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The Moscow labor market in Moscow and Moscow region

Labour exchange in Moscow and Moscow region (North-Eastern administrative district)assists citizens in finding the current job vacancies, provides information about the state of the labour market and about the modern requirements of employers to job seekers. On the basis of the exchange you can get free education with further employment and social guarantees. Qualified specialists of the exchange offer young people's career choices and employment in leading Russian companies. Beginning businessmen  can obtain financial assistance for opening of own business, which, in turn, stimulates the development of business in the country and ensures the creation of new jobs for qualified personnel.

For more information about the services provided by the exchange, can  get the employees of the center of employment or at the main website of the Department of labour of the city.

Labour exchange of the Moscow North-Eastern administrative district:  contact information and schedule

 Fair of vacancies at the employment NEAD

Moscow exchange of labour  NEAD works according to the following schedule:

Population reception: 9.00-17.00

Population reception: from 12.00-20.00

Population reception: 9.00-17.00

Population reception:  11.00-19.00

Population reception:  9.00-17.00

The exchange is located at the address: city of Moscow Suschevsky Val street, house 14/22, building 1,2.   Exchange NEAD is located near metro station Savelovskaya.

 The address of the location of the labor exchange the northeastern administrative district of Moscow

Labour exchange NEAD: documents for registration

Labour exchange NEAD: documents applicants must be to the exchange not later than 14 days after the dismissal from work. After this date the registration procedure at the stock exchange will cost much more. The fact that the law of  the employer must pay the employee remuneration for several months after dismissal, and if during these two months the employee will not be able to find a new job - he was supposed to third salary. But not so simple as it seems. In order to receive payment for the third month, the employee is obliged to bring in the accounting Department report from the employment center. If a person is not registered within 14 days after the dismissal - this help he simply will not give, and it means they will lose monthly salary.

For registration on the stock exchange of Moscow it is necessary to collect the documents. It is important not to make a mistake in filling information, in order not to waste your time for nothing. So, in the centre of employment require the following documents: passport,  documents on  secondary and higher education (if the diploma has been issued in another country - will have to get notarized by the notary with translation into Russian), individual tax number,  pension insurance certificate and a certificate of the average income for the last few months. If in the course of a year before applying to the center of employment of the person did not work (or worked informally),  on the stock exchange, he will ask only documents on the obtained education and passport.

The most difficult to obtain a certificate of the average earnings from the last place of work. To help with this not to have problems, it is better to apply to the accounting firm immediately after his dismissal. In addition, accountant often make mistakes in the design of this help,  and to minor inaccuracies in the employment center are very critical. 

The benefit amount and regularity of payments

 The exchange starts to work from 9:00

Currently, the unemployed registered in the employment center,  are entitled to receive a monthly allowance in the amount of  4900 rubles. Unfortunately, this amount relies exclusively for citizens who worked during the year. Young specialists without experience and citizens who are unable to work during this period, will receive a minimum monthly allowance in the amount of  850 rubles.

Prior to registration on the stock exchange and the calculation of benefits there is no sense to have a passbook, as the employment center transfers the financial help of special branches of Sberbank of Russia.

Labour exchange NEAD:  vacancies and other assistance

The unemployed registered in the employment center of Moscow,  have the right not only to get financial aid from the state, but also to search for a job on the sites of exchanges, to receive timely advice on various vacancies, to participate in job fairs and improve skills through exchange with further employment. In the opinion of students and young specialists, registration on the stock exchange - the surest way to find a job in a large company, even without working experience behind him. Moreover, the exchange helps students in search of temporary employment for the period of training in higher educational institutions.  In the database exchange contains information on the most "hot" vacancies from leading world and Russian companies.  If a person comes to the stock exchange not for one unemployment - he has all the chances for rapid employment. Especially, when you have experience and good knowledge in their field. Just look Moscow labour exchange SEAD.

In the video below, you will receive information about what you need to do to get to the labour exchange.

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