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How much can you earn money with your head

How to find  a good source of active or passive income without huge investments?!  Every second Internet user sooner or later, the question "how you can earn a lot of money?”,  but only a few manage to achieve  really good results. The others  as a rule, trade ’air», caught on rod Scam, which the world wide web is more than enough  and refuse from the idea to use the computer due to the complete hopelessness of this undertaking.

What is their problem? All the matter in a bad choice of source of income and the lack of information on "pitfalls» of a particular work.

At the moment there are several effective ways to earn  on bread with caviar: open the Internet shop, the maintenance of mailing, intermediary service, gambling, website creation, work in social networks, earnings on YouTube and a few others not less profitable practice. Earn millions, lying on the couch – is unlikely to succeed, but to create a profitable home based business and to ensure a comfortable old age his work – achievable goal. So, what to do budding entrepreneur?

Earnings on the Internet-stores

Make money with online stores, you have two ways: to participate in affiliate programs of other shops or create your own website for the sale of certain goods or services. Both options have advantages and disadvantages:

 Affiliate website thinks for you

To get real money in affiliate programs of foreign Internet shops can almost everyone. Naturally, only provided a great desire  to work and earn. Conditions for participation in affiliate programs differ little from each other. As a rule, partners pay  for attraction of clients. You pay a percentage of the profits of the store obtained from purchases are your customers to the store.

To get real money in this way will have a bit of trouble: to understand the specifics of the work shop, to try various ways of advertising etc.  at First, you are given a special affiliate link. Sometimes instead of links shops offer banners and buttons  their sites. Affiliate links and banners can be placed on blogs, forums, social networks…In General – options to attract customers simply sea.

Beginners often make a fatal error – trying to put affiliate links everywhere. Needless to say that the efficiency of such advertising is zero?  For maximum profit with affiliate programs advise to start a blog. First, in the blog, you can place banner of the Internet shop, second – to the mailing list.  Many "advanced"  bloggers will churn in the mailing address  partner sites. The more people subscribe  newsletter – the more chances to get the  a good profit.

Another way of attracting customers to the online store – to put useful books or other text materials for file storage, and in the beginning (or end) of books to put the addresses of the sites-partners. Thus, the  you get a double profit from attracting customers to the site through the partner program and from sharing services for a large number of downloads  (provided that your books will be in demand among users of the network).

The pros  earnings:  don't need to bother with creating and store promotion, income depends exclusively on the results of the work and spent on work time.

Cons of earnings: at first, nothing to wait for huge earnings. Until you understand the best ways to attract customers – a time will pass.  Plus, profit on affiliate programs depends on the percentage of paid online stores (ranges from 5 to 55 %).

How to earn a lot of money on  the Internet-store,  and what you need to know to start a business on the Internet?  Sale of goods and services in the network – one of the most profitable ways to earn money. More and more users prefer to buy necessary things it is in these stores, so with the right approach to business – the clients will not rebound. Another thing – what to sell?  Experienced business owners in the network advise beginners to ponder over the idea of the store in the future, there had to throw out huge sums on promotion. Of course, Internet promotion need anyway, but with unique shops and popular products are far more likely to enter the TOP, due to low competition.

In  the first – find unique idea. Sell clothes, shoes or cooking facilities in network – but  it is very difficult. Analyze the market: they are looking for people, which articles are the most. Look at the websites of competing sites – is there any sense to fight  for customers with such giants in this segment of the market?  

Another aspect of – your budget. To create a large online store with a budget of $ 100 - funny.  Nice site Internet shop – is a quality web designer, programmer, writer, and other professionals. So  start selling products online with no investment you are unlikely to succeed, the initial capital shall be not less than 500-1000 USD besides,  do not expect instant enrichment. Before the store will bring tangible benefits  will take place at least 2 months. In consequence, will have to spend on advertising, payments to partners, etc.

Pluses of earnings:  you calling the shots, respectively – get a good profit from sales. A year or two it will be possible to retire, to entrust the job of assistants and to receive the income from sales. Isn't it a dream?

Cons of earnings before profit still needs work. Too much risk, foreign factors influencing the level of sales and the ranking of the site. In General – have to work and worry in anticipation of the first profit.

Earnings on websites and social networks

When it comes to making money sites, most uninitiated into the intricacies of Internet Commerce web users somehow remember exclusively trade  via the Internet. But to earn money on the world wide web  can be in other ways. For example – to make your website or to create a successful  a group on the social network.

 Many webmasters are millionaires

Sites are different…Accordingly, the earnings with the help of the site depends on thousands of important points:  timeliness of the information, website design, investments promotion, etc. to Calculate how much money will bring a particular website – it is impossible plus, you have to work according to the method of " trial and error", because all details of managing customers and receive profit you not learn from the advice in  the Internet. You can save  precious time and pay  consulting the webmaster.  

If you nothing about the creation and promotion of sites, but want to try the forces in this kind of business – try small: the author of the blog. Nice blog pays for itself quickly,   and you can receive the money in several ways: to write promotional articles, insert affiliate links or banners, earn money on PPC advertising.

