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How to make money in a village with minimal investment

In modern times, many people want to leave the village and start earning astronomical sums in the big cities! But this is not correct, because we know how to make money in the village. There are many ways to earn a lot of money, where you were born.

In order to start making money needed to start a business, and the village is the best place for business. There are many advantages of the village to the city, to open own business. Such as:

- Low cost of real estate, whether buying or renting

- A large number of labour for low pay. Because the cost of living in the village below

- A huge number of businesses that are not geographically place in large cities.

Consider where you can get significant income in rural areas by opening their own business.

Business in the growing of fruits

 Greenhouses for plants

Answering the question:  what to do in the village, immediately comes to mind growing vegetables. To start this business, you must have a plot of land. It is possible to rent or buy. And often the residents of the village he already exist, as instruments for land cultivation.

The initial capital required to start a business is not great. You need 10-20 dollars on seeds. For business development needs about 3 thousand dollars, for the installation of greenhouses, organization of irrigation system and buying tools. Installation of greenhouses necessary for the transformation of the business from seasonal, year-round, especially where cold weather is at least 4 months.

Finished products to sell in the city, in the presence of his car. In the absence of it can be sold to buyers vegetables who regularly travel to the villages. Or to trade in the wholesale markets, if available nearby. 

Advantages: vegetables people will always eat in your diet, means and grow their will always be profitable. With every year people growing their own vegetables less and less, because the business will grow steadily as demand for vegetables will increase.

Disadvantages: requires great efforts and large risk that the goods may not grow or go bad.

The opening of the sawmill in the village

 The sawmill in the village

The main advantage for the opening of the sawmill in the village is the large number of cheap land. 

First of all it is necessary to build a hangar, where you will place the necessary equipment. It will serve as a workshop for wood cutting. Two warehouses, one will be stored raw-material base, in other finished products. And just not prevent a spacious yard for loading and unloading timber. For work equipment must obtain the energy range 400 kW.

At the sawmill will produce the following products :  "raw» and «container» boards, bruski, various trays and "the tesinu».

Advantages: in 2-3 years the business will grow to medium scale and obtain a turnover of 11 million rubles. In «wilderness» allowed to open sawmills, unlike cities. 

Disadvantages: requires large initial investment, more than 3 million rubles. To purchase equipment and to lease the base for the production and employment of people, as well as the purchase of forests for turnover.

Pigs, as a business in rural areas

 Exemplary rural pigsty

Breeding pigs in the village one of the most profitable things you can do any. This business conditions are the village and it is perfect for its residents. Pigs easiest way to breed, and the output comes out of a large quantity of meat, compared with other animals. Especially considering that pork is the most popular form of meat. Start breeding pigs and you will cease to machati the question of how to make money in the village.

One of the advantages, breeding pigs that they eat almost everything. They fit like different foods, and food waste from fish and meat, as well as a variety of cereals.

Pigs can be divided into two species:  meat and bacon and meat-fat. Depending on breeding and feed, you need to choose the necessary type, but if you can feed the pigs any food and will be able to create the right conditions, you can make both types. The differences of these rocks that meat and bacon give diet pork meat.  

Pig eat almost everything, but it is necessary that they receive balanced food of plant and animal feed. Very suitable oats, barley and maize, as vegetable food. And for animal feed, will  waste fish and meat industry.  So they will get all the necessary nutrients.

Sunflower, linseed and soya oil-cake and meal is perfect in quality of daily food. But if you need solid fat, meal you want to exclude from their daily diet. Also include succulent food  and bran in their diet. As pigs fed – nettles, clover, dandelion and alfalfa.

All of this must consider when writing a business plan. Because the cost of each feed its own.

Building better to build from scratch, and it must meet the following requirement: spacious, bright and warm floors. Depending on the number of pigs, which you will breed, select the number of square meters for the building, which will contain. One pig is necessary to 2 square meters. The room should be free from drafts. Most importantly remember, the better the location, the better the quality of meat from pigs.

Pigs need to buy, in which the weight of  15-16 kg. With this weight in pigs low probability of getting a large number of diseases. But be sure to monitor their health. In pigs most often, lung diseases, for indoors there should be no chemicals.

Financial expenses for breeding pigs:

We advise to download from the farm to 11 pigs, to get acquainted with the business and its features. In the end, to understand how you will earn money in the village, you will spend 4260$ 8-9 months. Eventually sold pigs, you will get 7990$, net profit - 3640$ and own a pigsty.

Remember that if you will breed Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, to arrive will be 30-40% higher than with conventional breeding and for 2-3 months faster. 


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