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How to make money teenager

Many students find that their family budget is not calculated on the purchase of things or pay for services, not included in the list of  the first necessity». Sometimes, to go to the movies, buy a new bag or buy some very cool sneakers, a schoolboy, to look for a job. The question is how to make money teenager who does not have higher education and work experience? Believe me, it's not as difficult as it seems. Students who are already at the age of 14 are thinking about where to earn money, have all chances to secure a minimum of financial independence, to independently dispose of his money and not to ask parents "ice cream».

Step # 1: estimation of the prospects

 Hard work loader for Teens

Money – this is the first conscious step into the adult life, which is often encouraged by their parents. You already have a passport? Then you can consider yourself quite capable, having the right on employment as a member of society. Unfortunately, not all employers consider candidates from 14 to 16 years, and earnings schoolchildren in most cases is connected with heavy, unskilled, monotonous work. And, nevertheless, some employers are genuinely happy to applicants aged 14 to 18 years. As a rule, students and mladshekursniki still not confident, do not expose the claims to the employer and agree on a meagre salaries.

If you are not yet 18 years old, but you are determined to find a job, consider the following. When and how to make money student – it is not one, but two of the questions. Note that making money is better in the summer, without being distracted from their studies. There is a school creates the base for future development, and once your career success may depend on your education. You should not rush to earnings of money and forget about study – how to know what happen to a couple of years? Try not to consider a job as a long-term development strategy. Remember that it ’ s only a temporary way out of the situation.

Where do I find a part time job for the summer and after-school? Look around – Newspapers, the Internet, your friends and relatives… it ’ sources of information to help you find a job. Review news sites or newspaper columns with ads on temporary work – they are sure to tell you some interesting vacancies. As a rule, boys and girls aged 14-18 can respond to the declarations about the search for the courier, a seller or a promoter. Most often, this information is placed at street stands, in free Newspapers or in the urban sites.

Go to the employment – for example, the youth labor exchange. Who will know how fast make money teen, better workers such exchanges? Lately youth employment services are developing by leaps and bounds, providing worthy competition "adult" centers of employment. Of course, the exchange of labour is unlikely to offer you a well paid job, but tell interesting job positions – for example, vacancies consultants, telephone operators and couriers, and promoters.

 Little money but on the small consumption is enough

Note the good jobs on the labor market very quickly exit, so if you are looking for a summer job, go to the employment before the beginning of the holidays.

Another way to find a job – to appeal to a senior friends or parents. Perhaps someone from friends or relatives there vacancy which seems interesting to you. Moreover, the parents will appreciate your zeal will remember your wishes and as soon as they will have more options, you will learn about them "first-hand". Maybe you even "hoard» vacancy.

Step # 3: age assessment vacancies

If you barely ispol'nilos'14 years, then first you will have to enlist the support of parents and their consent to your employment. In another case, the employer will not be able to conclude a civil law and labor contract. So, suppose you have received the consent of the parents, and always in written form. As for kids to earn money and not "damn" studies? You can get a job raskleyschikom ads, promoter or with a courier. Your job is legislatively limited – you will have a total of 24 labor hours per week. But do not think that it is not enough! Raskleyschiki ads and couriers are constantly moving, and by the end of the training-working day you are so tired that rejoice possibilities finally relax.

If you already 15 years, written permission from parents, you do not need. You can find a promoter or flaerschikom, but remember that distribution of leaflets implies a constant walking and ability to smile every time (you have to entice clients in the club/shop/supermarket, not scare them his gloomy view!) Boys 15 years can work safely installing software on a computer "client" (provided that they can handle it). Students can earn money sellers – ice-cream, balloons, hot dogs, or various eatables in casinos like "McDonald's".

 Looking for a job in Internet

If you are 16, you are entitled to work 35 hours per week and qualify for more various positions. For example, you can get a place Secretary (true when the ability to quickly print), a waiter, assistant or a telephone operator.

Step 4: take initiative

If you don't want to take up formal employment, but are you ready to work, think about the little "business". If you know of any school subject (foreign languages, physics, chemistry, mathematics), advertise the availability of different tutoring services. For example, knowledge of foreign languages will make your assistance indispensable for the lagging pupils or primary school students. Ask for modest remuneration sit with the neighbor's child ’ or place an ad on behalf of potential "Babysitting" for the child 2-5 years. Of course, you need to be sure that you can find a common language with the child, otherwise his parents quickly abandon your services. Best "nannies" are girls from 14 to 18 years who have younger brothers and sisters. Also the girls not forget about the distribution of cosmetics – many ladies managed to make the distribution of cosmetics their main source of income. Young men from 14 till 18 years can offer neighbors services such as washing cars, cleaning of household plots and conducting "gardening». Remember that the main thing – take the initiative, and then you will not run out of earnings!

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