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Earnings in casino without attachments - is it real?

History of casinos and other gambling, is calculated not for centuries and millennia -  already for 2 thousand years B.C. the ancient Chinese were entertained by a variety of casino games, including a casino. Today casino successful lives and develops in the field of Internet. The reason for his move to the world wide web are not only different state prohibitions and restrictions on the activities of usual we casinos, but also a lot of flexibility about when you use the online casino in comparison with traditional. Online gaming and casinos took their place in the list of attractive ways is earning in Internet. Many people are interested in the question of whether the possible earnings in casino without attachments, how well you can earn by playing in a casino, and a number of other issues. This article will look at the basics of using Internet-casino in trying to make money.

What is an online casino?

 Virtual casino no different from the real

Online casino – it's a website or a special program, which can be played in casinos and other gambling games in the Internet. Online casino or virtual casinos or Internet casinos, gives the opportunity to play a variety of casino games, which are based on the principle of randomness.

There are two main options with which help it is possible to organize gambling, including casinos. One option involves downloading then installing special software on your computer, and the second most common, it gives the opportunity to play in a casino right on the site gambling portal (the game is built using Flash technology). The advantages of the online casino in any form in comparison with a traditional casino, held in casinos is that there is no need or where to go, leaving a cozy nest, and spending time and money on the road. Online casino  is a convenient and comfortable option, which allows you not only to entertain, but also to earn money.

Play in online casinos can be as real and virtual money. Most of the online casinos give you the opportunity at the beginning of the play without any attachments, and you can try playing roulette, poker, craps and mn. other games for free. After that, when the desire to continue the game as the player must  to Fund your account with real money. But do not think that success with virtual money will continue during the transition to the real interest rate. In this – one of the tricks casino thus luring real players, giving the opportunity to feel the taste of victory in the trial version. The make money betting, there because the real interest rate is not an easy task and requires in some cases, specific knowledge.

In what casino to play better?

 Casino virtual and real money

When the decision to try this type of Internet income, which can be considered as the answer to the question "how to earn money without investment?”, you should pay attention to the following important issues, namely:

Attractive to many Russian gamblers foreign portals not always available. In some cases they even prohibit players to check, and if allowed, in case of contentious issues a positive decision is made in favor of the casino, but not the client. Among Russian online-casino distinguish the following two portal: VABANK and BestForPlay. It is believed that these casinos give a real opportunity to earn money.

The main types of casino games


The game is pretty simple principle of operation. Small wheel divided 37 numbered slots, 18 of which are black, the same red and one ’zero». The object of the game is that the bet is placed on any cell, and if it is estimated amount – it means you have won, if there ’ s lost. There are several clever ways  of deception casino, supposedly you can earn. One of them involves the following method: bets should be placed either on the "red’, or ‘the black». As a first bid to use only 1 dollar (and not more). For example, make the first bet on the "black» 1$. If you roll "red», again focus on the "black", but in the double volume (2 $).  Continue in the same spirit as long as not drop "black", and as soon as that happens, it means 100% of the winnings. It is necessary to use this option or not, to decide, of course, you.

This game is one of the most ancient games, not lost its popularity to this day. The essence of the game as follows: in advance, you specify a number that is highlighted, from 2 to 12. Then throw the dice, and if you fall out of the hidden number, then you have won, if there ’ s lost. Craftsmen have figured out a clever way to win in this game. It is based on the theory of probability. For example, the number 7 has a higher probability than 2. Since 2 may fall only if both dice show will be on the unit. Unlike deuces, number 7 can be formed in different combinations: 2+5, 3+4, 1+6. Therefore, if you decide to try this method to earn money, then use the most successful combinations  digits, which makes sense to bet, and  from 5 to 10. Another secret says that if you lost, it is not recommended to raise, since the probability of loss is much higher. Better raise once happened win.

Slot games, or ‘the one-armed bandits». As practice shows, this method is one of the most unreliable. If, playing roulette or craps, can to some extent rely on the effectiveness of mathematical calculations, knowledge of the principles of probability theory, etc., the success entirely depends on the program that is inherent in the game. Something to anticipate or to affect in any way the outcome of the game is not possible. This method cannot be called a method by which you can make money.

Income from affiliate programs

Another way to make money in a casino involves working with affiliate programs. It is suitable first of all for those who do not consider themselves gamblers and yet not opposed to earn money through gambling. Refers to earnings in casino bethwaite. Receiving the earnings in this way is the following: you are logged in  the affiliate program of this or that online casino and get your affiliate link. Then you begin to put the different available online ways: through Bulletin boards, forums, email letters, etc. For every person who clicks on your link and replenish your account for a certain amount (in each casino differently) you are paid a percentage of this amount (again every casino offers its cent). Accordingly, the more you are able to attract real players on the real interest rate, the more money you earn.

This way,despite the possibility of getting easy money, has its drawbacks. For example, if you distribute your affiliate link from an online casino that does not provide the necessary level of service sins or fraudulent actions with respect to its players, you may be claimed in the popularization of deliberately false and dishonest gambling resource. Therefore, with special attention to approach the issue of cooperation with one or another online casino, getting acquainted with various reviews of his work on the Internet.

Earnings by poker

One of the popular ways to earn money in the casino are also card games, among which the palm belongs to poker. Industry of poker is so popular that its net income in the world in 2005, according to estimates of experts was made up 3 billion dollars, and in 2008 – more than 12 billion

The principle of poker is that you need to gather the highest card combination using 5 cards. Thus among all players, the winner is determined. The game is quite interesting and applicable to it there are various methods that increase the chances of winning.  on the Internet you can find various training materials on these methods and to try to apply them to your experience. But do not forget that often such techniques are considered as illegal earnings and the person using them, may be fined, and completely blocked the impossibility of continuing participation in the game. 

Whether to use the online casino for money?

There is no single answer to this question. Someone thinks it's a waste of time, someone claims that this is not so and gambling are satisfied good source of income. In any case, the decision is yours. In the end, it is not forbidden at least a little bit to try to feel both advantages and disadvantages of this type of income. We can say that the earnings in the Internet casino – it is an opportunity to try their hand and try your luck.


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