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What does it mean when you dream about the money

Dreamed a dream about money – a good reason to check downers! Believe me, many of us tend to want "to look ahead” and to know what awaits us in the near future and decoding of dreams – one of the oldest and most effective ways to learn his fate. So, you want to avoid troubles and to reach its goal? Then be attentive to what he saw in a dream the money! Expand dream interpretation: paper money, coins, issuing and receiving salaries… We will help you not to get lost in the mass of interpretations and tell you everything you need to know about "money" dreams!

Question # 1: what money?

 to receive money in a dream

If you had the money, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what is money? Money could be you in a dream in the image of gold or silver coins, paper currency or worn coppers – each of these funds has its own interpretation. Be careful:

Question # 2: what did you do with the money?

Once you've determined what money you have seen, remember exactly what you were doing. Sometimes depending on what took you money or, on the contrary, gave them the meaning of the dream about the money would change her mind. Be attentive to detail of the dream:

Also pay attention to the details associated with receiving money or loss of cash:

Question # 3: money and people

 dream interpretation money paper

Pay attention to what people appeared in your dream. You may like to consider one of the following interpretations:

Question №4: the General mood

One last tip: pay attention to what you felt during sleep. Even if you already know what to dream about money, it is important to consider that some dreams are "blank". So, if during the "money" sleep you had a good mood, the dream can "smooth» bad omens. Perhaps he promises not so much difficulty, how much success you will eventually achieve. If in sleep you were excited, it can be "blank" (no foreshadowing). But dreams, during which time you felt bad and suppressed, promise losses and difficulties.

Dreams - encrypted letters to God

 dream interpretation money paper

Very interesting talks about money dream interpretation. In dreams we realize what is unable to realize awake. If you have money, then it usually is to anxiety. A small amount of money to small problems, big money to big. In sleep each object can have its symbolic meaning. For the money this anxiety.

But not always. If you have gold coins is a very good sleep. He foretells good fortune and happiness. Prosperity in all areas. Worst of all, when dreams torn banknotes. It is to the devastation, the loss of money, and can be and to the famine. But dream about the large number of Bank-notes - for profits.

To profit dream about a stranger a man running. If in sleep you sign the documents, they soon get money. Dream ivory or beaver fur, to wealth. A remarkable dream, if you see that if you grow a beard. This dream foretells a long-term profit.

Learn to solve their dreams, and you will discover the secrets of thin matter.

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