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Moscow exchange of labour SEAD

To find well paid work in our time – no easy task, especially for the elderly and students without any experience. Often an independent job search brings no results, moreover, impossible to be absolutely sure of the honesty of employers and reliability of the company. Employment may take time, but not all have the possibility of even a short time left without permanent income. Labour exchange SEAD helps all applicants, without exception, to find a temporary or permanent employment and to receive material assistance from the state at the time of search of the optimal variant of employment.

Contact information  and the work schedule of the exchange

Work schedule of the center of employment:

Reception of population: 9.00-17.00

Population reception: from 12.00 to  20.00

Reception of population: 9.00-17.00

Reception of population:  11.00 to 19.00

Reception of population:  9.00 to  17.00

Address  employment center SEAD: Moscow, street Young Lenintsev, the house 9, page 1. Metro: Kuzminki

Department birzhiv city

The district has the following exchange offices SEAD:

Address: Moscow, street Morshanskaya, the house 2, building 1. Metro: Vykhino

Address: Moscow, street the Top fields, the house 3, page 2.

Address:  Moscow, Novocherkassk b-R, the house 47. Metro: Maryino

Address: Moscow, 2nd Saratov etc., D. 8, page 2. Metro: Tekstilschiki

Citizens can receive the qualified consultation of the employees of the centre of employment at any branch exchange of South-Eastern adminstrativnogo district, be it the Ryazan region or Lyublino.

According to the centre for employment SEAD at the beginning of 2013ogo year,  employers generally offer the following vacancies:

Services at the labor exchange SEAD

 Job fair SEAD

Moscow center  employment helps all citizens searching for a job and obtaining financial aid on time searching for a suitable under his requirements of the vacancy.

Of course, finding a job in the center of employment requires a lot of work, because new job with a decent wage quickly occupy more active and dedicated citizens and nevertheless labour exchange SEAD vacancy razmeschyaaet daily.

After listing a person gets access to the database of the center of employment with the most relevant proposals,  he can ask the staff exchange tell the details of vacancies and provide information about the company.

In the center of employment are subject to strict rules. Each of citizens, who are registered on the stock exchange is obliged to report to the officer at the center for not less than 2 times a month. The exact time assigned for each of the turnout. For delays and failure to appear without valid reasons, employees of the exchange are obliged to apply penalties. As a rule, the person removed payments for a certain period or be charged the entire amount of the benefit.  Therefore, the possible failure to appear in the center of employment of the must warn in advance to employees of the exchange may appoint a person to new time of the visit.

If employees of the exchange will find a human right job – it should appear in the office  the employer within three days.  an Applicant who refuses to two or more works, suitable qualifications and experience, will be deprived of the monthly payments.

If, at the time when the person received the allowance he received illegal earnings – he will have to refund all the money employment centre.

In addition to financial support to the unemployed, the employment center  supports businessmen. To obtain material assistance for business development need to write a business plan and defend it before the Commission. Unfortunately, specialists exchange, deny benefits to people who had no official place of work during the year.

How to register in the employment center

If you cut at work – you must get registered at the employment center within the first two weeks after the dismissal. This ensures the timely receipt of payment from the employer. Financial assistance from the employment center is only paid after 3 months of registration on the exchange.

Stand up  registered with the centre of employment is possible only at the place of residence.  Call admission of the exchange for the information in advance.  You  should schedule an appointment with the associate of the centre, who will talk about the required documents, the latest vacancies exchange, etc. then you need to collect a package of documents and register. The registration procedure takes only 1 day from the day of filing.

For registration in the center you have to collect proof of your identity and education (passport, identification code, diplomas), service book  and a certificate of the average earnings from the previous place of work. Graduates  without work experience certificate of earnings do not bring (the registration procedure for young specialists is faster).  If a person has minor children – need to bring evidence of the birth of each of them.

 Stand on the labour exchange

Within 10 days employees of the exchange are obliged to offer you several variants of work relevant to your experience and education. Also you will be offered courses of further training or retraining. As a rule, the courses are paid by the exchange.

If you have not worked during the year, accounted in the centre of  longer than 18 months, do not have experience  work and specialty – suggestions from the centre of employment will be different.

Accrual of unemployment benefits

The amount of the allowance varies from 850 rubles up to 5800 rubles. In most cases, the applicant can rely on the minimum benefit. The maximum amount payable to citizens who have been dismissed for redundancy, women with children under 14 and citizens who cannot work due to illness.

How to find a job?

Find a job in Moscow ’ s no easy task. Of course, not people working professions demand at any time, but applicants with experience and two higher educations may be in a difficult situation: vacancies that fit the requirements of the employee simply no,  and go to work with a meager salary  't want to.  This is a fairly common problem in the labour market,  therefore, the search for work will have to make some effort.

Use all available methods of job search:

CV – a very important step in getting a job dreams. Many resumes employers dismiss already in the first minute. To increase the chance of rapid employment, specify in the summary of the maximum number of positive qualities, emphasize your experience and qualifications.

In the center of employment are constantly updated vacancies. View current offers on the website of the exchange, please contact your specialist for information support. 

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