With large sites, things are different: for creation and promotion of a big portal can not do without the prior investment. You have to pay for the services of a programmer, designer, coder, copywriter or reitera. But the material point of view – to create large websites is much cheaper. To profit, you'll be teaser and contextual advertising.

Pluses of earnings:  nice site quickly pays for itself, you get a lot of useful knowledge on creation and promotion of the portal. The sum of profit from the site ranges from 50 $ to infinity. Would be a good idea.

Cons of earnings: great work. Have to pay for the work of many specialists, and how much time to wait profit – even the "advanced" webmaster  will not be able to accurately answer.

Create your website, pay  designers and programmers – it incredibly expensive. And why would immediately rush into the pool with his head, if you can test the strength of social networks?  In popular networks have all the opportunities to obtain huge profits. The most accessible and advantageous from the point of view of future profits way to make money in social media – organization of a group or public Vkontakte. Interesting pages attract more than a million subscribers, and the more views  - the higher the profit.

If news pages and groups in social networks so profitable, why not all do, and many  does quickly disappointed in this job? The thing is that for the development of the group require advertising. It gives new subscribers and more opportunities for rapid growth of attendance. To invest their " blood» in advertising nobody, for some reason, does not want. And what do – the result we get.  In General – create interesting pages, you can put interesting information for the users, attract new visitors advertising. Promoted public is possible to sell or to make good source of income. For what will you get money? Other sites and groups will pay for advertising messages.

Pluses of earnings: maintenance of the public and groups can be combined with other work. You learn something new, to get acquainted with interesting people and, of course, earn your living.

Cons of earnings:  it is impossible to calculate in advance how many  you can earn money on the maintenance of public or group. Real earnings of the creators of the pages carefully concealed, and the important secrets of promotion of pages – try not to disclose any stranger. Decent work can be expected only a year later  active work on the public. If you are really interested in this kind of earnings  - we recommend to pay for the consultation of the specialist in this sphere. Self-study of specificity of work by trial and error  requires a lot of time and money. 

Earnings on intermediary services

Quite an interesting type of earning, especially in developed communicative skills in the network. What current realities require people to develop  written communication skills and beliefs. Intermediary services – one of the spheres where it is possible to apply these skills, earning good money. 

One of the types of mediation services we discussed above – participation in affiliate programs to attract visitors to websites and online stores. In this case, you are the intermediary between the store and the customer. But why stop solely on affiliate programs, make do with the crumbs (% of profit) with ‘master's table»?  How to make lots of money quickly in the field of mediation? To start – connect your imagination. What you want to do? What has priority for you: to help people or to make money? Perhaps both?

For example, you can render intermediary services in sale of banner advertising.  It is, in principle, is very necessary. The idea is to  the selection of quality sites that need advertising and search advertisers for these sites. The first help you earn extra “expensive”, and the  place the advertisements on the right on the subject resource. And this is just one of many ideas intermediary services.

You can concentrate their activities on one city and to help people in finding work. For example,  to liaise with leading firms and companies in the city, to make the register of the unemployed. In this case the essence of the work is to find the appropriate experience and qualifications of employees for the company and employment of people with regard to their wishes. What is not a profitable business?

Pluses of earnings:  a quick profit without initial investments, useful contacts.

Cons of earnings: without  communication skills and beliefs to succeed in the brokerage business is almost unreal. You may have to deal with a huge number of people,  to listen to their demands and more. In addition, the mediator is often " between two fires»: both parties are dissatisfied with the result, and the demand comes with an intermediary.

Earnings on stock exchanges

 Exchange requires You volitional decisions

If someone will tell you that to make money on the stock exchanges easy – do not try to listen to this man. Or he didn't understand the matter, or tries you something "to pull».  Before jumping  in the pool with his head, should answer one important question: “I  want to earn a lot of money, risking all?   If Yes – please proceed to studying the information. Without training will not work, anyway.

In theory, to trade on the exchange can almost anyone. First of all you have to open an investment account with a company that provides access to the stock market. These companies are called brokers. We strongly recommend to consider the choice of a broker with all responsibility, since this will affect your savings and future profits.  what should you pay attention to? First of all, this:

Success in the market largely depends on how you grounded in financial matters. It is worth planning of trading strategies,  further testing. Gambling is always associated with higher risks, and the more bets – the higher the risk.

Pluses of the earnings: the ability to quickly increase your capital.

Cons of earnings: a constant risk of losing all their savings. Many traders gambling ’tighten» very much, they can't stop, go into debt, hoping to win back the lost money. Fanaticism – very poor quality for the trader. Some " seasoned» on the stock exchange are advised not to get involved in trade,  and to earn on education for beginners.



Last but very important tip for beginners in business on the Internet – choose for everyone.  the Dream to earn millions doing nothing – just a myth, to achieve good results will have a lot to learn, to come up with new moves and strategies to communicate with people. Uninteresting thing, be it at least a hundred times profitable from the point of view of the long-term prospects in advance doomed to failure. But what you are really interested, can be a good idea to succeed. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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