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How to make money sitting at home

Profitable home business – it is real!  With the Internet making money has become easier and faster, and the maximum income from home business depends on you. How to make money sitting at home behind a computer, doing interesting work in the warmth and comfort of your own apartment? There is nothing easier!  It – to find the right idea and, without losing time to work on the project!

Earnings on online games

This kind of earnings requires almost no investment. Mandatory conditions for profit  – love of the game and to understand all the nuances of a particular toy. There are at least 4 ways quick money on the games.

1. Sale characters – is a pretty popular way to profit with online games. For maximum revenue is best to choose the most " hyped» toys: World Of Tanks, WoW, Lineage II, Arena Ultra, RF Online.

The advantages of earning: you Can spend hours playing the game, not leaving home, and after a couple of months to sell character when his good amount. What is not successful job without investment?   For example, the character level 80 in WoW can be sold for 500 USD

Disadvantages of earnings: Beginners will find it difficult to understand all the nuances toys, hence – to achieve the desired level will have a lot ’Tinker». In this case, it is almost impossible to predict how much time you spend on it ’pumping» your character. Moreover, the sale of game characters are not welcomed by the administration of most games.

2. «Pumping» another character ’ s perfect for those who ’dog ate» some toy knows the game inside out and easily reaches the highest level of character development in the short term. In this case, you services ’pumping» another character, passage of difficult missions, search for rare artifacts, etc. How to make money on the game in the maximum short terms? The best way is to create your own site with an indication of the cost of all services for the development of the character.  Price depends on your skills and the game itself. You can specify the value of your working time (10 dollars per hour, 50 – 5 hours of work and the like), or the price for this or that level.

The advantages of earning: you work on an advance payment and receive your money pleasant pastime in the game. Cool, isn't it?

Disadvantages of earnings: to get good money for the development of strange characters, you must know the game very well, otherwise no one will want to pay  you for the services.

3. Sale of rare artifacts – another way to retrieve  a quick profit. By the way, by selling things  you can earn much more, but this will have to create a website. The demand for games artifacts kept at a very high level, because novice gamers are too lazy to waste time on search of rare weapons, amulets, drugs and other things from the world. The cost of some rare things comes to 2000-3000 USD,but players that don't stop. So why not to play on the enthusiasm of gamers for profit?  most real money  on the sale of rare or simply useful things you can get in WoW and Lineage II.

The advantages of earning: you get much more than when selling or ‘the pumping» character. For business development will need only a web site with the description of goods and services.

Disadvantages of earnings: there can be complications with ‘procurement» artifacts.

4. Resale's exchange – a variation of the previous type of income, only in this case you need to re-sell game currency  user at a lower cost than on the official site. Buy play money for yourself can all players for nothing. Resale's exchange – a good addition to the sale of artifacts and leveling.

What you can earn money in the games, in addition to the above ways? First, there is the official ways of earnings in online games, the developers of toys give players the opportunity to exchange game currency for real money or get a big cash prize.

Earnings in distance learning courses

Education is slowly but surely goes to the Internet. Now to get the necessary knowledge is not necessary to visit boring lecture at the University until morning to learn the exam questions. Knowledge – it is a commodity that people are ready to pay any money. Also, this is a good way to earn money without leaving home.  There are several  options such earnings:

 Sales agent webinars through the Internet

This is the optimal option for the beginners in this sphere of business. The cost of the beginning of work will be approximately $ 30 a month, which includes: payment for Internet access, the cost of telephone calls.  Your job will be to find new customers for the company and transactions. You can call potential clients by phone, organize thematic groups in social networks, at least – to circumvent the company and to communicate with people live. But the last option we will not consider because the essence of the work to be reduced to make money at home.

Now,  based on simple calculations, during the day you can call about 30-40 potential clients, and in the month comes around 700. According to statistics, every third person agrees to order services of the company, so in the month is out  about 20-27 sales.  Payment  per month depending on the number of sales.

The advantages of earning: the development of communicative skills and a good income is a great way to earn money at home, even without going outside.

Disadvantages of earnings: the work is very boring, plus, over time it begins to resemble the work in the office, except that talk on the phone while sitting at home on the couch, and not in the Desk chair.

Now it's time to remember what you do best…Perhaps you are a true master of the game on a guitar, make great pictures or write scripts for short films?  Any knowledge could be sold profitably, if  know some secrets.  Initially for business selling online courses need to create your website and fill it with useful information.  the Second step in the organization of business – the creation of quality  courses. This may be video courses or e-book based on that which is devoted to training.

