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How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube?! Maybe you ear, and heard about opportunities to earn with the help of YouTube website, but then it never went. Meanwhile, earn money whenever and whatever would be the time  desire. And YouTube is not an exception. Known in the country and abroad site with fun and useful videos offers good conditions of cooperation for all those wishing to contribute to the development of the site and get for his work as a good reward. It remains to deal with options to receive a profit and learn a few useful secrets of obtaining profit from the site. And the fact that on YouTube, you can not only earn a little money, but to become rich – it is not the news. 

Earnings on their rollers

 Monetization of videos on youtube

The simplest example of the net profit received by a well known site. Seemingly – all painfully simple: make interesting (funny, useful to users etc) movie, tell it on the website and get millions of “green”. But this is a fantasy is far from the truth. Unless you managed to remove the dirt on the famous person or make a viral video, attracting the attention of millions of people around the world.  otherwise you have to use some tricks to increase the  number of views and the  new subscribers.

To get more views, so – earn more money, you can use several techniques to improve the attendance rate.

Topical keywords guarantee that your videos will find in the first place. For example, if video is dedicated to make money on the Internet – you write in the description of the related key phrases, and all who are interested in such kind of earnings find your channel. Key words  searched through specific programmes. One of the most popular services for the selection of keywords – Yandex Wordstat. You enter into the form of search of a word or phrase, close to the subject of your video, and the program displays a list of similar keywords.  Recommend to choose several medium-and low-frequency phrases, because the impact will be much higher with less competition.

When a person looking for something specific on the website gives him a lot of video. He defined with a choice? First of all pay attention to the title, how it meets the fact of the visitor. So try to come up with really interesting title that shows the essence of the video as accurately as possible. The second nuance – the prescription of English names in brackets. This is necessary in order to attract English-speaking visitors to the site to watch your movie. 

 Popular clip - key-to-income ratio

You can "friends" with people whose interests are similar to your Hobbies, to communicate, and then show new friends fruit of their labors on YouTube, or create a group of like-minded people, laying interesting videos at least every day. The second variant is more preferable and will attract more visitors to your channel. You shoot vids passage of popular games? Then  make the group, dedicated to games, invite new people. Or  you are the Creator of copyright lessons and foreign language? Make a group dedicated to education, the study of something.

Why not support the efforts of other people? View other people's video, leave good comments, make  friends on the website – thus, earnings on YouTube will become an easy task for both you and your new friends.

Movie is passing game – communicate on a game forum, consult show your video.  Promote lessons stprowess? Offer a beginner in the study of the program show your original video. A little self-promotion will never hurt.

Keeping your website – a great way to earn through advertising,  paid posts and articles, affiliate links, and, of course,  the placement of commercials (their own or others). By the way, the blog you can write step by step instructions on how to earn good money on YouTube,  and, thereby,  to attract new visitors. 

This method requires an initial investment, so it thus promote funny video at 50 seconds. But the  for site owners, authors of training courses and other projects requiring mandatory attract the maximum number of visitors to this option. Use Yandex sites or Google Adwords and soon your video will see a huge number of visitors. The advantage of this promotion is that advertising is given only to those people who are looking for online information similar topics. 

You crave popularity or from the promotion of an advertising roller depends on the level of sales of the company? Then use the services of people,  who have experience in  such cases. Everything works for a simple scheme: you create a job on special sites or exchanges of freelancing, and the selected artists perform it. They can simply click on the link, leave a detailed comments etc. Payment of the services of performers afford anyone.

 step-by-Step earnings on their rollers

 earnings on YouTube

Why reinvent the wheel when the resource itself offers an active project participants with good opportunities to earn additional money. 

In particular, the project participants can earn extra money on the partner program site. All you need – this is to create your own channel on the website and regularly update the channel are interesting and useful to users ' videos.

Obligatory condition for getting real profit website – the popularity of your videos. YouTube allows participate in the affiliate program only if all of your videos have  over 1000 hits. Although the active participants of the affiliate program site voiced and other important criteria: at least 500 subscribers on the channel over 50000 views of the canal and not less than 1000000 views of all the videos on the channel. In addition,the  it is forbidden to post videos that violate the copyrights of others. One-two popular video does not guarantee participation in the affiliate programs of the site. The minimum number of downloaded video channel ’ 50-100.

By the way,  now the creators of the site are seriously considering the idea of creation of pay channels. Pay will channels with a really high quality and relevant video content. The right to set the subscription fee for a YouTube channel will provide by the creators of the channel, so you still have time to come up with an interesting idea for the channel and start shooting popular video. Probably, soon earnings on youtube will be released to a whole new level.

To connect your channel partner program website, you need  a few simple steps:

And what people say on request "reviews on YouTube"?  Some participants of the affiliate program earn their video good money and consider such kind of       earning their main income.

Discover the one secret: more advantages have channels with training videos (make-up, cooking,  fitness, lessons on the programming etc).

Promotion of their  services on YouTube

How else can you make money, except on watching your clips? A more lucrative way of making a profit is the provision of certain services in the network through its website. For example, you are a good blogger, you know how to promote sites or draw a beautiful design for the site. In General – to perform some work better than others in their field (and it is not always necessary). But you are faced with the challenging task of finding new customers for the organization of a really successful business. To find new clients, you can use your own channel on YouTube, where you will advertise their services and to provide free interesting information for everyone. Be sure to paste the link to your site in the description of the movie.

 the Promotion of products on the affiliate programs

Many websites and online shops are very interested in new clients, so they are ready to cooperate with partners – people who will advertise these online stores or certain goods and receive the corresponding remuneration. Earn from affiliate programs is possible in different ways: advertising partners blog or social networks lead newsletter leave advertisement on different forums…But advertising partners on YouTube is much more profitable in all of the plans: to see more people, you can leave comments, etc. do Not necessarily do banal advertising, painting advantages of any product. You cooperate with the Internet-store of clothing? Then remove the clip of the clothing brand, painting advantages and disadvantages of the brand on its behalf. Of course with such advertising earn girls, ladies, but with the share of fantasy everyone can choose your niche and get a good profit with affiliate programs.


Remember, we talked about how to promote your video on YouTube using performers? But you can and do to earn such a way. Unfortunately, this kind of activity  does not give much profit, but on payment of a small accounts (telephone, Internet), or to other pocket expenses earn quite real.

Some foreign sites looking specifically for the performers, ready to work, watching other people's videos. On these sites it is possible to profit from the referrals. One condition for earnings ’ s knowledge of a foreign language.

How much in reality get the author of the unique rollers and the creators of interesting channels? Hard  give a definite answer. Someone years shoots video with no hope of getting profit, and someone puts a "virus" roller and the next day becomes rich and famous. 

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