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Plot on the money - unexplained working mechanism

 Money is a tool and energy

There is no doubt that there are people who are lucky to have money, and there's losers. One such thing as easy money, while others beat like a fish on ice, but all was useless. It is difficult to explain such a difference psychological reasons. There are very smart people who fatally unlucky with the money. But it's also not a secret that there are people who aren't very smart, but use a conspiracy, money and live in prosperity, do not  understanding what causes their income. Very interesting esoteric explanation of this phenomenon.

From the point of esotericism money are very special, delicate matter. They live by their own laws, which the average person it is difficult to understand and control. These laws are vaguely aware Bank employees and other financial figures whose years of working with the money you receive a kind of intuition. The laws of movement of money are at a higher level than the movement of the human mind.

Esoteric studies the structure and motion of thin matter and its interactions with dense. Thin and dense matter actively interact. If a person is a plan to enrich, it works with a thin matter, but it does not mean that this plan would be implemented in real life (dense matter). From plan to its realization there is a huge distance. At this stage, and the difference between the vezunchikami and losers.

Plot for money - this is a magic act designed to affect the plan's implementation in real life. Does magic conspiracy? Yes, if you have a good harmonious plan enrichment. No, if you have such a plan. In the latter case, the money can come, but you will not be delayed.

Wealth is growing according to the laws of tree growth. On dry, burnt or rocky soil tree will not grow. He needs a fertilised soil and water, light and heat. People fertilizes the soil own plans enrichment, and spells and incantations play the role of water and sunlight.

Examples of Magical charms

 Plot for money

You leave the house, holding in hands of the coin of any value. No one must know about it. Go to the Park or forest, to the young spruce. Spruce you should determine in advance. In this magical act it your goal. All ceremony takes place alone. It is important to you at this moment no one saw.

Going to eat, knock brought the coin of the trunk of a tree, and repeat 12 times  "As the tree is to grow needles, and my money let grow. Not sugar, not on honey, and silver and gold." After pronounce this plot, bury the coin under the Christmas tree. Climb razvorachivaetes' and go home, not looking back.

If you did everything correctly, the money you will be. You need to remember that all magical rites relating to money, you need to perform when the moon rising. It is best just after the new moon. When one of the most actively configured apply its will. There is a simple rule for those who want to get rich on sale.

Buy goods with the waning moon sell in growing. The magic of the impact of the moon is that when the moon rising seller is not inclined to give in price, and the buyer may overpay for the product. In the waning moon seller, on the contrary, inclined to give the price and the buyer is committed to buy cheaper.

Everyone knows the magic ritual when the show money new moon. This needs to sentence: "month, Month, as you come up, so let my money grow up". Try to show month bill of more and dignity. Will grow due to the amount of money, which looketh month. This ritual can make each month, on the fourth day after the new moon. If only the sky is clear.

Another conspiracy

There is a conspiracy on the money. Is performed when the moon rising. Take the money in denominations of one thousand rubles, fold it so as to form a triangle. (Magic triangle figure). Take the piece of money in one of the corners, and drawing it to his lips and speak the words: " As a magnet attracts iron, like a woman attracts a man, and you prityagivay own kind".

After that you need to put the bill in the empty purse and hide in the wardrobe. Three months leave. From time to time add to it the same notes, but the amount is not podschityvat'.V soon to you the river will flow tysyacherublevye banknotes.

Natural phenomena such as rain and snow can also be used to the conspiracy of money. Walking in the rain, you should say: " As the rain drops fall to the ground, so let me fall money". Similarly: " Like a snowflake fall to the ground, so let me fall money".

There is a conspiracy for a refund. Left alone in a dark room, light a candle, look at her and say: "As the smoke from the incense, so let me goes debtor". Repeat until the incense is burning. Then go to sleep at once, not including light. Your debtor after that will lose the rest.

Magic is the highest will of

From the point of view of esotericism is not very important what words and actions be played back in the magical rites. These steps are used as auxiliary reception, main purpose of which is to concentrate the will of the person, conducting the ceremony. Willpower and is to implement his plan, and the magic opens to the will of additional channels of impact on the environment.

During the execution of the magical rite man sharpens themselves to a certain plans, enhancing its unconscious will. It turns out that in the subtle world he peretyagivaet the blanket over himself. To conspiracies better performed, the magician must prepare for a magical rites. Requires abstention from food, drinking, calm state of mind.

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