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MTS money

«MTS Money” — a service that allows you to make payments without leaving the house. No need to open a Bank account, so as to effect the payment of services of Internet, telephone, cable / satellite TV, utilities and educational payments and more used funds on the personal account of the subscriber of MTS. 

To use this service can phone numbers  which are not in the lock, that is, have the status of “active”. At the same time on the telephone number must be positive balance. After completing the operation of the minimum remaining amount should be no less than 1000 roubles.

 Card MTS money is easy to use

How to use the service MTS money 

Service features:

MTS and iPay: first steps 

Electronic payment system iPay allows its users, without opening a Bank account, to pay for the services by non-cash way by using your mobile device. 

In order to make a payment in the PS iPay, MTS subscriber should:

To login to the payment system iPay you must enter your mobile phone number and session password. As a rule, it is relevant not more than twenty minutes. After you complete the procedure by pressing the " Enter payment system”. Thus, every subscriber who took MTS to borrow money, can initiate a payment of various services. 

Credit card MTS money

Currently, MTS has started to issue its own credit cards relating to the international payment system " MasterCard». With their help, all subscribers of this cellular communication are entitled to pay for the purchases and services  in real stores and on the Internet.

This opportunity has become available to all users of cellular communication of MTS from 15 April 2011. Such a map MTS money provides for a limit of up to RUB 40,000.

The amount of your credit limit may range from 0 up to 40 000; from 0 to 5 000 roubles; from 5001 to 40 000 rubles. While the grace period credit repayment is up to 50 calendar days. In case the subscriber of MTS repays its debts before the expiration of the grace period, the annual interest rate is zero. In a situation where he does not fulfill this condition, you will be charged interest at the rate of 55% per annum, provided the loan amount 0 to 40 000 rubles. In the case of a loan from 0 to 5 000 or from 5001 to 40 000 rubles, the cost is 23, 35, 47, 55% APR. In this case, the percentage depends on the result of the check when making credit decisions.

It should be noted that MTS money credit card has a minimum amount of repayment of the loan. The borrower is one of the conditions of the contract must pay a minimum of 10% of the outstanding amount, but not less than 100 roubles (0 to 40 000 rubles), or not less than 1000 rubles (from 0 to 5 000 roubles; from 5001 to 40 000 rubles).

Besides, employees of the MTS company decided to introduce penalties to a category of its subscribers who do not comply with obligations on repayment of private debt personal loan or for the use by the loan.

In the framework of its project operators offer its subscribers to choose one of the three main types of credit cards:

To obtain a card with a credit limit of the first type will be required to spend no more than fifteen minutes, and for the other two – 24 hours. As for questions about the kind of offered credit cards to choose whether to use the service, you better decide whether you need this card to MTS money, after reading the reviews.

Operators of this cellular communication are charged a fee for servicing banking card. With all subscribers in the first year of service, concluded an agreement with the company until 22 September 2011, will be charged to the amount of 500 rubles. As for those, who used this service after that date, with them, the Commission is not charged.

In the second and subsequent years, the employees of the company deducted an amount of 500 rubles, regardless of the date of conclusion of the contract.

The holders of Bank cards MTS equipped with a special chip EMV-enabled applications ’PayPass» pay the Commission to the first, the second and subsequent years of service - 500 rubles. As for additional cards, then the funds for maintenance are taken throughout the period.

If you restart your credit card on the expressed wish of a subscriber, to complete the expiry of the term of its validity, amount is paid in the amount of 500 rubles. If the initiative came from the Bank, the Commission fee is not charged.

Internet banking MTS money is a system of remote banking service. With the help of this service you can make different banking operations on their card MTS money online using your computer or mobile device.

All MTS subscribers this service is free of charge. You can benefit from many advantages:


To withdraw money from the borrower may at any ATMs located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and behind its limits, as the service provides for cooperation with the international payment system " MasterCard».

As for the limit on cash withdrawal, it is established in accordance with the Bank-the owner of the ATM. The Commission is charged to the borrower according to the rate on this map. In the case of ATMs MTS Commission is absent.

If necessary, the funds from the card can be obtained in the Bank's branches. For this, the borrower must provide the employee with the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and obtained a credit card.

Now to put money on MTS became much easier. You can refer to the cashier of one of the salons-shops of MTS. Commission from the holder shall not be charged. The funds are in the account immediately.

If necessary, you can contact the Bank MTS money or to use the services of ATM support a special feature of reception of cash. This requires that you insert the card, enter PIN-code of your card and follow the instructions on the screen.

In addition to replenish the card account is possible in additional MTS offices of the Bank. This will require a credit card and enter on the terminal PIN.

You can also use the wire transfer of funds from your Bank account in another Bank. It requires you to fill the line "Payee»where you specify the full NAME (its). The data must match the data recipient of each this agreement.

In line "the account Number of the Recipient» you need to enter your account number indicated in the contract. The Bank from MTS has the following payment details: JSC " MTS - Bank”; the Purpose of your payment — replenishment of the account;/s — 30101810600000000232 in OPERU of Moscow GTU of the Bank of Russia; INN — 7702045051!

Conditions for obtaining and documentation for the loan to MTS Bank

To get a Bank loan from MTS there is no need to collect a large package of documents and waiting for a decision for several days.

As a rule, the application is reviewed with the presence of the borrower within few minutes. In case of considering it to receive individual credit lines, employees need more time.

For credit card from MTS company will be required to provide employees with a valid passport citizen of the Russian Federation. Any other documents and information is not required. This should be complied with the following requirements, which may be some pitfalls:

You should note that the level of salaries does not matter.

Consolidated user feedback map MTS money and the service

Currently, many banks, including the Bank from MTS, tolerate trouble with that card holders are written off cash in an unknown direction. Many people learn through Internet Banking. 

Besides, not all sent payments reach maps users. We have to repeat the operation several times. Moreover, the staff of MTS charge borrowers a penalty for error on their part.

Some card holders immediately after the conclusion is not entered in the electronic account of the declared funds in connection with any technical problems. As a result, a delay of a few days is not compensated, and the percentage continues to apply.

A Bank employee not always respond to messages sent from card holders, because the system still has a small technical failure. The operation has to be repeated.

The company is constantly developing and daily tries to avoid such problems. 

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