Practically any information sooner or later finds its buyer. Especially – rare information that is not found in the public domain.  the Price for a self-made tutorials range from 50 to $ 700, depending on the relevance of the information provided. For example, tips on promotion groups in social networks that cannot just be found on the Internet – are very expensive (up to $ 500). The same applies to the information on programming, web design  etc. But the books on the theme “How to find a husband for 10 days” and similar works are estimated much lower.

The advantages of earning: a great way to show your creativity, to love and to receive for it worthy payment. You work as much as you want, make a profit, find like-minded people and gain useful experience. Many professionals earn courses mad money. The main thing – to find a topic that will be of interest to as many potential customers.

Disadvantages of earnings: big time and labor costs. On creation and filling of a site will take a certain amount of time and money, and still need to develop interesting courses, issue information, to promote a site, to find clients and much more.  

Earnings for writers

You my childhood dream was to write novels? You been wondering  what you can earn money with the help of his literary abilities? Variants of earnings for the masters of the pen – just weight:

 Tools copywriter

In principle, this is the easiest way to use writing skills to make a profit. For beginners creative individuals fits the best, because for several years  practice  gain extensive experience in creating of interest to readers of the text, plus, learn a lot.

 the Advantages of earning:  requires no initial investment. The demand for copywriters and rewriters constantly growing, so finding work even at the first stages of the work should have no problems.

Disadvantages of earnings: unfortunately, beginning copywriters do not pay much (50 to 100 USD per month), it is necessary constantly to struggle for profitable orders with more experienced people in Peru, it is difficult to perform a large amount of work without the initial skills.

I advise you not to stop on career copywriter. Once you feel confident – time to go to the higher earnings. For example, different options will be blogging, writing any courses on specific topics, and much more (options – incredibly much, just need to see the best opportunities).

How to make money writer sitting at home, if competition on the stock exchanges of freelancing for orders not attractive? There is an alternative – writing of the student submissions. Careless students regularly delay the deadlines, and at the last moment they are ready to pay any amounts for cherished for evaluation in the record book. For people with good literary skills writing  course and abstracts will not be easy.

True, there are some nuances. First – have a good understanding of the subject. Course on literature – it is one and the diploma in science – quite different. Second – not necessary to work through intermediaries. If you will write works by prior arrangement with the customer ’ s income will be significantly higher. Moreover, the student can always be contacted for details, while working through intermediaries more like "circle”, and the output is dissatisfied customer and lots of edits.  

Customers can search for different ways to advertise in the local paper,  to place ads on social networks, paste ads around the city, to negotiate with students personally. The last method is particularly advantageous, because you'll kill two birds with one stone: will communicate with students live, will razreklamiruete their services and learn about upcoming University jobs (urgent delivery term papers and diplomas, reports  practice and so on).

Write student work – not so difficult. To succeed in this business in addition to knowledge of the topics required: perseverance, ability to quickly detect and analyze information, knowledge of the latest requirements in universities (rules of execution of work, structure, mandatory sections etc). By the way, writing term papers and diplomas can be entrusted to other people and to act as an intermediary. The profit in this case would be much larger.

Advantages of earnings: for the same job, depending on the complexity, deadlines and topics can be obtained from 100 to 500 Euro (taking into account their qualifications, place of residence, level of the University and other important factors of pricing).

Disadvantages of earnings: at first difficult to work with so many new information has to work at night due to the complexity and urgency of the work. Sometimes disgruntled clients who do not know, that wanted to see, but still not satisfied with the result. Particularly sensitive people will have to learn to resist such instances.

 Using a pencil can make a million

A good resume increases the chances to get a job in a few dozen times. The problem is that our people do not know how to write informative and "running" for a job, but they ’creation» more like an extract from the work record book. But you just can assist the hundreds of job seekers  to get a dream job. Services on writing a CV demand  at any time, so – for you it can be a good source of income. Ask for the services provided by the social networks, groups dedicated to finding work, in Newspapers, through a friend, etc. 

The advantages of earning: you do simple work, help people and get money for it. Estimated revenue for the preparation of one summary varies between 5-15 USD a Little?  as additional income will come up.

Disadvantages of earnings:  they are not. Except that, clients may be required to return the money if they are not hired. But that's their problem, you their job done.

For maximum profit, you can expand the range of services and to offer assistance in finding work. It is actual for those who don't have time (and patience) to view the vacancies and distribution CV to the email addresses of potential employers.  All "dirty" the work you do: resume and cover letter, look for suitable for the vacancy requirements, agree with employers, etc.  the Problem your client ’ s time to attend interviews.

