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Additional earnings in social networks for beginners and advanced

Where to find reliable sources for additional or permanent income, if you have even no experience? Are there ways to earn extra money in their spare official work time? These and many other questions daily worry millions of people in our country. Fortunately, there are ways of earning and many long-time users of free time for a particular job. One of the options for profit is considered earnings in social networks. At the moment there are more than a dozen ways to make money using social networks that bring from 10 to 1000 USD per month, depending on the time and effort spent on work.

 Different social networks

Earnings in social networks long become a good source of income for many advanced Internet users. Daily different social networks visited by more than 50 million people, so it ’ before you open up attractive prospects for different types of earnings. Moreover, to receive the income from social networks can both beginners freelancers, and more advanced users. So, how to make money on myspace and Friendster beginners and specialists in their field?

Why earnings by social networks received so widespread? The fact that such a simple and easy job suits absolutely everyone: beginners in Internet, advanced network users, owners of their own business and even webmasters. Social networking can be a major source of income, and the true helper in business development. The main thing – get to know all the tricks and techniques that long ago successful use of social networks users. These secrets we are happy to share with all those who work, grow and earn money.

Earnings for beginners

How to make money in social networks complete novice? Surely you, as any modern person, registered in 1-3 popular social networks, but earnings with their help, it seems something far away. In reality, this method of getting income  available even to schoolchildren. By the way, pupils of schools often work part in “socialkah" pocket expenses. Earnings in social networks for beginners can be conditionally divided into several categories:

The network is full of sites that help site owners and groups in social networks attract more visitors. At the same time,  on these sites, you can find simple and well-paid job. The work is quite different, payment – too. For example, more popular among customers enjoy writing comments, "kid", reposts, ads on your pages and in groups. The payments are in most cases depends on your activity, the number of "friends" in social networking and the exchange itself. In addition, you can make the referrals, attracting new  users in the system.

There are currently a number of proven services for:

In these services can earn from 10 to 200 dollars a month. May – even more. 

 Profit social networks

Heads of large communities and groups are constantly looking for responsible and talented performers for their business groups. Payment is not bad, workload you choose yourself. You can find a part time job for at  the registration of groups or to attract new members, or find a job admins. In any case, money in social networks spinning a lot, managers of large groups receive huge income from advertising and they often need new admins and moderators with and without experience.

Exactly where to look for such a job?" First, find the largest groups in Vkontakte, and other social media. Often search for employees placed in the news. Or directly contact the management of the group. Also you can look similar vacancies in the job search sites. Every day there are new ads for search of employees with a good salary. Of course, employers often prefer people with experience of such activities, but for beginners, there is work.

Income groups and pablikov in Vkontakte

This method of receiving the profit cannot be called rapid, it is better to combine the promotion of their own group with other " moonlighting". In principle, for normal income with social networks, namely – with groups in Vkontakte, will take from 5 months to  years, depending on your activity in the group, its subjects and initial budget. Get profit group with a large number of subscribers can be several ways: revenue from advertising in pablike, promotion  and resale of the group. 

Untwisting of the group and pablika for profit takes place in several stages:

The choice of topics. Analysis of the market of social networks showed that the most popular pabliki for girls and women (slimming, beauty tips, quotes, etc), pabliki entertainment (care – a very big competition) and highly specialized pabliki and groups. In principle, the subject of the group depends on your personal preference. If you are fluent in any theme, for example, the creation and design of websites, or something completely different ’ s better to create public interest. If you aspire to a large attendance for maximum short period of time – make public entertainment with funny quotations, images, etc.

Creating pablika. On the creation of pablika or group will take not more than 2 minutes, but for 20 minutes to spend on the original design (filling out information about pablike, selection of pictures for the "avatar"). Of course, in the beginning in pablike not be a person. You can start invite your friends and acquaintances-or search people of interest, inviting them in public. Next you should fill your public relevant and interesting information on the subject. Before  active promotion of the group or pablika you want to publish not less than 100-200 interesting entries to create a pleasant first impression of new subscribers. 

Attraction of subscribers. How to promote public as quickly as possible? The fastest way is today considered payments for advertising in Vkontakte. You make the system a certain amount, choose the age, gender and interests of future subscribers and people who fit your requirements,will see ads for your group from the left side on his page. This way you can quickly get subscribers. 

Another way to attract people – payment of advertisements in major pablikah. By the way, when your public will become popular – you will receive profit  such advertising. And don't forget to update the information! Lay provocative posts, keep the discussions, invent interesting promotions and competitions. For example, female pablikah popular contests photos.

Obtaining of the profit.  After a while you get a large public with a large number of subscribers. Now you can set prices for someone else's advertising. The cost of one advertising the post varies from 20 to $ 100, so that in the day you can get a good amount. Moreover, popular pabliku do not even have to spend a lot of time. A small percentage of profits from advertising can be supplied on payment of work of admins, posters and other helpers in the difficult task of filling pablika. That's all – a source of passive income is ready.

How else can you earn on your group or pablike? There are several ways:

When you have mastered the science of creation and promotion of projects in social networks – you can go two ways: use the skills for the promotion of foreign projects for good money or invest in their own projects (sales of goods, information sites etc), promoting them in the same social networks.

Work SMM – specialist

 Advertising revenues LinkedId

Social networks recorded an incredible number of people of all ages, professions and social status. Every day, millions of people around the world log on to their accounts on various social networks for communication, search of like-minded people and business promotion. Not surprisingly, this has led to new demand, which become more urgent with each passing minute. One of the following professions considered SMM-specialist.

