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Additional earnings in Moscow for all

Where to find additional earnings in Moscow? At one time I was seriously interested in this question, but before I had the best ways to earn money, I had to try a lot of low-wage and dead works, to lose faith in their strength and even despair of finding a good alternatives. The result of their work in the network and "offline" I will detail, so that newcomers in the search for additional earnings not repeat my mistakes.

Earn extra money "offline": the realities of the labour market

 Advantages of working as a courier

Three years ago the company where I worked for over a decade, went bankrupt. Of course, modest salary engineer was a dream, but at the time I had to repay the loan for an apartment to take care of his wife and little child. You see, in what desperation, I turned after the loss of the main source of income? Attempts to find a permanent place of work or to have failed,  and then I was ready to take on any job, just to feel something paid. About earnings with the help of the computer I have thought, so the search for a part-time job was produced exclusively in "real life". What I achieved during this time? Well, well, I managed to  feed his family, but about any redundancies, to speak of. These part-time employment more suited  for students and want to earn extra money in their spare time. But I gained useful experience and I want to share with the readers:

Working as a courier in Moscow ’ s job, not without advantages

Within three months, by courier I was able to identify both the advantages and disadvantages of this salary. Moreover, the situation can be viewed at different angles:

Conclusion:the work of the courier suitable for students and young people without work experience, and that ’ as a temporary part-time work. Live on the salary courier impossible.

Trade representative of – the work is not for all

Good sales representative receives from 40 to 100 thousand rubles a month. Tempting? The catch is that for such earnings need to have initial experience and certain traits, in particular, is the communication skills and perseverance. Plus, you need to understand the peculiarities of the goods and services of the company, to be able to negotiate and how to respond to failures. After 2 months of work, the trade representative I made corresponding conclusions:

Conclusion:  earnings in Moscow trade representative can be a good source of income for young, self-confident people who insist on their own and understand the specifics of the work. For the rest of – the malopodhodyaschy way to earn bread and butter.

Online earnings -  more opportunities

 The most popular exchange copywriters

Leaving futile attempts to find a job and earn money in other ways, and decided to switch to the network. Fortunately, I found more income-earning opportunities, as well as for personal and professional development:

Fast earnings in Moscow does not necessarily include the hard work offline. One day I stumbled on an article about the earnings in writing articles. Having re-read all available information on this issue, I realized, what can I do for a living. I found a job quickly on one of the exchanges. In the beginning I wrote a small description to goods in Internet-shops, and gain experience, moved on to a well-paid orders. The advantages of this work include:

Can work at any time of day – in time and qualitatively to carry out orders.

The disadvantage is that some unscrupulous customers who do not want to pay the money. But this is rare. But still need to have good literacy, a large vocabulary, perseverance, patience and the ability to quickly detect and analyze information. For me this is not a problem, so I was able to achieve good success in their work.

By the way, writing articles gave the  the impetus for the creation of your blog – another effective way of earning money. My blog is devoted to advice to novice copywriters and news from the world of IT technologies. Now I actively study new ways of earnings on the blog, although today I went on a good income     $ 3000 per month (and it not a limit).

 An example of earning affiliate programs

To work with partnerkami need a blog, a website or a group of social networks. Personally, I advertised partner websites in the blog, led the author's newsletter and was looking for clients in Vkontakte. Affiliate programs – this is the kind of cooperation the web shop or any other resource that is actively looking for new visitors and customers. I advise to focus on sites that pay a lot of interest from purchases made by your customers (not less than 20-25 %). To reach a good level of income, it is desirable to participate in 3-5 affiliate at the same time.

The technology of work is simple: you need to enter the partner program, learn additional materials (banners, links, etc) and start posting links to affiliate programs on your blog, social networking sites, online newsletters, forums and free message boards. It is very important not just mindlessly post links – and to tell visitors about the need to follow this link. For example, if this affiliate Internet-store of sanitary equipment – make an interesting advertising the store, tell us about discounts, benefits of cooperation, and more. In the month of the affiliate can earn about $ 500

Disadvantages of earnings: without your site and a good knowledge of the advanced resource-partner of normal earnings can be forgotten.

Three years after the loss of a job, I realized that search for additional earnings in Moscow ’ s not a problem, especially  for clever, patient and purposeful people. Although, I advise you not to stop on the single podrabotkah, and try to work on myself how difficult it was in the beginning. 

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