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The ways is earning in Internet on your website

What attracts advertisers, advertising in the Internet?

There are various ways of earning money on the website:

Let's look at each of these methods in more detail.

Earnings on contextual advertising

 Contextual advertising

Types of earnings in the Internet, there are different. Earnings on contextual advertising – one of them. In the article on the website, there are links to third-party Internet sites, this is the main essence of contextual advertising. As a rule, article on the themes should coincide with a link. For example, in an article on the popular shoes Spring-Summer 2013 may have a link to one of our online stores, like shoes offers.

The advertiser pays for clicks, each unique user that clicked on the link in the article to the advertiser's site gives earnings. Earnings on contextual advertising is considered to be one of the most popular, profitable and prestigious way to earn online. Popular systems of contextual advertising are considered "Yandex», «Begun», «Google Edsens».

 References in the Internet - all

Earnings on the stock exchange of links – a simple way providing earnings on the website. The method is considered to be one of the most netrudoemkih and quite profitable. People are not even have to do anything, and the money will drip on his account due to exchange links with automatic placement. 

How it works? Very simply. The site owner is registered in the system receives a special code which he undertakes to make available on its website. Next, the web wizard detects a spot on one of the pages of his site, where will be placed sponsored links. The site owner gets money for the placement of code exchange. Of course, the amount that gets the site owner, exchange minus a certain percentage of – the Commission for mediation.

Exchange sure that the links on the website have been placed correctly and monitors the correctness of all cash settlements. How much to pay the exchange? It depends on several factors:

There are a number of link exchanges with automatic placement. For example, exchange links "Sapa" (Sape), she did the very first, the word "Sapa" has become a household name in the field of monetization sites. The exchange has a huge area and popularity on the market.

Earnings on the stock exchanges of articles

Earnings on the website in this way has its significant differences. On a permanent basis, on a page, there are links that are surrounded articles or reviews. To the human eye, these links are quite normal, advertising does not look aggressive and draws the reader. Because the ads are popular with a number of advertisers. Earnings on the stock exchanges of articles more labor-intensive and rates on this type of advertising above. One of the most popular services is considered to be  MiraLinks, there are also other exchange articles and of reviews – Gogetlinks, RotaPost, Liex, Blogun etc. 

Earnings on a banner networks

 Earnings on banners

Banners placed on third-party sites – a popular way to make earnings from the website. This method can be used both individually and together with other ways of earnings on the website. Banner networks offer search engine optimization advertising projects by means of placing of banners. Banners are placed on third-party sites. Sale of designated sites under the banner advertising is extremely popular on the Internet. You may also see the calls advertisers on different Internet pages that sound so – «Here could be your advertising" etc.

These ways of earnings in the Internet are also very interesting. You have a question, how to earn money in this way? The advertiser pays for clicks on the banner. We must bear in mind that the cost of a click on the banner below, than the price per click on the link. But depending on the traffic to your site, you can receive money for a quantity of banner displays an advertiser on your website. After registration of your site in one of banner networks and the installation of special code on your website to call banners, you will start to receive money. Banner network will also charge you a Commission for cooperation. One of the most popular banner networks is considered RotaBan. 

Profit on file-sharing systems

How to earn money in this way? Very simply. This is a great way to make money on the Internet even for those users who don't have your own website, there are advertisement platform. Download files in file sharing and get your money for the number of file downloads. Besides money, the user can get a variety of bonuses. To files starting the download, you need to post links to various Internet forums, social networks and microblogs. Earnings will depend on the popularity of your file. In the file sharing often download popular programs or movies that are demanded by users. Popular file sharing sites can be considered DepositFiles, Uploading and Vip-file. 

Profit on affiliate programs

On the Internet you can also earn by just bringing people to register for a specific site via the link on your Internet page. It is important that the link was promptly and correctly delivered to users. Many sites work for the affiliate program, for example, the popular online store This way of earnings can be considered quite profitable in the long term. There is a guide to affiliate programs. 

Cooperation with direct advertisers

Cooperation with direct advertisers – it is a laborious way that takes away the website owner a lot of time and effort. Although the methods of earnings in the Internet. In addition, for placing advertising on a good website direct advertisers can pay good money. The disadvantage of this way – direct work with advertisers, advertising in hand, holding meetings and negotiations.

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