This specialty is not taught in the universities, except that you can find courses on the Internet. But the best way – to acquire knowledge and skills on their own experience. Work SMM-specialist is more suitable for people with the skills to communicate on the Internet, who can spin groups and communities in various social networks. This is a job for smart, creative, sociable and purposeful individuals wishing to make the work in the Internet as their primary source of income. 

But first let us define who SMM-specialist and that part of his duties. «SMM" means "Social Media Marketing». Inherently – the promotion of brands, websites and products through the unlimited possibilities of social networking. As a rule, SMM goes hand in hand with SEO – promotion of Internet-resources in search engines. But, unlike the latter, SMM allows you to draw exclusively interested users, to make the brand or website recognizable among buyers and users to gain their trust, realizing services and products companies. Good SMM-specialists ’ s weight in gold, as more and more information sites, Internet-shops and large companies are interested in increasing the number of clients through social networks. Income in social networks SMM-specialist can reach several thousand dollars a month. Of course, to many  retrieve – one must have the experience, the skills and actually show good results.

The functions of specialist on social networks depend on the particular vacancy and employer requirements. Usually from a specialist in this field need:

This is only a small fraction of what is in the responsibility of SMM-specialist. But payment of works corresponds to much effort. We recommend to pay attention to this way of earnings, because social networks continue to evolve and together with it will continue to increase demand for experts on promotion.

The use of social networks in business development

So when you learned about the principles of social networks, learned to enthrall the audience and attract people ’ s time to move to more profitable means of earning. Income in social networks using various exchanges or as a group owner, though may be a major source of profit, but successful personalities never stop on achieved results. Earn on their own projects using social networks can be different:

It all depends on your knowledge and real skills. In principle, any skill will be in demand among large numbers of people. For example, many web designers, designers, copywriters, translators and other professionals looking for customers and business partners an advantage in social networks. The principle is the same as in earnings groups in Vkontakte (create a group, fill, promote, attract participants), only here you can use all sorts of social networks: Classmates, Twitter, My World, My Circle, Facebook. The main thing – to be able advantageously to present themselves and to communicate with potential customers.

In his spare time, do you like the original model airplanes, sew clothes, to invent new decoration or draw pictures? Any  author's works can be profitable to sell in social networks. Plus, find customers and assistants, gain well-deserved authority and recognition, turning the favorite hobby in a secondary or even primary source of income.

Consultations on Skype becoming increasingly popular. Especially it concerns counseling and tutoring. If you have some foreign language and know how to communicate with people – before you open up unlimited possibilities for earnings. Yes and psychological consultations on Skype – fashionable and profitable work. Look for clients easier just exactly in social networks. For example, psychologists and coaches can look for clients in the psychological groups or create your own group and Tutors – visit the group for the study of foreign languages. 

Info-products  is useful (not always) information collected by the author in the course of work in any sphere. Selling information products became popular in the last few years and today, advertising of all kinds of courses on programming, weight loss, making money, etc. meets us at every step. Info-products are of a different quality and usefulness. Some of   really useful, others – inferior and stupid. Anyway, good knowledge in some area of life you can make and sell your info-product. For example, a very popular today are courses on creation, content and promotion of sites groups. Do authors course can be in the form of a text file or video. 

 Profit on advertising

In the case of info-products of a social network will become the grounds for their promotion. Advertise your courses on the pages and groups, social networks, create thematic group dedicated to the courses. Many of the author info-products started exactly promotion with social networks, attracting buyers interesting ideas. How much money from  info products? It depends on the course topics and the format. Recently a course on the promotion groups Vkontakte from the famous Creator pablika with a million subscribers "went under the hammer" for 7000 rubles. Moreover, those wishing to buy his course among subscribers of the group for the money it was a lot.

This option is suitable for owners of Internet shops that want to attract more buyers. To increase sales, you need to create high-quality groups and profiles in myspace, Odnoklassinikah, Twitter etc., advertising their goods. To save time, can be trusted to promote and content of these groups SMM professionals.

To attract quality thematic traffic web designers often rely on social networks. According to many site owners, very silly not to use so fast and cost-effective way to attract visitors to the site. If together with the content of the site on the quality of information you'll also lead interesting groups and profiles in social networks – your project quickly goes in the TOP even without the huge costs on search engine optimization.

Work for the programmers and other professionals. Good app  for oneself, for example, can bring to the Creator from 50 to 100 000 (depending on its popularity among users). If you have the appropriate knowledge and skills to create applications – do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

The work on social networks

The most profitable, perspective and  a reliable way to earn money. Work in a well-known social networks will gain valuable experience, decent pay, career opportunities, and other pleasant prospects. Well-known social networks such as Vkontakte, Twitter, Classmates and others, are constantly looking for talented and creative specialists to perform various tasks. Current vacancies with all requirements are usually placed in special sections. Whom mainly looking for a social network to work?

Advised to look for vacancies and other popular social networks because hot deals is not always have to constantly monitor the labour market. Moreover, applying to work in the company of big social networks – a lot. 

By the way, you can go the other way and instead of working in other people's social networks to create your own social network, different from others. On than they earn a social network? Main revenue comes from advertising, and in the year of major social networks are multi-million profit. Group owners and small business will never be able to make money using "socialok" as much as the owners of social networks. Maybe you should focus on creating bigger and more ambitious project than a popular public in Vkontakte? Despite the competition and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you have a chance to do something completely new.

As you can see, the options of earning in social networks for beginners and professionals – more than enough. For starters, you can get a regular poster, performing simple tasks on exchanges, and a year make social networking a lucrative source of earnings or loyal assistants in business. The case for small – start active actions in any direction.

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