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Earnings on the website: 9 steps to success

1. Registration in the WebMoney

Before creating a site for a living, you must have a wallet on the Internet, to register on the website WebMoney. The best way to all calculations, using e-money. Bring earned cash through WebMoney is very simple. 

2. Create your own website

 Construction site

You can create a web site, download the manual from the Internet or pay a developer. If you decide to create a website yourself, you can start with a standard HTML website, and later moving on to more complex. If you decide to pay the developer, not worth saving - the site should be good, it depends on whether he will be in the future your tool for earning money or not. Bad site can simply not to take part in the exchange of links. To bad site can nominate its sanctions and the search engine. 

3. Buy hosting

It is recommended to use a proven hosting, in any case, later you will be able hosting to change if need be. Hosting is a place where you stored your site and more often than prescribed DNS for your domain. For the use of the domain name have to pay monthly to the Registrar. By the way, if you pay for hosting up to several months in the domain can only give.

4. The download site on the server

If you will be able to create a site, and on the server you will be able to download without problems. Do not save any passwords at boot, they may later be stolen.

5. The meter installation site traffic

For the record of the attendance of your site and for its account in different ratings required counter, and preferably two. Recorded a couple of meters, for example, and Liveinternet.

6. Registration in catalogues

Registering your site in directories, you can get a personal reference mass.

 Purchase links Sape

For example, you can register the site to exchange links Sape. This will boost the TIC. And increase the popularity of your site. In Sape is better to register as an individual entrepreneur, otherwise later re-registration can be difficult. 

8. Promote your website

 Requested articles to copywriters exchange

Types of earnings on the Internet are different, but of course to get more money can be promoted and popular site. One of the most important stages - the further promotion of your website depends on what will be the earnings on the website. Website promotion we understand increase attendance.

There is no clear statement of how you will do. You can use the advertising on the Internet and out - of banner advertising, PR site on the radio and on TV to advertise in magazines and Newspapers, etc. All depends on your wishes and financial possibilities. Initially, you can place information about your site on forumah, microblogging and social networking - it does not require any cost. Also do not neglect buying links on the exchange, but do not buy too many links. This can have an effect on the rating is negative and reduce the possibility of good money on the site.

9. Wait for the result

Today to receive money on the Internet on sites quite easily. But only you can decide what will be the amount you will receive in the end. You do not earn thousands of dollars for a few days, sitting idly by. But if you invest enough time and effort, very soon you will start to receive a good income, and being engaged in the promotion of a site and its promotion, you will gradually these revenues to increase. And you will no longer be any question about how to earn money online?

How to make money on the coupon sites

Coupon sites are the sites for earnings in the Internet. Every day more and more popular coupon sites, or sites of discounts. The scheme is simple. On coupon website posted a product, which is sold under the campaign with huge discount. The term of the promotion, as a rule, should be small - often 24 hours. The consumer by mail to the mailing list comes the news that until the end of the offer remains of some 16 or 12 hours. If it promptly will not get a discount coupon for any unique product, he will stay on beans. And the consumer understands that it is here now and it is so necessary that a subscription to the gym with a 80% discount, or a dinner for two in the restaurant with a discount of 50 percent, or a trip to Egypt with a discount of 30 percent.

Who of us does not like to make a bargain? Nice to know that you gain in price, paid in two or even three times less. That is why the coupons are so wildly popular. Buyers are pushing and terms. On the main page of coupon sites there's a sign on a discount on goods and near the timer where ticking watch. Time to buy discount voucher always limited. The buyer is afraid to be late and, therefore, to be mistaken, and it urges him to urgent purchase, often unnecessary, but desirable at this time. It provides regular income for the coupon sites to their owners. 

Why do companies benefit to offer their goods coupon sites? Everything is very simple. Coupon sites are wildly popular, for reasons about which we wrote earlier. Large and small firm loses nothing, if offered, for example, one or two pass to the gym coupon site or any other discount on a product or service. But this company provides extensive advertising, increases the popularity, finds new loyal customers. Coupon customers sign agreements with shops, malls, the companies on sale of coupons. If at first coupon sites may operate at a loss, then a little later the company offering them passes and tickets free, discount and price coupon is set by the site. And gets the money from the purchase of coupon clean hands. Moreover, small and little-known companies themselves pay coupon sites so they put their goods discounts on your website, provided the distribution and, hence, the recognition of a small company and the inflow of consumers. One of the most famous coupon sites of Runet - Biglion, there WeClever and Groupon Russia. In General, coupon clone-sites worldwide big set. And all of them are widely popular!

On coupon site you can make almost no initial investment, although how much you earn, will again depend on the popularity of your website. Starting to promote your website in SOC. networks, blogs and forums, you increase the flow of consumers, and, therefore, will be able to sell more coupons and make more money. However, advertising may be more, much more! As much as you wish, and how much will afford your wallet.

Earnings on the website ucoz

Many owners of sites, placing its resources on the host, for which they need each month to pay, you start to wonder how to make money online ucoz. It is worth to mention that only a good site with interesting content and better content, narrow focus, will be able to succeed with Yukos. So we must understand that in the tops of the search engines with inferior site is not accessible to visitors and profits it'll do no. So, to secure their earnings on the website ucoz, originally from the user will need to have a good site that will be interesting articles, videos and graphics.

 Sell links from your site

These shortcomings, not prevent to promote your site to the leading position in Internet search engines. Fill, optimize your website and start to receive income from advertising on the site, however, earn on the site in various ways. You can earn:

It is worth to say that, even with an interesting site with useful unique content, immediately to get big money on the website you can not. Before the first earnings will be approximately 2-3 months. This time is given to a web site has been indexed and occupied a high position in the search engines. How much you earn? It all depends on the performance of your website. You can earn about 3000 rubles a month for the website with attendance of 200-300 users a day, parameter TIC 10 and PR 1. 

So, free hosting Yukos can be an excellent launching pad for development of your business on the Internet. But only on condition that you would create a decent website for earning money, but also provided regular work on the content and on promoting your website.

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