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Illegal earnings

To have large sum of money want almost all people. To get a "big" money can be either legal (legal)or illegal (irregular) way. On legal methods of earnings is spent, as a rule, not one year, in addition, for large earnings required considerable amounts of investment, and so on, But I want to learn how to earn money faster and not to pay taxes? One answer – it is illegal earnings. In connection with the fact that we live in the information age, you can subdivide all kinds of illegal earnings on the: online and offline.

Illegal earnings outside of the Internet

 Corrupt industry safety in Russia

To earn illegally outside of the Internet, you need to have power, i.e. to become a Deputy or official. Wages of these groups are significant, but is still not sufficient for the purchase of those goods, which have to date deputies: expensive cars, luxury mansions and country estates, real estate, rent and so on, Where do such income? Of the illegal proceeds.

The ways of illegal earnings carefully concealed from the public. Schemes of illegal earnings officials based on their official position, as they are responsible for taking some important decisions in our country in the framework of their powers.

Earn illegally with the help of gambling and by conducting criminal activities. Gambling – it fast illegal earnings, however, such options illegal earnings risky and, as a rule, engaged in such activities people do not have time to enjoy the money.

Less risky today are illegal ways to earn with the help of the Internet. Work in the Internet can be primary or secondary. It all depends on the availability of free time and desire to earn. The income from work in the Internet virtual paid in cash, which are then displayed on the banking card and cashed. In our country at this stage there is no legislation that would be imposed money by taxes, so in the Internet address rather large amount of money.

Illegal ways of earnings in the Internet:

 Implementation of non-existent goods: digital drugs

1. Implementation of non-existent goods. This type of income is the sale of audio drug phones CT scans, etc., On such goods are in demand, and we all know that demand creates supply. Non-existent articles detailing, advertised, created bogus reviews of people who have used these products.

2. Internet extortion. Extortion is based on the lack of computer literacy of most people. Running the computer the average user is simply blocked. The screen displayed a banner from which one can receive information about further actions. The owner of the computer is recommended to transfer a certain amount specified in the banner details. For the money transfer is sent, as a rule, the deactivation code blocking software. On such banners in our time make millions.

3. Extortion by using the encrypting user data with a special virus. The decryption require a certain amount of money.

4. Sale of keys and crack-cracking software.

5. Sale of users ' personal data, in particular: passwords, logins, accounts, banking cards, pin codes, credit card and so on

6. Another illegal earnings on the Internet - sale of computer viruses, as well as their development and repacking.

 The scheme of delivery of the botnet to rent

7. Selling pirated software and stolen electronic documents.

8. The creation, distribution, sale of sites with pornographic content on the Internet.

9. Hacking under the order of the servers.

10. The destruction of data for specific users.

11. Breaking mailbox and spam advertising.

12. Surrender botnet to rent, the creation of such " zombie» networks.

From all the above ways of illegal earnings are the most common is carding. As a result of carding operation is performed with a Bank card or its requisites, of course, without confirmation, and initialize its legal owner. Details of Bank cards can be removed from the hacked servers online stores, of any payment system or directly from a personal computer using a special remote control software (Trojan or worm).

The most frequently used option theft non strange plastic card is called " phishing». For this kind of illegal earnings is a site that looks copies using the users of the special confidence of the resource. For example, it may be a copy of the website of all known Bank, etc. Through this site and learned the details of a plastic card of the user.

 Phishing theft non strange plastic card

Fast illegal earnings: important details

To make illegal money online quickly began to bear fruit, you must create multiple systems. The specificity of illegal earnings is that every one of its variants is always on the verge of exposure, so for stable income, you must insure multiple operating schemes simultaneously.

Let's consider several examples of such schemes:

1. A one-day site. The site is created, consisting of only 2-3 pages. On the pages of this website is written enticing text able to convince the visitor to earn large sums of money by transferring a certain sum to the account of the Creator of the site. Real - world example, «Golden purses». Despite the ambiguity of such schemes, the people believe, and the creators of these sites very well earn today.

2. Illegal sales. Everyone should be familiar scheme of earnings on a referral link. There are projects, possibility of earnings for clicks with the involvement of referrals. Such workers are willing to buy and other users. High activity at buy referral for a good price. You can bring the level of activity referral "special». This is all the illegality of such sales.

3. The proposal on creating websites, writing articles, promotion projects. Good to advertise their services so-called "experienced specialist", to take from the client to the maximum, and to do the work is minimal. The result, for example, promotion of sites will be visible immediately, but only after 2-3 months, and the funds will receive immediately.

 Statistics DDoS attacks

4. Create different pyramids. Internet-pyramid in something similar to the well-known "MMM». This way of earning remains very profitable. The name of the pyramids changed, and a description of the nature of earnings, but the scheme upon closer examination remains the same.

The answer to the question: " How to make money fast illegally?&", which is quite a working arrangement, which bypasses the principles of morality and ethics, but brings high income. Such earnings or not - need to solve each independently. Illegal ways of earning often expose and need to come up with something new based on the old scheme. If you have creative thinking, willing to take a chance, why not?

All information contained in this article are solely for information purposes, to ensure that you do not appear in the network intruders and not accidentally become themselves outside the law.

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