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How to make money at home: instructions for couch

How to make money at home?

Money in modern life play if not the key, it just important role. And to make them, often very long and tedious to work hard. But there are situations, due to which people can not work in full-time operation. Such situations weight: disability, lack of age and experience for official work, inability to work due to illness or permanent care for the child. What to do in such situations and how to make money sitting at home?

There are a great many options, which can somehow add to your own piggy Bank.

Moderator and administrator of Internet sites

At first sight, this may seem like an easy job, but it's not. In addition to the regular observations of the content of the site you want to track the comments of visitors, interesting to consider the information and create topics that will be able to attract more visitors.

The administrator's task more difficult. Initially the necessary knowledge about the work with vertgame and html pages. Administrator - the first man on the website: it is closely monitoring the number of visitors, gives the necessary advertising, accepts offers advertisers, regular updates on the site. However, this work is more valuable in mind certain complexity.

The organizer of the joint procurement

The algorithm is quite simple, and if someone wants to try himself in this field is it the following steps:

In General, it reminds intermediary relationships. People looking for a customer who needs to deliver the goods. Searched for performers who perform the function of delivery of the goods and for their choice. The task of the mediator is to act as a connecting link between two parties. As a rule, labor cost is about 15% for exercising managerial functions. In this way there is one drawback: is constantly house will be impossible, because it is necessary to periodically organize meetings with participants of procurement and discuss certain nuances of conducting business.

Writing works

Another way how to make money sitting at home, it's mediation when writing various articles, texts and so on. For example: create your own website that specializes in providing services of writing tests, term papers and dissertations. Everything is quite simple: the site has received offers to perform various orders, the mediator looking for academics who understand the subject jobs and carry out course and diploma works. The percentage difference between the payment order and payment the contractor goes to the mediator. The only drawback in this sphere is impossible to settle deadlines, are frequent breakdowns orders etc.

Hairdressing services

 The provision of hairdresser

Quite a profitable business in our time is a rendering of cosmetic services at home. If you are behind the years spent in the role of a hair stylist, makeup artist, or manicure and pedicure, there will not be any difficulties to work at home. The client base is covered rather quickly, payment may take a little lower than in salons and profit will be rather big.

At the moment there are a large number of artists who are engaged in such work at home, because to pay for rented office space in the hall and to comply with the conditions of work do not all have the opportunity. Besides, you can combine work manicure and hairdressing at home, that in conditions of normal salons is often impossible.

Hotel theme is eyebrows, eyelashes, lips. If well Packed full of hand and has already had experience of working with the machine, we can provide services of tattoo, which are also popular and well paid.


This can include absolutely all spheres of activity: education, science, music, art, foreign languages, etc. In this case, you only need to advertise about rendering of services of the tutor, and in the future to create a customer base.

In the best case you can open the tutoring center. This does not mean that you need to create a business from scratch. It is enough to find such Tutors who are engaged in private teaching, and then unite with the purpose of further promotion and availability of a wider range of tutoring services.

The creation of Souvenirs and fakes

 Creating jewelry with your hands

Manual work has always been highly valued. Therefore, when appropriate level of skill and talent, you can make real works of art that will be very popular. To start with small investments needed - enough to buy in stores jewelry source materials from which it is possible to make various decorations or to decorate the finished product. By the way, this is not the less profitable. If we take the usual lady's handbag and if you have a good imagination and talent nicely decorate, you can sell for a lot more.

In this case, the home of earnings, there is one negative point: have some time to be without orders, as long as the products are not sufficiently publicized.

Products made of wood, glass and metal art

One of the most difficult ways to earn money sitting at home. However, you can achieve very good money, because the products of a copyrighted work are much more expensive than their counterparts, which are produced at factories and plants. Judge for yourself, whatever you wanted more bed: the regular, store-bought or handmade, with beautiful carving patterns and strength, which guarantees the durability? Most likely, the second option. The same applies to products from glass - make stained glass is quite difficult, the process takes a long time, but ultimately, the cost of the final product pays all costs.

A significant disadvantage in that, how earn money at home and engage in such activities is the purchase of equipment. For wood work necessary woodworking machines, tools for burning and artistic carving.

Creation of sites and advertising

Above we have already considered the work of the administrator and moderator, the aim of which is to monitor the operation of the site. But now we discuss how to make money sitting at home and getting money from advertising on websites.

Website creation, in the long term, can generate a very good income for its owner. For example, a site with an average attendance on average largest city can bring not less than 30 thousand roubles a month, all because of advertising. However, in order to make your site, you must consider many factors, and some of them below:

Internet consultations

Easy work online consultant in the sphere where are you an expert. Therefore, for a variety of automotive forums and sites you often see online-consultants, answering the questions of the visitors. This also applies to various Internet communities. Even large commercial organizations have the online consultants who carry out technical support and answer all questions of clients. Internet-consultations - this is a good way how to earn money sitting at home.

Work copywriter

Another way of how to earn money at home is to start writing articles to order. On the Internet there are a large number of copywriting services, as for those who want to write articles, and for customers who need a particular material.

The essence of the work is simple: after registration on the exchange copywriting, an aspiring writer picks up where he is well versed and may provide useful information. It then sends the statement to the customer, and thus formed a tender for the order. A priori is among the few performers customer chooses the one who best meets the requirements. After receiving the order, within a certain period of time copywriter makes an order, sends back to the client. Hereinafter the order payment. On the stock exchanges of payment orders is guaranteed. Therefore, all copywriters are advised to only work on them to avoid the risk of fraud on the part of the customer.

Such work is quite profitable, and the amount of profit depends on the diligence and hard work copywriter. For professionals of this case is not a problem to earn more than 1 thousand dollars a month. but initially you should not expect to earn more than 400-500 dollars a month.

Own business

 The creation of the Internet shop

How you can earn money at home and starting your own business? Many people choose this way of earnings, as trading in financial and stock markets. The most common way is to work in Forex. There are many nuances when working with it, even created a separate sites where beginners traders learn how to conduct auctions, to forecast exchange rates and earn their change.

If you have wondered how to make money at home, you can give a definite answer: it all depends on you and what you choose. If you have any skills or talents - do not waste them and simply to sit still. Try, to develop and try, and only then will there be success. In extreme cases, you lose a little and even acquire the necessary experience and develop their skills, which cannot but affect the General qualities of each person.

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