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Earnings in the Internet advertising

Good earnings on advertising   this is one of the most worrying fact for many Internet users. Receive money via advertising can be anyone.

Small earnings you not ozolotit. However, it may be an additional source of income. Manufacturers are spending huge sums on promotion of their products. Advertising decorates each page of the Internet. So here a great opportunities to work with the advertising media.

To start with you will need an unlimited data plan. I will have access to many resources. In addition, all people working in the network, open the e-wallets. Best option would be a system Webmoney. E-money can easily transfer to your Bank account or card.


How to earn advertising

Here two variants are possible:

1. Viewing ads for money.

2. Earnings on advertising on the website, which will belong to you personally.

 Commercial graphics on the website that attracts visitors

The first method involves viewing commercials through special resources. In the network there is a lot of such systems of active promotion. You can browse through and services mailing lists.

This option earnings is considered to be the easiest. You simply visit these sites and get money for it. Many this will not earn. However, such a dust-free work enjoys great popularity among users. In order to start earning money, no need for any investments. Special requirements : no.

Which sites offer the earnings on viewing different advertising? This, and many others.

Advertising on their site

More productive and profitable is another earn money online   advertising. It is passive and convenient way of getting income. But it requires a preliminary preparation.

Before profit, you need to create your website. It must be promoted among the top ten in the issuance of search engines. If the traffic is only a few visitors a day, you get revenue from advertising will not work. But visited resource brings his master a great passive income. Such a site should see at least 300 people.

The owners of resources promoted get the possibility to earn good money. You can post on the website ad units. Looking through your site, users will make the transitions with ads on relevant sites. Money to the owner of the resource are awarded for transitions. The more popular the site, the more visitors will go with him on advertising. In the network very many services that offer the installation of advertising blocks on resources. The greatest distribution in the network has a banner, context and text advertising.

Quite often the owners of the advanced sites apply for themselves advertisers. For a fee they offer to place your advertisement on the pages of resources. Make a website and indicate your coordinates. This ensures you receive good money. If your site is visited by more than 50 users during the day, then you can use tizernuyu advertising.

 The most popular theme of the site for advertising

What is teasers

Under this term mean intriguing advertising. It is based on the type of riddle. Any teaser interest to the visitor. It is arranged in such a way that communicates to the viewer only part of important information. Such nuances are lured teasers. Setting units with such advertising on the blog or website, you make it more interesting.

What teaser advertising networks are considered the most reliable:

1. Network

This remarkable system. It is designed for those people whose blogs and sites visited during the day more than 50 people. Your resource must be on a paid hosting. Here high charges for clicks — at least 30 kopecks


The network gives the possibility to earn on placing of advertising blocks. Apply here advertisers who wish to advertise in the network. This is a reliable and proven advertising system. She successfully operates for many years. One of its qualities of   the network accepts resources that are free hosting.

The only condition of   the site should be very popular (attendance of more than 300 users per day). If the blog or web site is hosted on paid hosting, the requirements are much softer — the number of visitors exceed 50 people a day. Ads from this network can be put in four formats. This can be teasers, klikandery, banners or contextual advertising. The average cost per click here makes 50 kopeck

 Profit on affiliate programs. The scheme.

"Straight" advertising on the website

It implies that the owner of a resource independently looking for advertisers. On their website you can place ads free ad space. It often looks like "Here may be your advertising». Then the advertisers themselves, they will ask you.

Note that they are only interested in resources with a good traffic. Further you agree with the giver of advertising on the price and place his banner (ad) on their pages. But if the traffic to the site is small, then find such advertisers practically impossible. They have very high requirements to the sites. Decent money they charge a good place.

Contextual advertising

To work with this kind of advertising easier and more profitable. Here is the following scheme: the owner of the site is registered on the resources of intermediaries, gets the code and post it. Then ads are broadcast on the topic of the resource. You can select according to quality and quantity. The network has a large number of intermediary firms. They provide a good earnings in the Internet advertising. The most famous are: Google Adsense, Yandex and Begun.

Google Adsense works with blogs and sites that have any attendance. However, the minimum payout here is equal to 100$. If you have little traffic, but to collect this amount will be difficult. Cost per click depends on the competitiveness of topics. More democratic system is Begun. It accepts any resources requires a stable traffic.

The most stringent crossing criteria in Yandex.Direct. Website traffic is limited to 300 people a day. If you decide to work with these structures, they must respect the important conditions. You cannot cheat the attendance and use spam. Otherwise you will lock without payment of funds.

Registration on the exchange

Each of them has its nuances of the work. To start to cooperate with the exchange, you must add your site to the system. Setting the banner of the customer, you will receive a certain sum of money. Payment can be weekly, or monthly. Receiving stable payments, you will be satisfied with their work.

Earnings on advertising in a network the Internet of   this exciting work. The highest income accrues to the owners of popular resources. Create your own web site and advertise. This is most relevant lesson for the web-masters.

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