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The make money betting without cheating

The make money betting is one of the most affordable and, at the same time, risky types of income, as in real life and on the Internet. Remember: if you approach it with the mind, even gambling in the bookmakers you can make almost lossless source of income, and to make a bet can not only expert in this or that kind of sports, but also completely inexperienced in sport people. If you want to make a bet, drop your passion and will learn to analyze a situation and to capitalize on it. Of course, any success you achieve in this form of earnings, it can never be compared with any other type of business in terms of profitability, but can be a tremendous source of additional Finance.

Features of earnings on sports betting

 Sample rate

Now, many of ignorance attributed earnings on sports betting to the category of gambling. Of course, gambling will never be safe and risk-free way of earning money, but you cannot compare the game bookmaker online bookmakers with the game of roulette. Everything here depends not only on your luck, but also will you be able to analyze the situation, to make the right conclusions and to choose a rate that is guaranteed to bring you profit.

Some experts not without reason compare the earnings on sports betting with earnings on the "Forex", only to make money on sports is much easier than on a complex and multi-currency fraud. Of course, it would be better if you like any kind of sport, and a good knowlege, but sometimes even without knowledge in the sports field is possible to earn it - for example, by learning to find bookmaker fork. We will tell about it later, because betting plugs are an essential way to make money at home.

In our days you can bet like in real bookmakers and their virtual counterparts, posted on the expanses of the Internet.

Online betting is a fast and convenient, but do not rely on their emotions and sympathy to one or another sports team or athlete. Professional game a bet is the type of investment, not gambling hobby. As is known, any investment involves risk, but our article will allow you to reduce this risk to a minimum. So, how to start making bets?

Training "Bank" and the choice of strategy

If you decide to practice the earnings in the Internet on the rates and learn how to deal with "play money". Only proper money management will help you to reduce risks and not be played to the last penny. The first and most important rule for anyone who makes a bet: you should not exceed games "the Bank, which in themselves are initially set. If you were inattentive (or you were just unlucky) and "Bank" lost - so, not destiny.

Remember that "the Bank" - the sum that you have identified as the risk of investment capital. Never place more than 50% of your "Bank" for once, because in the most accurate predictions can be made mistakes. Another important rule is in any case not play on borrowed money, because there is a risk to get into even more debt. First train with small amounts, and then selecting the optimal strategy and how to learn from sports betting maximum benefits, you can expand your "Bank".

Remember: to evaluate the profitability of this business have not by the number of wins, but by how your income exceeds expenses. Sometimes many small winnings will only lead to the reduction of "Bank", and the prize of a small number of well-calculated rates will bring you a good profit.

Be prepared to bet

 An example of an account

Trust in the Internet is an invaluable source of information on sports teams, athletes, events and different bookmakers, with which you will be able to cooperate. Find as many offices and register accounts on each of them - without this you will not be able to play bookmaker forks. Find some good sports forums, where you can find information about the athletes and their chances of winning in a particular sport.

Professional players often keep a diary. There they take place, which met betting forks, and the results of games. Using diaries found similar game situation, which can successfully play.

Before you can start making serious bets, play mentally - look betting forks, take a few guesses and see win is your favorite. The more knowledge you have gathered and the more closely you will learn how to analyze the game, the more effective your own system to make money betting.

Select betting

So, even if your city has a bookmaker, the best way to make money with betting on the Internet. The most reliable bookmakers have their e-branch - convenient sites with user-friendly interface, where you can register and place bets. In order to withdraw your winnings, you will be enough to initiate the procedure for withdrawal, and to do that you have to go to the bookies. All you need for "cashing money - having a Bank account or account WebMoney. Bookmakers will be able to withdraw your winnings, using these requisite.

The services of a bookmaker online bookmakers it is best to use? Proven service with an extensive line-up is LeonBETS. This bookmaker organizes conclusion of funds within 2-3 hours after you send a request. In addition, LeonBETS gives you the opportunity to resolve disputes in favor of the player, and is generally considered the most friendly customer service.

Also make money betting on sports is possible with the use of such services, as bukuru and olimpbet. The most friendly and easy to plan interface is office bukuru, but, unfortunately, many lines for betting (i.e. games that you can bet) does not pay that for withdrawal of funds from bukuru you have to wait more than a week. Olimpbet has accelerated withdrawal, but, unfortunately, submits a fewer number of matches.

The first type of income: betting fork

This will help those who are poorly versed in sport and prefer not to risk their money. First, you need registration for at least two to three sites with different bookmakers. Select a line - for example, the world football championship. Suppose that two teams - France and Germany. This game has some bookmakers odds, depends on the amount of your earnings.

To use the betting with a fork, you need to find a match, so the odds of each team were more than two (for example, 2,3 Germany and 2.8 France). That is, if you put 100 rubles on Germany and it will win, you will get 230 rubles, and if you put 100 rubles on France and she will win, you will get 280 rubles.

 Cash earnings on rates

Now go from their accounts on two different bookmakers and make bets. In one of them put 100 rubles on France, and another 100 rubles on Germany. In total you will supply 200 rubles. Now, if you win France, you are guaranteed to get 280 rubles 80 rubles of net profit), and if Germany - 230 rubles (30 rubles of net profit). Of course, if you put more money, win will also rise. Remember - you need to find a match to the coefficients of both teams were greater than 2.0!

Betting fork is the most stable earnings on rates. Of course, it has its disadvantages. First, to obtain significant profits you will need serious starting capital that you have spread out across multiple Sportsbook office (sometimes their number up to ten). Second, you must be very careful to monitor the coefficients of commands on all available bookmakers. The current rates change all the time, sometimes it happens in the game, and betting fork can occur only for a few minutes. If you do not have time to make a successful bid, the fork will disappear and you will have to resort to other, more risky system sports betting.

The second source of income: the principle multiples

The second source of income on sports betting is the order multiples. What is their secret? That small bets (or 1.2, 1.3 and so on) is your chance to earn a small amount of money on the likely event. If you are going to take the risk, but wanted to increase the amount of their winnings, make a rapid rate - that is, put the money in several events. For example, do a quick bet on the outcome of several football matches, choosing commands from the smallest betting odds. The lower the ratio, the more likely that this team will win - and, consequently, the higher are your chances to win Express.

If you guess the winners in each of the selected matches, the bookmaker not just your winning sum for each match, and will multiply the factors matches and will lead your new prize. Minus this scheme: if you can not guess the outcome of at least one event, your Express will fail and you will lose all the money. Plus this scheme: if the Express will win, you will get a much bigger win than that you could be brought up to each individual matches the bet.

A simple example: you have selected the events and the likely winners factor of 1.3, 1,2 and 1,8. If you put on each event is 100 roubles three separate bets and win, get 30 + 20 + 80 = 180 rubles of net profit. If you make a rapid rate, its overall ratio is 1.3 x 1.2 x 1.8 = 2,81 and net profit from 300 rubles will be h,81 - 300 = 543 of the ruble. Be attentive to details, select multiple events with small stakes and if each of them will play, with this kind of strategy to make money betting you can increase your winnings many times!

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