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Make money online without investment is not so difficult as long

How to make money online – a methodology honed in practice

 All sorts of ways of earnings in the Internet

Some people spend a lot of time on the Internet, often thinking about how to make money online and not wasting their time. After that, they probably start looking for information on this topic. And in most cases stumble on a kopek income, or on any divorce. And in this article I want to tell you about some of the ways is earning in Internet, as well as how to reduce the risk to fall into the trap to the fraudsters.

How to make money online and not to fall for the tricks of swindlers

In the world wide web there is a lot of hype that has a purpose: to lure you as much money or steal personal data. For example, to personal information I'll get the password from the e-mail. If you hack your mailbox, then surely there will be information about other resources, on which you are registered. Therefore:

1. When registering do not specify the same password that is installed on your mailbox. I understand that it is difficult to remember all of the data. But it is more secure.

2. Do not gamble, there, you'll earn nothing! Do you think that developers have created all these games for the sake of just giving out money? The main goal of such projects in 60 cases out of 100 people lost their money.

3. Financial pyramids, deposits at interest – this is also a Scam. As practice shows, sooner or later the pyramid collapses. And as for deposits, many sites will initially pay interest and gaining a reputation. Then at one point, closed, and nothing to pay. Deposits can only be stored in real banks, after registration of the contract. Those who seek how to earn money online quickly and without attachments, and tighten similar projects.

 Do not believe the financial pyramids

4. Advertising for quick money. Easy money in the Internet at first no one will get. If you see "earn$ 1000 per month from home" or a similar message, it immediately can be considered a deception.

5. Other methods of fraud. All kinds of Scam are difficult to enumerate. A few years ago was such a deception: send some money for the specified wallet and get 2 more from outgoing account. Do this can I trust? Of course not! More importantly have a head on your shoulders in advance to think about their actions and talk to whom and what is beneficial.

How to choose the occupation online like

Now you have some idea about scams and only remains to find the way of earnings. The Internet currently is not just a source of necessary information, the way of communication or a place where they can meet strangers, but a growing network of business and advertisement. Information moves humanity, and the Internet is the basis of the directed motion. It is difficult to imagine a company in modern society, which has its Internet portal or web site. So the question is - how to earn money online set themselves not only simple users but also large business network for which the Internet – a new step to increase revenue.

However, in addition to the vast amount of advertising, the world wide web is full of other activities, which can make absolutely any person, and, most importantly, no matter what education is and whether the diploma. Most importantly diligence and an active desire to make a happy life.

Earnings in the network to pay for the services of the provider and small personal needs

Before you choose the right ways to make money on the Internet, we strongly recommend to have a virtual wallet in the system of Internet-payments Webmoney. It appreciated the best service of electronic transactions, and the easiest way. It is Webmoney will be transferred money earned on the net. Register in such a system can absolutely everyone, respectively, no one drives into the legal age.

The Internet offers a huge range of services and, therefore, there is work for everyone. However, split the earnings in network invisible face – through the site without it. Of course, when you are just starting to use the Internet, you barely know how to register on any contention about the creation of a site of speech and even can not go, respectively, you first have to get used to the money without a website and without attachment. In the future, when you gain enough experience and skills, you rasstelit'sya way to income that you build with your hands ’ s Internet site.

 Earn money by reading emails

Usually, the easiest way to earn a penny – the postal sponsors. Personally, I can't name the different cliques and reading emails – earnings. This self-indulgence and a waste of precious time that can be used in more profitable purposes. For example, to register on the exchange of unique content and write articles for sale. To “self-fulfilling” a few dollars – will take a month! And if you write the article, during this time, you can earn one ten bucks.

From my experience, I tell you that the lyrics are much more interesting than the view unnecessary advertisement for a penny. Besides, with a couple of hours a day, a beginner is quite realistic level of$ 30-50 a month. And printing good articles, you can earn even more. One word, this is called "copywriting». Doing copywriting, you will be able to make a serious and forever decide the question - how to earn money through Internet.

Copywriter can be anyone. Besides you can write as under the order, and in a free market, on any subject. Buy articles web-wizards for their websites. Using the content they make their resource of interesting and relevant. Therefore, all articles must be unique and printed by you. The cost of your papers considered at a price per 1000 characters are all symbols except the spaces).

