map Yandex money reviews got?

A few months after the start of use of cards Yandex, the network has a lot of feedback about this innovation. The vast majority of users respond positively on your credit card, thanks to thank the company Yandex for giving them the opportunity. However, there are other, namely, those who are new managed to upset before he fell into their hands. It is fair to consider both positive and negative opinions.


• Possibility to pay for purchases in these stores, restaurants, etc;

• an Opportunity for freelancers get paid immediately to the Bank card;

• it Possible to withdraw money any more comfortable for you time, each ATM;

• Use of money from the account at Yandex.Money to replenish other Bank card, for money transfer;

• Use of cards in supermarkets and other places without Commission;

• Free card issue and maintenance;

• the Ability to comfortably manage all operations in the system Yandex.Money;

• Free custom notifications about all activities;

• Bonuses and benefits provided by the status of Gold;

• Possibility to replenish without a fee at Euroset.


• Too slow delivery of card once ordered the release;

• Big Commission for money transfer from card in system WebMoney, and Vice versa;

• Commission withdrawals at ATM;

• write-off for convert currencies at the most inconvenient time;

• the inability of the release of several cards for one account;

• Lack of possibility to change pin code, and get the pin again, in case of its loss.

As you can see, significant advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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