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Earnings on contextual advertising in the apartment with his hands

 The system provides the possibility of earnings from contextual advertising

Some skeptical people tend to think that the Internet earn serious money cannot, however, this statement is very far from the truth. In fact, the ways to extract income from work in the network of mass, and one of them — it earnings on contextual advertising. Over time, contextual advertising can be a constant source of passive income, however, at first, to achieve the required return have to work hard. Start your efforts should be directed at creating a website or blog and its further popularization, because the very essence of earnings, which will be discussed, assumes the existence of an advertising platform, which will become your resource, and the amount of income will directly depend on its popularity, i.e. the number of visitors coming to the site. So, try to begin to understand what is contextual advertising, and by what means the administrator of the website or blog, and placed it on the pages of your resource, earns contextual advertising. It is easy to guess that this type of advertising is a block or blocks of links and graphic banners, clicking on which a visitor navigates to another site, and to your account for that charge a small sum of money. It is clear that the greater the number of users will click on links, the more passive income you will be able to extract. However, not only the amount of traffic that had links to your site will determine the amount of earnings. The thing is, how it forms the link unit of contextual advertising on the site.

To place on web-page has a colourful banner or block hyperlinks, this is the place you want to insert JavaScript code. He will be choosing from the huge quantity of advertising material one that most closely matches the theme of your website. In business areas where competition is high, such as the construction, sale rental or medicine, for a limited number of web sites with this orientation has a large number of people wishing to advertise your online store or a company, selling, say, building materials or drugs. As willing much, and the price of a single click can reach several dollars, that, undoubtedly, at times increases  earnings on contextual advertising such thematic sites.  But you might want to know why links to the website of the motor show, appear only in the automotive sites, but, for example, not medical. Everything is quite simple. Visitors coming to the site, for example, medical subjects in order to enrich their knowledge on medicinal plants in no way motivated to purchase a car, so this ad here to post meaningless. But on the contrary, saw the ad for a new drug, he might be interested in, you go to the link and make the order. Thus, in blocks of contextual advertising are only so-called relevant links, relevant to the theme of the website and giving the best value for business.

What site need for earnings from contextual advertising

If you are just starting your business on contextual advertising, as an advertising platform, you will need  to create a website for a living. And it must be not easy information resource unclear orientation, and a good theme website, the main theme of which you can choose, for example, automotive, construction, medical, computer and some others. So, hopefully, with the theme of your future site you have chosen. Well, if you have at least basic skills saitostroitel'stva and will be able to create your own website on one of the popular CMS, whether Joomla or at least simple WordPress. Also you will need to choose a domain for your site and hosting, on which you place.  For those who have experience in creating websites completely absent, it may be advisable  to create a blog for zarabotkami simplest free website Builder uCoz, which in addition to the template will provide you with a free third-level domain and "stay» site on your own server. Note that this hosting even in the free version supports JavaScript, therefore, placement of advertising blocks Google AdSense you can here. However, it is better to spend your three blood dollar and pay for hosting uCoz, otherwise pages of blog visitors will see not only your contextual advertising.

Choose the system of contextual advertising

So, you have created a website and filled it unique content. Let's talk now about  how to make money on the flat with its help. First direct their main efforts on promotion of the site, registration in catalogues, work with social networks and do not forget to add a new unique content. In a month there will come the time to add ads on my pages. Now you only need to decide which system to choose for work. You will probably prefer Google Adsense. There are a lot of reasons, the main of them is absence of restrictions on the minimum number of visitors to the ads. For example, the other two systems of contextual advertising there are limitations: for ‘the Runner” — 200 visitors a day, for «Yandex” — all 300. Often young sites cannot boast of such attendance, so Google Adsense for them, in fact, is the only choice. However, you should not worry: while the yield of this system are three times lower than that of the service Yandex, with Adsense are many popular sites, earning a very good income from the sale of traffic.

The profitability of this system should stay separate. Often on various resources you can find the numbers, according to the authors, showing real  earnings on contextual advertising Google Adsense different sites depending on their attendance. Thus, States that if a resource for day visits less than 300 users, the monthly income is not more than 20$, if the order of 1000, you can earn will be 150$, and if all 50 000 — that on the account for the month nabezhit already three-digit sum. In fact, these figures are akin to the testimony average temperature in the hospital: someone much less someone — more, and eventually goes something like this. We have already talked about the impact that the thematic focus resource on the amount of advertising revenue, why stop there will not. We only note that if you could create a great frequently visited resource, the daily income of$ 100 can be very real, but to spend the money — to buy a car, apartment or anything else, you decide, as you now know,  how to make electronic money on contextual advertising. We dedicate the following lines to the description of how to add a block of contextual advertising Google Adsense on the page.

How to add an ad unit on site

So to start, choose a spot on the site, where visitors can see the ad unit. This is usually the right or left column, where is the menu, the upper part of the site ’hat» or directly under it. Also sometimes blocks are located in the content itself. The last option is fraught with some difficulties, if you are not familiar with hypertext markup language and structure of the CMS. After all, if in the same Joomla in any of the available positions template, you can insert the module with arbitrary html code, including Java script, received at check in Google Adsense to generate advertising links, to insert the code directly in to the content have to roam about in the CMS. Although this makes sense, because such placement brings much more solid income.  Well, enough of that, let's talk about  how to make money with their hands. Unit content can be two or three, but it is necessary to make so that the user logging in to the site has not felt that he was staring at a Billboard, filled with the banners and links, otherwise he will immediately go away and no longer appears. Consequently, a large block of advertising on the site must be one, and above and below you can place small format 468×60. So, we already mentioned that to paste the ad unit you must register on the website Google Adsense and create a so-called ad. You must specify whether the ad unit to be displayed only links, only banners, or both, to find a suitable size and color, then you will only get the code to insert to the site. Ads may be several, and each of them can be used on any of your sites to  make money fast on the Internet. One ad — this is one ad unit. To insert code to the site running Joomla, as noted earlier, you need at any position of the template to place a standard module ’HTML», in which and paste the JavaScript code. If everything is done correctly, after a few minutes you will see running an ad unit on your site. WordPress is still easier: code of the script is inserted into a special widget to insert the html code that just dragged to the right place in the section " Widgets» administrative panel. Now you know  how to make money on the website with Google Adsense. In systems of contextual advertising " Runner» and «Yandex» the situation is about the same except for the fact that your site you should pass verification. Therefore, in advance, take care that in the footer of the site there was a counter, taking into account the attendance of a resource, and its statistics were in the public domain, otherwise site moderation will not work. And the last. To  the trade links meet your expectations, in any case, don't click themselves on your ads, otherwise the system you ’will ban that user from" and you will have to find other ways to monetize the site.

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