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Income at home: how to be free

Nowadays, many do not know firsthand that income at home – this is not a myth, and not a fairy tale, but a real way to provide themselves with an additional income or even the main, source of Finance. View of such earnings depends on what you do. In some cases, work at home may be related to your hobby (for example, needlework), but you can provide themselves with work, even if not friends with batik, and not able to work with acrylic and do not know how to handle plastic. I assure you, work at home thanks to the Internet turns into a fun things – if you know in advance where to put your strength to get from their ploys maximum monetary returns. Let's consider the main ways to earn money at home   the examples, figures, and two-three tips. Maybe my experience will help you not only save time and resources, but also to increase their earnings.

Income at home for craftswomen

 Example of work needlewomen

The first way to make money at home, which I will offer you – the manufacture and sale of Handicrafts. Social networks are a unique platform for advertising, and if your crafts are good enough to find customers will be easy. Simply create a group, write a small accompanying text and place pictures of her needlework. Many girls and women can not resist the temptation and abandon some beautiful things (for example, earrings or bracelets handmade), and men will receive in your face is a good adviser and a good witch, which will help them to choose a gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother or superintendent.

Unfortunately, I have not had chance to try this type of home part time job, because I can not boast any "handicraft» talents. However, I am familiar with two wonderful ladies, whose hobby was their main source of permanent income. One of my friends is a successful manufacturer of jewelry of semi-precious stones and Thai silver – it buys stones and accessories, then, being guided solely by their imagination and sense of style, creates unique jewelry. Its advertising platform – personal group Vkontakte where my friend puts pictures of their ornaments. If you want to follow her example, try to find reliable suppliers of accessories and stones, and your first clients become friends and acquaintances. Experience shows that these handmade jewelry are sold for the sum from 500 up 3 000 roubles for the complete set.

My second friend was a successful manufacturer of jewelry made of plastic. The question is how to earn money at home, if you also have basic skills sculpting and painting? For a start, show your creativity! Learn how to work with plastic – case a couple of months. Of course, you have to spend on the purchase of materials for creativity, but your taste will help you make the ornaments are unique and in demand. Communicate with pokupatel'nicami, learn their opinion and often make inquiries on his page on the social network, as the only way you can know, on what decorations are in demand and what you should be abandoned.

Income at home without money investments

 Perhaps earn a copywriter

If you do not have rukodel'nich'imi talents, or can't spend a large amount of money for the purchase of stones / plastic / acrylic or any other art materials, you should find another source of income. If you are looking for a way to earn money at home without any cash injections, refer to the help the Internet. I have tried many methods such earnings – from a part-time job web designer to kopirayterstva, rerayterstva and authorship of articles.

Read the announcements at the specialized labour exchanges. Think of what you could work at home: the author of scientific or creative articles, designer, programmer, developer sites, desktop publisher, content-Manager? And maybe you get a good translator, proofreader, a system administrator or even moderator comments on the forums? Don't be afraid sites offer their services. It is important to find only the first client, but in the future you will be in the hands of the examples of works, therefore you will not come with  the empty hands", but with concrete proposals, and pricing on the results of their labor.

My first income at home without any investment, who brought a truly substantial income was associated with writing content for the Internet-resources. Sample pricing kopirayterskih services – 10 to 40 rubles per 1 000 characters of your text (account no spaces). As shown by my personal experience, by the time the number of characters written per day, you can bring up to 20 thousand, and work through the Internet-exchange gives you the unique opportunity to work with many of the topics and learn a lot of new, useful in life.

Important point: earnings at home via the Internet is possible only if you allow a technique to pay for your labors. To save received from customers funds, you may need a virtual wallet. This will greatly facilitate the transfer and receipt "e" earnings, so select a suitable service of Internet-payments (for example, use a notorious Webmoney), and register a personal account. Webmoney good simple, intuitive interface, a short registration procedure and the presence of a thorough video - and photo-guidelines for handling electronic purse.

How to make money on clicks?

 Example earnings for clicks

Real work at home is possible even if you do not feel confident enough creative potential for the work of the designer, copywriter or content Manager. Earnings for clicks will allow you to try their strength on the expanses of the Internet and make money from scratch, without the prior investment. To earn their first money, you have to search the so-called klikovogo sponsor ’ s just below I'll give you proven tools for earnings for clicks.

So what should you do to the earnings in the Internet at home has become possible? You must register on the website klikovogo sponsor, then you can go to the advertised sites. In some cases, you need to open the letter and navigate to links on a web page, thereby increasing their attendance. Yes, that is what you will pay! To increase your earnings, you can use the job from such sponsors, with whom you familiar employers ' web sites. As one of the most reliable services, paying your clicks, I will offer WMmail – mailing lists service, which firmly holds the title of the best Russian-language Internet resource for working with clicks. Just register on WMmail and provide a reliable additional income at home. Of course, wages are low ($3-4 per day), but because the work is simple. Earnings on the Internet surfing, jobs, and the clicks are unlikely to be for you a constant source of money, but help them earn a small "start-up capital». Be creative and remember that your financial security solely depends on your willingness to work – and it is not important whether it be working in the office or at home!

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