Beginners usually a small price, 40-60 cents per 1Kzn. The more professional copywriters from 1.5- $ 2 and above. We recommend you to choose the exchange TEXTSALE, since it has a simple interface, and it is great for beginners. Print your creative thoughts advise MS WORD. It will highlight the mistakes made and will show the number of typed characters.

Ways to earn without investment

If you really have decided I want to earn money online, then start with these methods of earnings. Thus, we obtain the following ways to earn money online without a website:

1. Clicks – this is an incredibly easy-to-learn method first profit. The idea of such earnings is viewed different advertising on websites. By the way, less than a job, you need to make the clicks, the less you will receive. Very routine way to earn money that pass is required.

 Kopirayterstvo - a reliable way of earnings in the network

2. Copywriter or rerayter – this profession is related to writing articles for the filling of sites of any theme. Knowledge of grammar and literature welcomed, in fact you will be easier to write texts.

3. Social network – earnings to perform various tasks, for example, put "like" or write a message on a specific topic in a group, create imaginary activity, the new branch on the forum, invite new members. For those who like active hang out in myspace, Facebook or Twitter.

4. Surveys – mandatory type of earnings, because companies need to listen to the opinion of ordinary users about their product. For a simple survey can get up to 150 roubles, depending on the brand and number of questions. To get a high return register immediately on the maximum number of questionnaires and wait for work.

Ways to make money online with an investment of personal funds

 Reward scheme with your website

With regard to earnings with attachments. The first is the creation of a site, opening the Internet of shop. If you even know how to build web-resources, then you will still need to invest in domain registration, payment of web hosting, promotion. Having a website, you have a lot of opportunities to profit.

The most popular way to monetize resource – advertising on one of the pages. That is, you look for the advertiser, it pays you money and gives a banner or a link that you post on your site. But this is not enough for a good income. Many still selling links through the system SAPE, or set the unit of contextual advertising from TAK or

Some manage to participate in affiliate programs. Program – this is when you invite someone to something, and get a certain percent from the sum of the purchased goods or services of your referral. For example, you participate in the affiliate program online store. You are given a link that you must invite customers. You post it on your website. When it enters the buyer, you get a % of the amount spent this man. But it is better to advertise services such as hosting. If the store to make a purchase 1-2 times, the service will be paid monthly. You still don't know how to make money online? Then read this article further.

In addition there are resources that are created for accommodation of interesting files in the public domain (movies, courses, music, trainings etc). You can download them from TurboBit or Letitbit, and receive payment for downloading. Surely you've been in one of the sites where I had to wait 20-60 seconds , while they view lot of advertising to download the archive. Pay anywhere from 2 to 30 dollars for 1000 downloads.

“Work” ways to monetize your web resource?

1. Teasers – the main idea of earnings is similar with contextual advertising, but instead of the links you place on the site banner. Money obtained from clicks on the banner, as well as in the first case. By the way, place teasers not be absolutely easy enough to get the code of service, offering services of advertising, and place it on your site.

2. Contextual advertising – a special method of attracting users to goods and services, for a qualitative increase in the number of buyers of the goods advertisers practice placement of ads on various websites. If you are the site owner, using advertising, you will get paid for every click advertising. Accordingly, the higher the popularity of the resource, the higher the earnings opportunity.

3. Selling links ’ s earnings for advertisers whose sites have high credibility resources – TIC. The meaning is placing on its website links to other sites. Advertisers are ready to pay for it, as this is the easiest way to improve positions in search results. If your resource is promoted, this is a great way to earn big money.

4. Affiliate programs – the special cooperation, which is with an online store. The point is to attract new users who buy a product through your link, and you, in turn, will receive a percentage of each transaction. Earnings directly depends on the number of people who purchased the product through your link.

5. File sharing – special servers with file sharing. The most famous – the Deposit Files and LetitBit. The essence of earnings is in the downloading of files on the host and the links to download relevant to this field. When a thousand unique downloads you can get more profit.

That will help you make money online tidy sum with zeros?

"How to earn money via Internet?    this is the same question that I made. If any way you find yourself struggling, don't be upset, navigate to another, and after, with new forces, return and finish the job. Internet – this is the place, where absolutely everyone can become famous, because it depends on you earnings and further welfare. So the opportunities are many.

Most importantly, have good ideas and be able to achieve its goal. If you said to yourself - I want to earn money online, then, and follow his words. Aspire to a large earnings by starting small, and you will reach the heights of businessmen. Don't stop for nothing and do not be lazy, the future is yours. Your success is guaranteed!

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