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How to make money online student without discontinuing study

Many teenagers usually have a lot of free time and would not refuse from additional income. So neudivitelno that modern young generation often questions arise as to how to make money online schoolboy.

 Young age is not a barrier for earnings in the Internet

Just say that the popular "free” ways of earning like to play online casino, spam, read emails, etc. can hardly be treated seriously. And of course you need to beware of offers, from where you require primary financial investments, purchase «the business starter pack» and other murky schemes. Ways of earning such as Forex, also should be deleted, since the result in such currency games unpredictable, and all can navigate the status of international Finance.

Earn real money online can only persons producing a useful product or service. That is what you will be paid by your employers, and not for unnecessary monkey work. The ideal option would be, if you can combine business with pleasure and to do for undermining the fact that corresponds to your inclination. A careful and hard work you will be able to grow into a great specialist or find a permanent decent livelihood.

So, let's consider the main ways how to make money schoolboy on the Internet.

Earnings for beginners

The most popular (and most low-paid) variants of earnings for students are:

• being our referrals, posting, earnings in social networks • Implementation of captcha • View videos, participate in polls

Many of you often visit various thematic forums and social networks. This too can earn a little money. Most often you propose to keep as much as possible substantive comments (in the signature of your nick will be a link to the customer's website). Sometimes posters also hire for promotion of a new information portal, to promote dialogue, discussions and increase attendance. Also you can offer to advertise a particular product or service to your friends, razmeshat another over a network advertising information. To pay you will be for each click on your link.

Accordingly, the more social you are, the more you earn. To earn such kind visit one of the sites, the most popular is In General, a month you can earn about 600 to 1000 rubles. Specialists manimejkingom believe this method is most optimal for beginners, once mastered, you can safely move on to more complex and profitable work.

Enter the captcha and performing simple tasks. Captcha (capcha) used to recognize robots and real users during registration, it ’ s a kind of defense mechanism most sites, torrents of spam. Your task – just type in the special code field in the picture. Do you it will instead webmasters who are interested in registering for the largest possible amount of resources, but to spend time on repetitive work't want. More will introduce more will get. Such income can be obtained by registering on the site and

Another low-cost way to make money – this is the different tasks of the customer. This may be watching videos with ads, participation in advertising polls, etc. to Make real money from these techniques are unlikely to succeed – on average, you can get within 400-500 rubles per month.

Earnings for hardworking

You've probably guessed that the above methods do not promise you a hefty profit and, moreover, did you not develop. So you should consider more interesting options, where to make money schoolboy. The Internet is developing rapidly, daily webmasters requires a wide range of content: information and entertainment articles, product descriptions for online stores that sell texts, news, graphics and so on. Often, to create all this hiring specialist writing: rewriters and copywriters.

Copywriting – this is already the author's text, written on the basis of several sources and personal experience of the author. And the price for such work will also be higher. For rewriting rather General literacy, free orientation in the search engines for finding sources and skill quick print. To copywriting are, as a rule, people with certain literary instincts and inclinations.

From hired copywriter with time you will be able to grow in an excellent journalist, marketing expert, a specialist in public relations. Besides such work significantly expands the horizons and gives new opportunities. About this – below.

 Labour exchange for copywriters

Payment of such work is the higher, the better the product you produce. Typically, the customer pays for the work on the number of characters – from 0.2 to 5 dollars per 1,000 characters without spaces. You and above, if you make a really good and interesting material. The least risky to start a career as a copywriter-reitera with registration on one or more exchanges of freelancing. The most optimal for beginners is the exchange and For more advanced the exchange or other exchange. Over time, gained popularity and collecting material for the portfolio, you can also be accessed in a single voyage.

In addition to writing articles, you can also do translations from foreign sources – customers can be found on the same copywriting and translation. Double use – get money, and improve language.

Earnings for ambitious

If you just want to earn some pocket money without special attachments at the start, then the above methods you can be satisfied. If you are already at a young age dream about own business, reliable, constant and relatively stable source of income – you should think about your own website. Specialists say that this is the most profitable money making opportunity on the Internet to the student.

Such earnings assumes initial investment to buy hosting and domain name. Also, in contrast to the above fastest ways you will not be able to receive the money immediately. The first website you want to create and properly promote – only after that it will start to generate income. But if you could do it, then you will not only continue to receive passive income, but also to sell their skills on creation and promotion of sites for a lot of money.

What are the main ways of earnings on the site? • Context and the teaser ads • the Sale of designated under article • Various partnership programs

 Google Adsense to work with contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the best choice for the young, developing of the site. You pay for the number of clicks, on average, for every click fashionable to get 0,5$. For this advertisement appeared on your site, you need to register in a special systems. Recognized leaders in this sphere are Google Adsense (more loyal to beginners) and Yandex Direct (seriously considering only sites with attendance of more than 300 people per day), as well as the Runner up. The system will automatically select one for you advertisements and pay you the reward. On average, those ads you can earn in a month about 250$.

Teaser ads largely triggered entertainment sites, as it is a set Intrusive pop-up bright image ads. To register for such advertising on the site and no special requirements to the content of the site. Charging a certain amount to your account occurs after 1000 impressions your ad. That is, again it is important to maintain a high attendance of the resource.

The affiliate program. The essence of this way of earning is that you attract your target audience to the site of your partner and get a percentage of the profits from it. Special program assigns you a unique code. With it, the program determines which webmasters come buyers. Once they make a purchase, you receive a specified per cent of the amount paid into your account. It all depends on the attendance of your site, as well as the ability to persuade.

The financial side

And finally, let's talk about the practical side of the issue. Say you, armed with our recommendations, is very successful in a particular way of earnings. A question arises – how to organize the calculation scheme and, quite simply, to get an opportunity to withdraw money? The most popular service in the management of their electronic money at the moment is Webmoney. Its essential advantage is the opportunity to redeem the electronic money. For creating your electronic wallet, you must have identity documents (or their parent).

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