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How to become successful and rich without of seed capital

In our country, who does not dream about success and wealth?! Dreams - dreams, and under a lying stone no water flow and one visualization future success does not commend you for financial freedom and independence. So, how to become successful and rich in Russia and in what exactly you need to do to achieve the success?

 Success is within you!

Perhaps the easiest way to get rich – to write a book about how you can get rich. And if no jokes – each person has a chance to become rich, happy and successful in all respects. But the majority of the planet prefer to lead a mediocre life, going to the unloved job and receive a pittance, which is hardly enough for food. It's not even that they lack the knowledge for achieving material freedom. The RUB lies in fear, and thinking. Look at the people around, they usually say that they are concerned about? In most cases, they have to waste time on complaints, useless things, criticism of the government or each other. For some self-development or promotion they have neither the time nor the strength nor the desire.

Wealth begins with a change of way of thinking and clear intentions: "I want to make a lot of money, I want to be free and happy! When there is an intention and appropriate mood – opportunities for achieving material freedom appear by themselves. Moreover – you'll find great ideas for businesses everywhere turned your eyes.

How to become rich from scratch if you have no idea what you want to do and where to start? Our advice – to understand their desires to restore order in life, get mad motivation and use the tips of successful personalities of the past and present. Fortunately, in our digital age, access to the invaluable experience of rich people is a few clicks away. And for that you don't have to look for useful information all over the Internet, we collected effective tips for gaining wealth and success. One condition – stop mindlessly slide around the lines, and get moving, finally,  active actions.

 the Following rules shall become your personal code:

Learn to appreciate your time

 Proper planning shortens the path to the goal

Losers have always plenty of time they spend most foolish way. Empty entertainment, useless games, chatter with other losers - the approximate order of the most ordinary man. In his forties, he will fight boredom,  blame the government, to lean on strong drinks, suffering from the consequences of an idle life. Your task – learn to appreciate every moment of life, use of every opportunity to receive new knowledge. While others sleep, walk and find out the relationship – the need to take real action. Naturally, this requires a great deal of discipline and a clear vision of future goals.

Engage in planning

To effectively use the time, you need to clearly see the goal. Useless activity for the sake of the activity of  never lead to riches, except that one day you will find "the" idea and will be among the lucky few that got the first million at the behest of chance. But such lucky people can be counted on fingers,  and there is no guarantee that you will enter into their number.

Planning consists of several stages. First of all, you must make a long-term plan on 5,10,20  years, and then split each of the stages into several small parts. For example, in five years you see yourself in the role of Director of a large Corporation. Well, let's assume you are an ordinary poor student  and this plan seems, to put it mildly, unenforceable. Well,the  in this case,  or you can reconsider this plan, or engage in more detailed planning. Perhaps, after five years of hard work you not become a millionaire with your business, but the experience is valued much more than money. In any case, you will be in a better position than your peers who all this time spent life on the stupid entertainment.

By the way,  proper planning can rarely be obtained from the first. Work out in the plan year, month or even one day. The main thing – to every day you were a step or half a step closer to the goal. Collect the necessary knowledge, develop  useful skills and are looking for people who will help you succeed.

The courage and patience

Everyone wants to learn how to become rich and happy lying on the couch. But it's the idea that the opportunities lying on the road. Besides, many of those who want to get rich quickly, are afraid to take real action. And he would fail, and suddenly all the efforts to turn into nothing? These fears are peculiar to all entrepreneurs, only successful people know how to drown out the fear and instead of problems, to see new opportunities for financial growth and success.

Do not expect quick results. Entrepreneurs in our country is always fail and despair in the work. Why, at first, everything seemed so simple and understandable, and then it turns out that for profit work hard, constantly evolve, to plan, to talk a lot and find new ideas for earnings. Expectations are not met and another company is closed. Our advice – not to expect quick enrichment, but not to give up. The experience of successful billionaires past and present suggests that even after the crushing failure, you can quickly get up and achieve a great success. In any case, the obtained experience and knowledge will always remain with you.

Study the experience of others

 The success of other people is contagious - use

How to find a good idea for business? Look around – are plenty of ideas! Read biographies of successful businessmen, study the peculiarities of start-UPS, view tips "old". Competent investment – beginning of future success. One successful investment will ensure a constant active or passive income, and the received means you can invest in larger projects.

Do not neglect useful books.

