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Mobile Bank Sberbank tariff economical for those who do not like to overpay

Mobile Bank Sberbank – is a relatively new complex of services, provided to all holders of plastic cards of Sberbank of Russia. With the help of Mobile Bank can engage in many activities with their account, to find information on the latest transactions on the card, block account when suspicion of fraudulent operations with the card to make payments  and purchases via mobile phone etc. currently Sberbank offers its clients a number of favorable tariff: mobile Bank Sberbank tariff economical and complete package. What are the differences between tariffs, how much it costs to use Mobile Bank in both cases, and that is this system?

 Entrance into the mobile Bank

Services of Sberbank management payments through the mobile phone can not be called unique, because many large banks around the world have long used such a practice to attract clients and make the use of the services of the Bank.  We will answer basic questions concerning the work with the system of Mobile Bank of Sberbank and will tell about advantages of the tariff plan "economy":

The tariff plan of Mobile Bank

So, what tariff Board act in the Bank and what are their differences? Since the founding of the service of Mobile Bank, Russia's largest Bank offers 2 packages to choose:

The Bank offers clients to determine what rate for them is preferable. In the first few months from the date of connection of Mobile Bank subscription fee for use of the service mobile banking will not be charged to clients can fully appreciate the  the advantages of working with the system. In any case, you can always change the current rate to a more profitable.

Tariff Sberbank Mobile Bank economy provides the following services:

The differences between these packages hardly a critical:

Tariffs of the Mobile Bank Sberbank for the cardholders:

 Sberbank online

Please note that the service of Mobile Bank Sberbank is available for subscribers of those operators  mobile communication as Beeline, MegaFon and other. To view the complete list of mobile operators, who cooperate with Sberbank, look at the list on the official website of the Bank.

Mobile Bank Sberbank: change your tariff

When you activate the Mobile Bank via ATM offers 2 tariff choice of Mobile Bank Sberbank rate full and economy fare. We advise to start connect fare to test the capabilities of the service. If you do not fit the full tariff – you can always upgrade to the budget package.

Mobile Bank Sberbank change the tariff is very simple. For the change of the tariff advised to consult with a Bank with a full package of documents. The main questions and instructions on how to activate the Mobile Bank service and using its features can be found in the official guide of Sberbank on the official site -

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