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Sberbank mobile Bank guidelines and conditions

Sberbank Mobile Bank – this is a helpful service that provides the Sberbank of Russia, to all holders of Bank cards. Having subscribed to this service,  the Bank's customers can manage your Bank account and make other actions via the mobile phone that you will agree, it is very convenient from the point of view of economy of time.

That the client will receive after connection to Mobile Bank?

 The use of mobile Bank on the phone

What exactly makes a connection to Mobile Bank? All users of this service have the opportunity at any time to enjoy such services:

All services of mobile Bank provided to clients of Sberbank, will help to optimize the work with cash. In the near future is expected expansion of the Bank's capability.

Working conditions of mobile Bank

Before you can activate the service " Mobile Bank Sberbank», you should carefully read the agreement and terms of use of the capabilities of the mobile Bank:

 Mobile Bank on the tablet

The Bank provides the service of Mobile Bank as long as the customer does not disable the service. The disconnection occurs within three days from the day the application is submitted in one of the offices of the Bank.

The tariffs of the Mobile Bank

At the moment you can choose one  of profitable variants of packages of Mobile Bank: full and economical package. It should be noted that the full package is not much more expensive, but it includes many useful features that are missing in an economical package. For example, when buying an economical package, possibility of receiving notifications about past transactions on the card. But economical package does not provide for charging subscription fees to users of service. To clients of Sberbank could appreciate the advantages of packages in the first few months after connecting to the service is not charged a fee for notification on operations on  map.

The tariffs for using the full package of Mobile Bank of Sberbank:

To obtain more precise information on the existing tariff plans and the exact costs of certain transactions are advised to visit the website  -  Sberbank official website of the Mobile Bank.

The instruction on connection of Mobile Bank

Connection of service "Mobile Bank Sberbank" occurs in several stages. In General – this is a very simple procedure which  you can easily do yourself via ATM  Sberbank. Connecting the Mobile Bank in the Department of Sberbank or through self-service device:

How to use the services of the Mobile Bank: instructions

As we have said above, the service of Mobile Bank gives an opportunity to make some cash, which facilitates purchases, pay bills, repay loans and other actions, which previously had to spend a lot more time. Now we elaborate on the use of Mobile banking and automatic notifications that will come to your mobile phone after performing various transactions on a card:

Receive information on account status card comes only to customers who have activated the full package of Mobile Bank.  SMS notification of the action on the map comes immediately after committing a transaction. Delay messages speaks of the temporary unavailability of your mobile phone or caused technical features forward messages to your mobile operator.

To get full information about the account status on the map, you can send it to number 900 SMS message with the corresponding request.  Pets words: BALANCE, BALANCE, and  the REMAINDER. After sending this message the phone receives the information about the state of your Bank account.

In a message from the Mobile Bank are used the following notions:

Dostupno – the entire amount of funds available on the card, taking credit.

Limit nalichnyh – the amount that can freely convert into cash within a given month. Usually this amount is set by the client.

 The application of mobile Bank

Limit pokupok – available on the card the amount of money that you can use to perform the trading of non-cash transactions: transfer to another card, payment for purchases and services of ATM payment to the account of a mobile operator.

In order to receive complete information on the latest transactions with the card, you must also send SMS - request to number 900. In the message you can use the words: STATEMENT, STATEMENT,  HISTORY and  ISTORIA. After a few minutes (plus or minus), you will receive a message with necessary information.

Please note that to make payments only in favor of the organizations that have appropriate agreements with Sberbank. To make a money transfer from card with the help of Mobile Bank, is required to prepare and send to number 900 message that resembles the following:

Letter code of the organization (AVON, YAHOO, etc.) +  payment detail, the payment amount and the last 4 digits of your card.

The full list of codes of the various organizations you can find at:  (sayt sberbanka Mobil'nyy bank).

What other functions of Mobile Bank we also advise you to read on the official site of Sberbank or download a detailed guide.

Possible problems in the work of the Mobile Bank

At first glance services of Sberbank seem quite useful, but during the existence of this service many users of Mobile Bank was unhappy with the service, the cost of services and other problems that arise through the fault of the deficiencies in the technical compartment of Mobile Bank.  In principle, complaints on the work of service does not come so often and in most cases the problem lies in circumstances beyond the Bank's reasons. In any case, before you decide to connect your Bank, you must know all possible troubles and measures of their prevention:

For the last time on sites and forums are actively discussing the cases of fraud with Mobile Bank, when  scammers withdraw all funds without the knowledge of customers. Moreover, removed a huge amount, and in Sberbank in such cases, I can't help you. The only way out have defrauded customers – to make statements to the Prosecutor's office, although  and in this case there is no guarantee the return of funds.

Considering all the above, I advise you to think over the connection services. In principle, Mobile Bank will be very useful helpers in the payment of bills, loans and purchases, if you live in remote settlements. But nedorabotannaya technical part and safety problems at this point of time cause to doubt the expediency of such a risk. In any case, if you have no large amount and you are very carefully treat the confidential information – worry not.

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