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Manuals on how to become rich video, audio and books

To become rich, famous, and free – it's a dream of every person on the planet?! Dreams – dreams, but under a lying stone no water flow, and  for  the big money will have to work hard. Everyone knows that the most profitable way to make money – opening your own business. Unfortunately, many budding entrepreneurs thrown business halfway. Someone does not have enough will power to someone ’ s experience, other ’ s knowledge. And only few people who are not afraid to take risks and develop themselves, can achieve a truly amazing results. Introducing the unique books about how to become rich: videos, books, and movies from the famous business guru past and  the present. These benefits – short way to the cherished secrets of business, leadership, management and new business ideas.

Books about wealth from the masters of business

At all times, the knowledge was worth its weight in gold. Information bought for a lot of money, it was mined sweat and blood of trial and error. All the famous  businessmen of the past and present, once started from the bottom (with a few exceptions millionaires by birth). They know the value of knowledge and, despite this, is not afraid to share results of many-year experience of doing business with them. Gain knowledge on business, management and leadership of the successful persons ’ s the most reliable way to avoid many common mistakes on the way to  financial independence and well-deserved authority.  What books are to be read in a mandatory manner? There are several of the best books of all times, which may be one step closer to the dream of wealth and self-realization:

The genius of business – Donald trump, not heard unless the completely cut off from civilization man. This is a legendary figure in the world of business, a charismatic leader, President of the largest construction company in America, talented producer…to List all the advantages of this person for a long time, but at the moment we are more interested in his book – “How to become rich».  Donald trump: how to become rich  is not just a tutorial for beginners in business, and invaluable experience billionaire gained over decades of  hard work.  trump shares the secrets of success correct approach to the work, advises how to choose how to motivate employees and supporters achieve better results.

Also billionaire tells how to invest money, negotiations, to use every chance to succeed, etc. are autobiographical book, full of personal details of the successes and failures of the famous billionaire. Every beginner and even for an experienced entrepreneur does not hurt to read this manual in order to avoid some mistakes in relation to a case or their employees.

Some books leave so deep an impression that sit on one place is simply impossible: I want to immediately implement disturbing imagination plans in life. The book “Think and become rich” (“Think and grow rich” – undoubtedly, is among the greatest works of the wealth and business. Besides, it is one of the best selling books in the world, written by  the legislator «fashion» literature about self-help – Napoleon hill.  

The main idea of the book is simple as two and two: it is necessary not just to work hard – but to work effectively, using the ability of the brain to the maximum.  In his time, Napoleon hill conducted a survey of the most prominent businessmen, to get the perfect law of success.  the Result of years of work and communication with the giants of the business imprisoned in one book. There are plenty of simple examples, practical advice, inspirational stories and exciting ideas.   Think and grow rich» - Handbook of successful entrepreneurs. Even if you read a book, read a piece again – never hurts. Perhaps,  something you'll see in a new light, something – want to take. In any case, this book is inspiring and reassuring to a bright future.  

Book impresses, inspires and gives impetus to real actions for the attainment of wealth. Trouble is most motivational books is that they don't give practical tips on attracting money and represent a blank philosophizing about the nature of wealth and success. The work, on the contrary, deprived of every mudrstvovaniy on this topic. Here are the practical methods of achieving financial independence. Wallace Uotlz tells about the methods of effective thinking and error poor people, about finding good ideas for business and use your hidden abilities.  in addition, the author constantly repeats that it is impossible to achieve success odd way, do's  learn gratitude. Faith, will and gratitude, intent, correct thinking – this is the first and fundamental keys to wealth, both material and spiritual.  the Science of getting rich by Wallace Uotlz – a very useful reading for all who are tired to live the life of the average man, who wants to achieve maximum and become realize all ideas into reality.