Daily on Dating sites are logged hundreds of girls and young people. Some are looking for pleasant communication with the opposite sex, to  just "to kill time”, the others try to find a soul mate. On these sites it is very difficult to estimate really human one glance at the photo and the information in the questionnaire, so beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring women and men remains of  lonely…What they lack? As a rule,  modesty does not allow a person to describe all their virtues, to tell about the Hobbies, etc. But you can help people to find true love.

Filling services profiles on Dating sites and management of accounts are gaining popularity. Especially these services are valued at the international sites where ordinary girl trying to find love in other countries. You can provide services for the filling of personal information that will appeal to potential suitors, or correspondence on behalf of clients. A big plus you will have a good knowledge of English. The cost of such services can range from $ 10 (for the content of the personal information in your profile) to 100 dollar (maintenance of personal correspondence with foreigners).

The advantages of earning: minimum labour and time costs, income depends on the number of orders. Plus, you will help others – and this is very important.

Disadvantages of earnings: you shall tear doubt the honesty of such a way of earnings. You beautifully painted dignity lovely girl, interact on its behalf with men (or Vice versa), and  a real encounter of young people is a terrible mistake…well, your guilt in this,  so don't worry.

Earnings for gardeners

How to earn money sitting at home, if  the work in the Internet seems far away and uninteresting?  and who said that the work on the Internet – the most profitable and promising? The cultivation of plants and fungi, sale of seedlings – variants of business for fans to work “ more than enough. Moreover, some ideas are far more money than successful, at first glance, Internet-projects:

Cultivation and sale of flowers – a very profitable home based business. In stores plants are expensive, but among friends and friends of friends probably will want to buy a beautiful flower to decorate flats.  the Essence of this idea is to cultivation  home of violets. Why  violets? The fact that this is the most unpretentious colors, with them almost no problems. You need to start small flower business? To start – buy seedlings, then – buy pots, moss, soil. It is advisable to read all the available information on the care and breeding of flowers (well, it goes without saying). After 3-4 months the leaves will appear "kids», they need to be transplanted into pots. Within six months, as  the seedlings will turn into dozens of beautiful plants. All, you can start trading flowers.  the Cost of violets depends on the varieties of flower and your ability to sell.

The advantages of earning:  sale of violets can become a successful home business, if you really love flowers and ready to spend time and money on their breeding, care, sales, etc.

Disadvantages of earnings:  big  employment, monetary and time costs. In the opinion of connoisseurs of violets, grow and sell flower can only real fans of data flowers. Those who grow violets solely for money,  customers see from a distance and try to bypass.

Mushroom cultivation for sale – quite profitable home business. However, profit hand in hand comes along with all sorts of risks. In any case, it's not good for budding entrepreneurs afraid of difficulties, while more confident comrades earn good money. The cultivation of oyster mushrooms at home without a large investment and requires much less work than, for example, cultivation of champignon production. 

How to make money sitting at home, growing delicious and healthy mushrooms?  For the beginning of mushroom business need a room, where will grow mushrooms. First you prepare special substrate: a mixture of chopped scrapped, sunflower husk and sawdust. Substrate zaparivaetsya in hot water, and after cooling it is mixed with sowing material and put in a plastic bag. This bag is tied and put on the shelf for 3-4 days, then in a bag made slots (through them will grow mushrooms). The ideal temperature for mushrooms – 18-20 degrees. The room must be maintained good lighting and ventilation. The first harvest of mushrooms appears in a week. You need to remove the first harvest, and bags to leave in the same room.



The advantages of earning:  in  year  expected about 100 kilograms of mushrooms, which later can be implemented with friends, neighbors, shops, and restaurants. Considering the market value of these mushrooms – the advantages of mushroom business become apparent.

Disadvantages of earnings:  those who have long been engaged in the cultivation of mushrooms,  have different opinions about the suitable premises for  the growth of the crop. Many people do not advise to grow mushrooms  right in the apartment and private home because of possible health problems. I advise you to study carefully the advice of experts on this issue, to weigh ’» and «vs» such business.

Remember that a good idea – this is only half the story. Sitting at home, doing nothing and earn huge money from you is unlikely to happen, except that you will create several reliable sources of passive income. But to earn extra money for a comfortable life a good amount of money, doing interesting work – it is quite possible. So what are you waiting for?!

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