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As the work of the labour exchange in Moscow

 Career growth amounts is directly proportional to the persistence of the

Labour exchange NEAD – not extreme, but a new opportunity! From its active search of a new position, we resort to Internet resources: popular sites, banks vacancies, electronic exchanges freelancers, as well as the recruitment agencies. Not a secret, that from the beginning of the path up to the moment of employment may be months and the issue of material support themselves and their families remains open all this time.

Below you will read about four and possibilities of handling at the labour exchange.

Few people enjoy the services of labour exchange NEAD, positioning it as an extreme or humiliating measures. Not worth it, because it is such a means of job search is becoming an increasingly popular and is relevant to most applicants that have already appreciated all advantages of interaction with exchanges of the city of Moscow.

What documents are required?

Before continuing to visit the labour exchange, it is important to know that you must have a passport, all diplomas of secondary, vocational and higher education, be it the first or the second, a diploma, certificate or certificates on professional development, through the various trainings or courses, as well as work record, if any, a certificate of the average income for the last few months. Remember to bring Your account. He will need for the further transfer of money, if You are registered unemployed.

Moscow stock exchange – a godsend for applicants!

Today, modern candidates have a large number of centers and exchanges on the decision of problems with finding jobs for the population. For the most convenient search and further treatment, we present the main list of stock exchanges labour, can contact everyone on various issues.

Official site of the Department of labor and employment of the city of Moscow.

Official page of the Centre of employment of the population of North-East administrative district of Moscow on the site of the Prefecture of the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow.

All centres have mon., Wed and Fri. 9 to 5. On Tue. - from 12 to 8. On Thu. – from 11 to 7.

The services of the centers of employment – break stereotypes!

Certainly, we associate the activities of any labour exchange exclusively with the search for candidates, summary of employment organizations. Actually, today the Moscow labour exchange are ready to offer the varied list of services for all of us.

 Summary - 50% of success

All the above exchange offer us:

All services are provided as all Russians and foreigners and persons without citizenship, and are free. Stand on the stock exchange can every person over the age of sixteen years, not receiving a pension, not condemned, and if You don't have at the time of registration in exchange no additional income.

Allowance for those who are without work

Once You have registered unemployed, You are entitled to unemployment benefits, the size of the dismissed the applicant, who worked 26 calendar weeks during the 365 days, makes up: during the first three months, you will receive 75% of the average monthly salary, the following four months, You will receive 60% and then – 40%. If You previously had not been issued, you get the lower rate.

However, remember that the amount of Your benefita can be lower if You have been dismissed for disciplinary offences.

You'll be paid twelve months of eighteen. For monthly cash assistance will have to re-register.

To raise competence in the required field, You have the right to complete the training by referral from the employment center. You will receive a scholarship, however, the payment of unemployment benefits will be stopped for this period. Increase of competence can be made for different areas of development: English, working with personal computer, office management, design, construction direction, management, conducting private business sale.

If a citizen is unemployed, but for some reason did not receive their benefits, they have the right to apply for obtaining financial assistance. Often exchange and pay the costs of housing, travel and sometimes meals in the canteen. To qualify, You must meet the requirements of the labour exchange.

If You still do for a long time have not found a job through labor exchange, there is a way to earn some money and to participate in public activities, which are paid in addition to the unemployment benefit. If You refuse, it will be Your choice. This does not affect Your status of being unemployed and You will not remove from the register.

Very often people have resorted to this method of getting additional earnings and go to work in the construction of roads, housing, landscaping areas, some provide care for elderly people participate in the census, and other areas.

All or nothing!

Thus, it is obvious that in cooperation with labour exchanges can be very useful and has its own advantages: You will not be left without bread, Your resume in a single database and will be available to all employers in the city. They must apply to employment centers and monthly reporting on their needs in the choice of candidates for the vacancies available. And this plus as training – not to be missed, not only to search for your desired position, but for personal development.

There are "bend the" for applicants activities in cooperation with the stock exchanges on which there is no escape. You will have to provide turnout at each place of work, which was recommended by the exchange as a potential employer. If You violate this systematic records and attendance, risking the loss of unemployment benefits.

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