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Additional earnings in Ekaterinburg

To find additional money in Ekaterinburg (as in any other city of the country) – not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Even favorite hobby can eventually turn into a source of additional or main source of income, it would be the desire to improve themselves and earn their work. By the way, the Internet is full of interesting ways to earn good money, the main thing – to know where to start and how to avoid embarrassing mistakes beginners. Thus, it remains to choose which one will be suitable personally for you, based on your knowledge, skills and Hobbies.

Work ’s a mystery shopper»

 The work of the secret buyer

Pretty good job for lovers of shopping. The work consists in the following: you register on one of the websites mystery shoppers,  and after checking the data you send a job. Jobs are always different, but very interesting. Perhaps you will be instructed to go to the bookstore for shopping and "business" chat with one of the consultants to the shop or head. As a rule, all secret shoppers send scenarios conversation with detailed instructions and rules. After a visit to the shop, please fill the form, where appropriate, to send photos of your store.

What you want to write the report? Usually mystery shoppers are asked to examine the purity of the store, cleanliness sellers and cashiers, the appearance of the guards, contacting sellers with buyers. Communication is not always done in a friendly manner. Sometimes shoppers are asked to carefully quarreling with store employees to see their reaction to the problem of buyers.

I have to say – a mystery shopper is not suitable for people with low skills, because for the jobs have a lot to communicate, to follow his «legend", to apply the skills verbal manipulation in order to achieve the desired reaction from the store staff.

Jobs are paid differently, depending on the complexity of the script. In a month you can earn about $ 100 or more. Not to say that it is very big money, but given the ease of jobs and spending a little time (about 20 minutes for the visit and a half hour to complete the survey) – it  quite a good option for employment.

The interviewer

Sites about additional earnings  in Yekaterinburg often offer the job of the interviewer. What is this mysterious specialty? In fact, the work is very simple: the interviewer gets the job of the marketing Department of the company to conduct a survey of  representatives of the target groups (adolescents, only men or only women, etc. regarding the quality of goods or services. During a pre-agreed period of time you should carry out research, to interview people and fill in questionnaires. Upon expiration of the questionnaire dealt to the leaders of the project, and you get his reward. Schedule – free. The main thing – time to do the job.

Recruiter - freelancer

Quite popular vacancy in Yekaterinburg. The job of a recruiter is selection of personnel for various positions, the formation of a competence profile and verification of real knowledge and skills of applicants. The work is suitable for active people with experience in the field of personnel and communication skills. It is desirable to know the technology of conducting interviews with candidates.

How will bring additional income novice recruiter? Employers offer different salaries – 7000 rubles to 25 000 rubles But many companies conduct special training seminars for raising qualification that can be the beginning of a great career in the field of personnel.

Selling things on eBay

 The eBay website

At the auctions can profitably sell or resell things, the main thing – to treat this matter seriously, study the market and choose the right Internet auction. The best option for profitable sale of second-hand goods will be known to all the eBay website. The owner of the website advises you to start making money by selling old things, which had stale in the attic. You will be surprised how much you can save on "stuff", which was dust in the closet for many years.

To make the sale of goods on the auction constant source of income, it is desirable to study the market and to select one specific item for sale. Knowing one or two product categories gives a significant advantage over other sellers. What to sell? But this is up to you. You can start trading antique books, old coins, clothing (including those made with their own hands. It is very profitable to buy items at wholesale prices and selling them at auction at a different price. This earnings – no dream, but a real reality, in addition, for profit does not necessarily have to trade things. Knowledge, talents and skills as a nice estimated at auction.

You can try earnings on mediation services. In this case, you don't have to bother with the goods, you need only to choose a company, the goods which you will be promoted, and find buyers for the goods. In this case you will get a percentage of purchases.

How you can make money on the auction? It all depends on your efforts and knowledge of the market. Newcomers earn from 50 to 200 USD per month for the sale of goods, while the more experienced traders boast in Sumy 5,000 USD per month. A Council – understand the principles of operation of the auction, define your niche, and then get to work.

Online consultant at home in Yekaterinburg

Work is coming to students without work experience, young mothers on maternity leave and those who have long been looking for ways to earn extra money in your spare time. The principle of work of the consultant is to sell a particular product online or off-line. For example, young girls will like the sale of fashionable clothes or elite cosmetics. Everything you need to start work – to choose the sphere of activity and reliable company for cooperation and carefully examine working conditions. Most consultants prefer to trade through the social network, offering products to all interested persons.

As a rule, the company offers a discount on all products for their employees at the rate of 15%-25%, the salary does not require prior investments and work, you can spend as much time at the request of the consultant.

Earnings on consultations and sales for many has become a major source of income and allowed us to obtain new skills in sales.

 Map of rayterov

For the beginning we recommend you view the job  consultant in Yekaterinburg on websites with job offers.

Earnings on tutoring in Skype

What you understand better than others? Perhaps you know a foreign language, understand modern Internet technologies or like to give psychological advice? Any knowledge and skill can be sold profitably.

Tutoring off-line in Yekaterinburg – too bad  way to earn extra money, but it has serious flaws – time consuming (for a trip to the disciples, preparation of materials for each lesson, and the like) and low cost of the lessons. But online lessons are paid much higher, you can have lessons at home. The case for small – to find a niche and potential clients.

To find clients in different ways: create a thematic group in the social network, make the author's blog or advertise services on forums. All depends on the subject of lessons and your level of knowledge. You can advertise on the town or to place the advertising text on free message boards on the Internet.

Revenue from online consultations depends on your skills of self-promotion and up consultations. On average, one half-hour lesson on business or psychological counseling is available from $ 10 to $ 50 per Earnings consultation  Skype – the best way to get the maximum profit from their knowledge.

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