Motivational seminars and  video trenigi

Video training from leading businessmen and psychologists – is a simple, affordable, and most importantly – free way to gain valuable knowledge from the comfort of home. Many businessmen are ready to pay any money for the sake of self-improvement, because all expenses are quickly compensated.  Any books about how to get rich: the movie, training or video lecture will take another look at your life, to reconsider some of the actions and even change the style of thinking to maximize your results.

Natalia grace  - known business trainer, psychologist and author of motivational literature. Natalia conducts trainings, gives personal psychological consultations, acts as a personal coach. It specializes in raising assertivnosti (interaction with other people)  and self-assessment helps determine the life destination, choose a profession, to achieve success in life, to change attitude to money and change negative life scenario. Books about how to get rich today: video and audio lectures Natalia grace  it is recommended to study every beginner businessman.

Brian Tracy – a successful author of books, leading seminars and audio on the subject of business, leadership and self-realization. Since 1981, he released motivational books, creates video and audio programs aimed at active assistance to people who want to achieve something greater. Books and lectures Brian Tracy – is an inexhaustible source of internal motivation and energy. Tracy knows how to inspire, encourage, and change the negative attitude on the positive intention to become successful. Also we recommend to read the book "the Achievement of the maximum» or any other statement of work of an author, and from time to time  do not forget to re-read the key points. To raise the morale helps just fine.

Bodo Sheferyavlyaetsya one of the most successful business consultants. In Europe. He writes books, holds seminars in all countries of the world, where teaches  all comers techniques and proper planning, setting goals and  effective thinking. If you are wondering how to quickly  become rich, that works, and webinars Bodo Schaefer must be looked into.

A distinctive feature of seminars and books Schaefer is it the idea that money alone cannot make man happy. The rich man who uses the money to help others – becomes richer and happier doubly. Schaefer was trying to avoid the empty reasoning  of the great sides of wealth, concentrating the attention of listeners and readers on practical knowledge, experience businessmen and useful tips about doing business and the sound planning of his time.

Movies about the wealth and the business

How many times have you said to yourself, "I want to become rich!"but beyond a mere dream why not go? Perhaps you lack motivation and willpower? By the way, the power will always appear there, where there is an intention, objective and the motive of the activity. Movies though and cannot be considered as textbooks on business and leadership, but they help to look at life from a different angle.

We recommend interesting motivational and just informative films about the world of business:

 Charge the correct films

Chris Gardner with five-year old son are having a hard time. A single father for days work for the sake of his son could live a normal life, but income Chris is barely enough for basic needs. When father and son are on the street, the hero decides to take any steps for the sake of their only son. How many difficulties not moved the main character ’ s nothing going to stop Chris in his rise to material success. This film is not about quick enrichment, and the value of family. For the sake of happiness of the people close worth fighting for, overcome obstacles, and  go ahead to your goal.

The dream of wealth excites the minds of many people in our world. We look at the more successful persons asking myself: "what is it, why not me? Why is he rich – but I am poor?". The unfairness of life literally crushing chest despair gives no rest day nor night…the Main hero of the film – Seth Davis, asked himself the same question.  greed made hero of the open right in your apartment underground casino, until one day Setu not offered a job at one brokerage firm.  I have to Say – Degree days is unlikely to cause the sympathy of the audience, and it is not required. You will see  the basic essence of network marketing business, you will see the truth about the psychology of the masses and a lot of other extra details.  Main –  repeat the path of life of the main character.

As created one of the most popular social networks in the world ’ s Facebook?  Surprisingly, as the head of the man there is a great idea, and even more surprisingly – what he does for its realization. Each person can come up with something new, but only a few are able to translate the idea of the world of fantasy in the real world. «Social network  - not quite autobiographical film, although it retained some of the key moments of creation and promotion of social network. The movie is required to viewing all indecisive dreamers.

All experienced businessmen have long realized one simple thing:  continuous development – a pledge of long-term success. If a person does not develop – he starts to degrade. Any textbook on how to get rich book, a film, a motivational movie, audio lecture or a video-seminar brings something new, becoming a catalyst for further development. Learn, develop, and never be afraid!

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