Well-known businessmen like to share useful experience to his readers.  encourage you to read the book:   How to win friends and influence people" Dale Carnegie (classic of the genre, many of the tips in the book are always up to date),   Create a Corporation and become rich   Robert Kiyosaki (and other books of the famous business coach), "Seven habits of highly effective people " by Stephen R. Covey.  This is the most current books for beginners in business.

Work with interest and motivation

Passive desire to become rich leads to poverty. Including poverty of thinking. The mighty of this world "burn" favorite thing, getting pleasure from work. There is one simple rule: interest creates motivation, motivation – will power. Do only what you are sincerely interested in and then work to become a fascinating lesson.

Choose carefully the social circle

Failure contagious – it's a fact. Worth at least a little chat with the ever-noyuschim on the problems of man as you are, unwittingly, begin to concentrate on the dark sides of life. Never living without problems, but there is a useful skill to confront problems with gratitude. As banal as it may sound, but each problem really makes a person stronger. Want to learn how to become wealthy? Stop communicating with zhalobschikami and losers, select the friends dedicated associates that can help deed or by the Council. Communicate with rich and successful, learn from the valuable experience needed for their own development.

Don't listen to useless tips

In secret, everybody wants to live in a huge mansion and the rest of the Canary Islands. In reality – no one wants to  perform even basic work, because it is difficult, long and in General, drinking beer on a bench is much more fun. Once you announce its desire for material success –  from everywhere at once will fly negative comments: "who are you, anyway? What do you even know how? In our country it is impossible!". Actually, these words say to themselves, hardened  losers are resigned poverty and dependence of the more successful people. Say to yourself diametrically opposite things: "If somebody else can ’ so I will manage! I have all the possibilities to achieve wealth!".

Develop your communication skills

 Sociability - the secret of great opportunities

Who knows how to communicate and influence people – the already halfway to the desired success. Some knowledge and skills are not enough for wealth, and conduct any business requires constant communication. Develop communication skills, practice in communicating with different people, learning to convince others and make loyal supporters. The charismatic and insanely attractive personalities there is nothing to tell, how to become rich and successful – before them, and so all doors are open.

Make money "work"

Open your business only to save new amount of – the unwise. Money should always "work", to bring active or passive income. The main difference between the poor and the wealthy man is that the poor will save money "for a rainy day", but the rich – will invest another amount in the new initiative will expand the company has mastered a new sphere of business. Invest your money if not the new beginnings – at least: education, self-development, improvement of the image of qualification improvement, etc. Sooner or later, such investments equal pay off, in contrast to the savings of the poor loser.

Podhvatyvayte new ideas

You can't imagine, how many great ideas that comes to mind every day, could make you a millionaire. Surprisingly, while you otmahivaetes' from the idea, considering it to be stupid, someone else is not afraid to take risks and becomes a very rich man. How much can you puzzle over  how to become rich in Russia, if from this wealth and fame you are only a few steps? Do not rely on memory – it often brings. Carry a little notebook and a pen, write down every idea, no matter how stupid they may seem at first glance. Who knows, maybe one of the 10 new ideas will be your pass to the world of the rich and successful.

By the way, ladies too often wonder how to get rich. Why at us in the country there was fundamentally wrong  impression of the richest women. According to the majority of enemies, the only possible way to get rich for women – this is a good marriage, or "well" divorce. But among the beautiful ladies in many successful businesswoman and managers of large companies.

The problem of our women also lies in the negative thinking and stereotypes about the passive role of a woman.  the Rich and the beautiful women considered if not "hischnicami»using men for their own selfish purposes, the unfortunate workers, who, in spite of outward success, at night crying in the pillows of oppressive loneliness and lack of personal life.

What nonsense?! A woman can be successful, attractive and happy in all respects!  in addition, women have more advantages: natural skill to communicate, diligence, women's charm,  the practicality, purposefulness. While men play toys and drink a beer with friends, women decide to practical problems, find time to take care of the family, and professional development are not forgotten. So all the ladies in the XXI century many chances to achieve success. Tips on how to become rich woman ’s  identical advice for men. We equality of the sexes is nothing like.



Remember that  poverty is only in the head.  People engaged in the interesting thing for him to always find ways to make money. Yes and lack of million in the Bank will not be for him  the problem, because the main thing – constantly evolve, to dream, to set new goals and to feel that precious days of life are not in vain. 

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