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Instruments providing earnings in Vkontakte

Now every third inhabitant of the Earth has a presence on social networks. For many this is a convenient way to communicate with friends, share photos, get connected, share news. One of the most popular is the social network Vkontakte. Now this site is aimed at a target audience so that every user in a couple of hours a day wasted spend time at the computer, browsing useless advertising links, articles, and so on. This time, everyone can make use of, just want to. Earnings in Vkontakte – this is what will be discussed later.

Constantly growing popularity of different social networks has resulted in the CIS appeared a huge number of ways to monetize them. Own profitable business Vkontakte can create almost everyone. For this purpose, first of all, decide what you want – to make, earn or make a little money. The difference of these concepts is significant enough, but you have to choose what to give priority because the difference can be manifested in social status, age, number of free time. There are different ways of earning money on the Internet using social networks Vkontakte, for example, you can earn on public pages, groups.

The trend of earnings Vkontakte in Russia

Among those earning social networks is not decided who will spread kind of salaries receives. Only the chosen know the answer to this question. Specially for beginners who want to learn how to earn Vkontakte, hold special seminars and webinars that can be paid or free. In this case we consider a certain type of online marketing, and many have already succeeded in this sphere. There is no sense to devote much time to the stories about the number of public pages and groups in Vkontakte. It is a full system worthy to connect if you want to get in contact. Thus, if you are interested in earning in the Internet, you should consider the following options.

How to make money in the system Blogun with Vkontakte

 The System Blogun

This way of earnings considered to be the most profitable. It is enough to register in the system Blogun and start using the supplied you with the tools for effective advertising.

More recently, the exchange of advertising and posting reviews, which is known to all webmasters and bloggers were allowed to work in the system only those blogs that have their own hosting or a paid Livejournal account. Recently the system was upgraded and have changed some rules, which are now permitted to operate in Blogun owners hyped accounts Vkontakte.

The essence of earnings in this case consists in placing a user-written reviews, posts or articles in publications. Such work is considered to be quite profitable and simple. In the Blogun accepted accounts Vkontakte that have over one hundred entries on the wall and more than a hundred people in my friends. The untwisted account affects the number of orders that will be sent to you and, consequently, on your earnings.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 rubles. Payment is carried out during the period from five to seven days. Thus, the system charges a fee at the rate of fifteen percent.

Earnings Vkontakte using personal pages

Quick money on the Internet are interested in virtually everyone. In this case, you should register your userpage in question social network and to get a huge number of friends. The more you will have friends, the better for future earnings, because some advertisers can give a paid job for the user who has the most friends. This may be the job of type "friends"when a post is published on the page for General viewing by other users. In this case all you need – this is to enter into appropriate groups where can pay from 10 kopecks to the ruble. You can also put the huskies, join games and applications, to tell something to your friends.

Below is a list of servers that can be used as advertising for private groups in Vkontakte, its customers, or for other activities. Also, these services can be used for referrals. 

Acquisition of income in social networks using system VKLike

The system VKLike is yet another way of earning Vkontakte. The service is relatively new, but the trend toward the development of quite promising. In this case, the actual earnings due likes subscriptions page, add friends, and the placement of certain information. Such income does not requires special skills and knowledge. You will enjoy this system, if you are just starting to build your own business online.

An additional advantage is the absence of the minimum withdrawal amounts, payment can be carried out during the five to seven working days, the system will charge a fee at the rate of fifteen percent.

Earnings through the system Forumok

Extra money in your free time many people are interested in is a great way system Forumok. In this case the essence of the work is to perform certain types of jobs – this can be Laika, hosting, adding friends, subscriptions page. The considered system is stable, always timely pays ordered earnings. To withdraw money enough to earn three dollars and the system will be able to make payments for the period from one to five days. An additional advantage is that the system does not charge any commissions.

Work in the system Socialtools

 Socialtools - tools for earnings on SOC. networks

Dignity of service Socialtools are the simplicity of use, efficiency and the absence of a fee.

In this case we are dealing with the most pleasant to work in the online affiliate program. The size of the salary payment is very low and is only fifteen roubles.

Can be recommended to consider this service as one of the most reliable, convenient and profitable variants of earnings Myspace and other social networks. Payment can be carried out during the period from five to seven days, while the Commission is completely absent.

Profit groups and a public page

In this case, advanced users are recommended not to create groups, namely the public pages, because they are much easier to promote. When making public have the ability to hide the owner. So, earnings on the community begins with his promotion. There are certain services that help to find advertisers conducive to the emergence of publications and promotional posts. It can be services like v-klike or sociate.

Of course you can use and own forces to search for advertisers or earn community by means of other methods, for example, with the help of affiliate programs, advertising products affiliate links, sale of the books in the Internet-stores. If you are seriously interested in earnings in social networks through the creation of the public, it is worth considering in more detail the scheme of this method.

Earnings in the system Carafano on the huskies Vkontakte

 Earnings likes: Carafano

Earnings in the social network with the help of this service is now more convenient, affordable and effective. Most Carafano suitable for beginners participants to online marketing.

Carafano is considered by the exchange guerrilla marketing, as you can guess from its name, which comes from the term " word of mouth. In General, the salary here is suitable for beginners. The salary of the user gets what puts the " likes " on the pages of the advertiser, shall enter into groups or subscribes to the page. Because the work is not complicated, earnings too small.

For everyone like you can earn ten cents, and for subscription page – ruble. In total, during the day it's really possible to earn from a hundred to a hundred and twenty roubles, if working with mind and try. Of course, the amount is small, but for the beginner it is enough.

To withdraw money, you must earn a minimum amount of 300 rubles. Payment is carried out over a period from seven to ten days, however, the system charges a fee in the amount of thirty percent.

The revenue structure Vkontakte on the public

On the one hand there is the owner of the public, that is the webmaster who wants to make a profit. On the other hand there are the so-called offer – it is the owner of the service, online games or online store, which seeks to sell their goods to attract customers for its services or for the game. For the sake of this offer is ready to give the portion of the profits from the deal to someone who can help him to attract clients. To this end, it creates affiliate program that logs webmaster and receives a referral link for further promotion of the goods in his Vkontakte group. Each transition to posted the link is registered and webmaster receives remuneration for each useful user action, which it passed. For productive action, depending on the case, may be considered a check in the game, goods purchase and so on. The beneficial effect is called leads.

The scheme with a mediator implies the participation of three parties – webmaster, offer and mediator. As the last speaker Playground, which in one place can collect and webmasters or offers. This scheme has many advantages, one of which is a wide choice of offers. Can one register at the service of mediation and in the future according to your own preferences to choose offers that in your account are listed information about each Lida and remuneration, conditions of concluding the transaction for each offer, detailed statistics disabilities and transitions for each offer. Another advantage is that the withdrawal of money earned can be done in one place. Novice users can register for such services as AD1 or social-leads as webmasters to choose for themselves offer and gain a unique link for profit at the expense of their own public. There is one unique interesting service, which will help you make Vkontakte. More in detail about it you can learn from the following video

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