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Simple pay for file sharing service

Easy make money online without investment – it's a reality. Novice webmasters and those who want to get money online, sooner or later begin to study the earnings sharing, leaving attempts to earn clicks, posting and other light, but futile ways. This is not surprising, because today pay for file sharing service is considered to be one of the most promising ways to make quick profit for both beginners and gurus of the Internet – earnings. To get started you need no special skills, step-by-step instructions on earnings is the Internet, and the main thing – the file storage can start making money in a fairly short time, in comparison with other kinds of work in the Internet. Now,  how to make money on multiple file absolute beginner?

Step by step instructions earnings for file storage

 Scheme of earnings sharing

At this point you have several options to profit from sharing:

This is the most common ways of getting money from the files. You can use only one method or combined in different ways to earn money, getting a lot more profit. Of course, in order to reach a decent and stable income, have to work hard. This is not an option earnings, where the money flowing in a while, how are you drinking beer on the couch. But experienced webmasters earn on their files not less than 3000 USD per month. Even a beginner can easily get the profit for 500 USD for the first month of work. It remains to clarify one question: " how to make money sharing beginner?». To answer provided detailed step by step instructions earnings and the list of the best file sharing on the Internet.

Sites, file sharing, there is simply unimaginable quantity, but the majority of them does not interest us. We need only profitable, time-tested and users of resources. Of course, money for file storage  just not lying and to double the profit is desirable to immediately join the affiliate program site. At this point you can select the best file sharing Internet on pay and conditions of cooperation:

In addition to these file storage there are others, but this trio is considered the most promising.

Step 2:  Download the original files

Earn in the Internet on multiple file always starts with finding interesting for users that are relevant and popular information. Otherwise your files will not be downloaded and on large earnings can ever forget. Where to look for the files? There are several ways:

Sign up at dozens of industrial warez-portals and the torrents at the same time, find news with great views  and download files. More popular are: new games, movies, software and rare information. In principle, there is no sense to work with textual information, since the latest movies and useful programs are valued much higher. Experts in the field of earnings for file storage are based on two methods: upload files of the same type (only movies or games) or upload all kinds of files according to their uniqueness. In principle, the first option may bring much more profit, because you will have a better understanding in one area, it is faster to learn about the novelties and the interests of users, while working with many topics at the same time will lead to the dissipation of attention and lower margins.

Step 3: getting users to download files

So, you have the files that will be of interest to users. But how to find people who would wish to download these files. There are several effective ways to attract more people to jump your files:

 Example payment

To exit to normal revenue sharing, you need to publish not less than 100 unique news about 15 bereznikah. By the way, it is not necessary to engage in the publication manual. There are special programs to automate the publishing process. Separate attention should be paid program (15 dollars) Addnews. The program has a list of good warez sites (database updated) and the publication of news takes very little time. How much money from sharing services provided automation of news publications on warez-portals? Income beginners is impressive: approximately 400-600 USD in the first month of work and more than 1000 USD in the second. The main thing – income will be constantly growing. Withdraw the money on electronic purse Webmomey.

Step 4: referral

This is a sure way to raise revenue because the file sharing pay a good percentage of the income of your referrals (provided that they earn well). Where exactly to look for referrals? There are several options:

Step 5:  Earnings on training programs for work in the network

Blog about earnings in network – not the only way to attract referrals and earn money. Very popular all kinds of guidance for earnings. For example, you can create info-products: «earnings sharing services: video», textiliendruck to pay for file sharing service, audio courses and much more. By the way, if you create your own YouTube channel , will always put the author's videos about the earnings in the Internet and gain a lot of subscribers – you will discover the attractive prospects of earning on  advertising YouTube. Various courses for earnings in the network are now at the peak of popularity, it would be foolish to miss the chance to earn on teaching people the basics of working with the file storage.

Earn for file storage can absolutely everyone, regardless of age, education and work experience. Obligatory condition – the desire to earn. Plus, it is not superfluous to upgrade the computer and speed of Internet access.

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