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How to make money online without investment in 2013

Attempts to make money fast on the Internet

 Start earning money online easy

In the modern world became extremely popular idea of earnings at home behind a computer. About this dream of many of those who most part of the week spends at work, hates his chief, and is in traffic on the way to the office. Dreams remain dreams, because to them it seems impossible, because they do not know how to make money online without investment. Invest, tortured hard work, money is unknown at that, of course, very few people will.

Every day more and more people are attempting to squeeze any penny from the world wide web. Very often turns out that they waste time on site, where they won't get paid. For example, spreads more and more this type of Scam paid surveys. It promised good amount of 10 minutes of wasted time and filling in questionnaires. People by nature love to share their opinions and answer questions, therefore, when seeing them for it again and pay a hurry to start this "work". Usually the minimum threshold balance for funds withdrawal is 1500 rubles, which is typed in the week, not less and not paid.

Desire to earn money quickly without attachments clouds the mind of man, and therefore, many working in the Internet for free on the Scam, postpone the case until better times, or even throw permanently. In vain, because many who earn good money online, the first experience was a bad one, and some even lost a decent amount of money. The main thing - do not give up, and look for new ways to earn money, which, in fact, a great many on the Internet. Remember even the sites with paid surveys, there are actually paying. Just not earn much, and it may only be a small additional income.

Part time jobs online for beginners

There are several ways to make money on the Internet, if it is satisfied with little money. Most of all they are suitable for mothers in the decrees, people with disabilities, or students, especially those who are not well versed in the Internet, or do not have the necessary skills to complete the work in it.

The first way is to earnings on systems of active promotion, or the PTC, as they are called. Only need to click on a link, watch sites, register with them, answer questions, and receive a penny for every action. Earn 10 rubles per hour is not difficult, but viruses can be missed, so you should take a good anti-virus. Also, in order earning enough not only for mobile communication, but also, perhaps, to pay for the Internet, you must seek referrals. If the search is successful, and referral network will be a very big income will grow up to 100-200 rubles a day. But in the court of 2013yy year and earn wheelspins lot has not come out clearly.

 Social networks - one of the variants of earning in the Internet

The second version of how to make money fast with no investment is a work in social networks. On the Internet there are always new sites of this type, where are linked with social network accounts, and you can perform tasks such as, for example, put husky, subscribe, add as friend, or to repost. Best of all, if it will be assigned a special profile of each social network, personal otherwise be hammered advertising at all. Also very good, if in possession of a group in Vkontakte, especially with the number of subscribers more than 1000, after all positions in such good sold. On this way you can earn 30 to 100 rubles a day. Much also depends on finding referrals, and their activity.

The third fairly simple way to earn money without investment is posting on the forums. Required only to register and leave posts in the right topics. Exchanges where the issue employ this kind, no, but you can look for employers on the stock exchanges of freelancing. This is the site where sit people who want to work remotely, and employers who need remote workers. In average per 1 post workers receive about 10 cents, or 3 roubles, if not certain of the required number of posts, then they can write and 100-150 per day, spending a 7-10 hours and earning 300-450 rubles.

What specialties you can earn good money on the Internet

Many people know that it is possible to earn good money on the online investment, in particular on the trust management. There is a certain amount of risk, but generally proven traders bring to their depositors about 10% profit per month. However, most people still want to know how to earn money without investment. This may well help again the exchange of freelancing, because sometimes there you can find even a very good job offers. Consider some of the specialty available on the Internet.

Sundry can send letters to various companies and Internet-shops with proposals to lead their group in the social network that is bound to attract clients and customers in the future. The exchanges also you can find a job of this kind, but there is likely to be either offered a lower payment, or someone with lots of experience working for a penny, will overtake you. To receive this can average from 2000 to 5000 rubles a month, the amount depends on the amount and classification. In some groups, you must only post news to moderate the comments and attract users, and some still and every day to fill quality content.

Some companies even hire consultants officially, since it is real, serious work at home, which is well-paid, fairly simple, and for someone very interesting. No special skills are required, in addition to studying of principles of work of the company, or, if this is a shop of the goods and the methods of payment and delivery. Look any way you want, not necessarily the same brush up and dressing office form, once you're at home, you just have a pleasant voice and uninterrupted Internet. Pay online consultants everywhere different, but earn from 5 to 15 thousand per month is possible. The search of such work can be yourself, again sending letters to the owners of websites.

Not so long ago has become a popular service, where you can work remotely officially. Several big advantages of this employer is free schedule of work, unlimited profit that depends on sales volumes of the employee, as well as very interesting specialty (tourism consultant, consultant on crediting, insurance agent). The new employee should be online training proposed in quite neskuchnoy form and find the first customer before the expiration of the probation period. According to many, this is the best service, where to earn money without investment very quickly.

 Types of copywriting. Way to make money on the Internet

One of the most attractive ways to make money on the Internet is copywriting. It is suitable for those who have a good command of the Russian language, able to clearly Express the idea, and quite responsible. You must write articles on a given topic with the specified conditions, to gain experience, to create a portfolio, and earnings on this, beginning with 50 rubles a day can quickly grow to 1000 roubles. Also there is an activity as rewriting. In this case you just need to rewrite the text in your own words, using synonyms, and achieve its uniqueness. This work will be easier for those who are not very well developed imagination, but the presentation in the school was good.

A well-known network marketing

 Diagram of network marketing where you can earn without investment

Everyone has heard about the work of companies such as Avon, Oriflame and Amway, and many were themselves as consultants, or use their products. Now earn good people of any age and gender. Also there is a concept of affiliate marketing is another good option how to make money on the Internet. The main difference from network marketing is the number of levels for which the revenue, as well as the absence of any contributions and seminars. You should only promote products or services of the company, to find clients and buyers, and receive a percentage of the amounts spent by them, either a fixed fee established by the company. Online attract people can only consist in the dissemination of affiliate links with well-written ad tekstom.Partnerskih programs to any taste, there are many, earn on them can be enormous amount!Especially when you are well enough to get into earnings in the network and make your website, which will be a lot of visitors, and then attach the banner ads... it's a start! Even a whole year you will not get to earn a normal amount of online, but if not give up, everything will succeed! Then, perhaps in the future you do not even have to work offline, and the income will bring only your sites and Internet-shops.

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