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Earnings at the polls: the realities of the market

Earnings on paid surveys – this is one of the types of Internet activities which can generate revenue. For people unable to go to work, earnings on surveys can be a good source of additional income. Paid surveys involve surveys, which are conducted via the Internet and for which you can get a reward. Organize these polls special agencies which are intermediaries between large companies seeking to know the opinion of consumers on this or that issue, and the actual consumers. Companies are well aware that the free-of-charge questioning few people are interested in, but paid surveys – it is a very in-demand thing.

What is paid surveys?

Paid surveys are surveys that seek remuneration for the work done through the Internet. The proposed pay-questions contain a list of questions about various goods, services and other Main purpose – the identification of consumer opinion on certain types of services and goods (their quality, value, and attributes, and other). Their organization engaged in the marketing companies who are intermediaries between individual large companies interested in revealing people's opinions on different goods and services, and consumers of various ages and income levels.

Companies are willing to pay people for their participation in its paid matters, knowing that few people are willing to do it for free. Due to this, the earnings on surveys attracts a large number of people in various cities and countries that wish to have additional income without financial investments.

How to make money on surveys?

 Get money for the completed questionnaire

How to start making money on the polls! Everything is very simple: first you need to find those sites that offer money on the Internet on the surveys and register there. Polls can carry out both Russian companies and foreign. Most of these excellent resources is through the search engines, but you should consider the choice of suitable sites for maximum carefully. The fact that some projects are fraudulent, and participation in them will lead to a loss of time and sometimes money. Therefore, before you register on that site for earnings at the polls, it is important to study the reviews about it and carefully read the terms and conditions of work. Sometimes it happens that a site like and work honestly, but what "buzz" still there, for example, problems with the withdrawal of money or something like that.

After registration you will be asked a series of questions, which will be offered. In particular, you should specify gender, age, education, marital status, profession, interests etc  the more you tell about yourself and the better the information, the more surveys you will come. Do not forget to specify, however, what foreign languages do you know. Then you can respond to the questionnaire not only Russian companies, but also foreign. Such earnings on paid surveys may be higher, but will have to torment the translator.

After you receive a survey, you can start to answer questions. Procrastinate this case is not recommended because of possible survey is usually limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of earnings surveys

Earnings on questionnaires has a number of advantages. So, the advantages of this method of obtaining money on the Internet include the following:

To optimize earnings in the Internet – questionnaires can be processed in batches with several of my accounts. Thus you double or utroite income. But, along with the advantages, this method has drawbacks. So, this method has the following disadvantages:

Thus, we see that earnings on filling – this is a great opportunity to earn some money, and at the same time to Express your opinion about products and services.

Among the whole range of Russian-speaking services for earnings at the polls can be identified:

How to recognize a Scam?

 Specify the fields in which you have the jurisdiction

In the sphere of paid surveys, and indeed everywhere, there is a risk of facing scams or just not very honest people, who pursue only getting their own profits. How to recognize a Scam, and not spend time for nothing?

The first and most important thing to remember: if you offer something to pay down-payment, send SMS for activation, these resources will certainly belong to the fraudsters. Normal resources do not require any money, but simply offer to register and fill in information about yourself.

Do not believe those who proposes to acquire a list of companies that offer the highest paying surveys. You give the money, but in the end only get a list of those sites, which are able to find through a search engine.

Also, we must not forget that before registering for a particular resource to learn about it in the Internet. Of any share, which implies earnings, make sure there is lots of feedback. Reading them and comparing information, you can understand fraudulent whether before us resource or quite effective. It is necessary to enter his name into the search box and press a button, and immediately you will see that nothing good about this site do not write.

Does surveys to earn money?

So, we found that are paid surveys, you need to do to start earning on them, and how to protect themselves from all sorts of quacks. Now we need to find out is whether the game is worth the candle, will the earnings in the Internet-filling in application forms – the desired result.

It all depends on your goals and desires.  Surveys bring small earnings: filling in the questionnaire, you can get the money enough to pay mobile phones or the Internet. In principle, if the amount of income is not too important, and you just want to escape from the daily routine and to earn a little money, polls – this is perfectly suitable option.


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