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What to do to earn money and go to work

What to do to earn money? Contrary to popular belief, a lot of money can be absolutely easy, legally and quickly, would desire to work and implement interesting ideas. Moreover, many opportunities lie in sight, it remains only to come to grips for them and begin to take active steps in making dreams come  about the material things in reality.

It makes no sense once again list the ways of Internet income, because you know perfectly well that on the Internet you can earn a lot of in a fairly short period of time. But in the other, offline projects ’ s a lot of prospects. Consider the most profitable from the point of view of successful people, ways of earnings.

Agent  delivery of apartments, real estate agent

 Realtor finds objects for sale or to let

The problem with most modern real estate agencies that, in fact, they rarely are looking for the apartments to their clients, but take an advanced fee, promising to find something suitable in the coming weeks. It takes a month, two, and the all no. But the money paid, them not to return back. What is the end result? Clients do not find the appropriate options and lose money, the Agency, in turn, earn a good living on the naive clients…the damage to its reputation. You have a chance to change the situation for the better, providing quality services in renting apartments for a month.

What you need for this job or a part-time job? Firstly, can not do without good communication skills, you'll have to negotiate with both parties-tenant and landlord. Also it will not be superfluous knowledge of computer (you have to keep a database of apartments and clients). Work will consist in search of wanting to quickly pass the apartment and looked for suitable clients (and Vice versa). The main thing – offer your customers exactly what they want. And no deposits! It is better to take a Commission after the completion of the transaction, when everyone will be happy and glad to talk about your services to friends and acquaintances. By the way, advertise their services in urban forums, websites and periodicals.

A publicist

This is one of the most common vacancies in the world. Each firm, selling their goods or services in demand on the market, needs of agents advertising, which will by all means to advertise their products, thereby increasing its brand awareness among consumers. Don't argue that the salary agent advertising, especially the novice, not millions, but talented agents can gain valuable experience and move on to a better paying job.

Actor, master of ceremonies

Do you think now need only actors for advertising, popular TV and movie? If you don't have the  education and experience, but full of desire to work – welcome to the actors for children's parties with kindergartens, schools and at home. Actors with interesting programs at leading cooperatives.

Don't want to squander acting talent in children's celebrations? So why would earn as a master of ceremonies at weddings? Besides, this is a very fun job, you can meet new people and eat tasty food, between amusing competitions for guests and the newly-made Suite.

Photographing and  video recording

For those holidays always need people with ability to capture beautiful pictures and record video. Even not necessary to buy a video camera – you can rent equipment. In the extreme case – buy by installments. Filming in demand in kindergartens, schools, various ceremonies, weddings, exhibitions… In General, to sit idly you don't have to. For this work will need not only equipment, but also basic knowledge of editing recordings.

What to do to earn money on videos? Having mastered the program for installation you can offer related services, which will be not less popular. For example, these services will certainly want to take advantage of people with ready-made, but the raw video of the holidays.

A journalist, photographer

Many publications, including the city of online sites on an ongoing basis requires people for taking photos of famous people (politicians, actors, etc.), important events, places (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc) and accidents. Often, people without work experience. The main thing – to create interesting, useful and high-quality images. As for the sensational materials of the edition pay exorbitant amounts. Single snapshot can make you indecent-richest man, and the work on a permanent basis will be a good source of income for the long term. Sounds great, right? For work you need to have a good camera and experience with it, perseverance (sometimes even impudence), and quick response to important events in the city. Offer your services Newspapers and websites, show examples of work – certainly interested in your services at least a few publications.

Proofreader, editor, copywriter

Work at home for personal computer or directly on the territory of the employer. Although in most cases employers prefer to keep nonregular workers to perform simple tasks on the proof-reading of texts. Work is more suitable philologists, teachers of Russian language and people with  congenital» literacy and a good knowledge of the native language. You can adjust foreign texts, if there are additional knowledge of other languages.

 Example earnings on writing articles

Work corrector does not take much time, so in my spare time easily earn the author of student work and the writing of unique articles for websites. Such vacancies today ’ s more than enough.

Writing a resume in order

A lot of people are in search of a new job. But the problem of applicants is that they don't know how to write a CV,  describing his good qualities and skills. As a result of their not even invited to the interview. Well-written and beautifully drawn resume – this is a big step to getting a well-paid job, and you can help people in this business. Place your ad on local forums and job search websites and soon you will get the first orders. By the way, you can also have a private job search services. To do this, you simply need that every day carefully browse the web with the proposed vacancies, search for suitable to the client's requirements and sending your resume to e-mail addresses. Why you will pay for it? It is not only the inability to make a beautiful summary, but in the shortage of time, people who have not yet leave your previous job and don't want to spend precious hours of life is not endless surfing on job sites.

Typesetter text

On sites with ads work now and then flashed a vacancy typesetter text. Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of these positions – the work of Scam artists. Meanwhile, typing on the computer – a simple job with good pay. The students and the author of books often use the services of the typesetter of the text for translation of handwritten material on the computer. Clients are better to look through the ads in local Newspapers. Splits ads in local universities, notify friends about the new lesson. Most likely, you would soon seek help.  the Work of the typesetter text can be combined with work corrector, translator or author of the student submissions.

Filling the online stores descriptions of goods

Daily online new online stores with a huge number of presented goods. Naturally, the owners of these sites are not always willing to spend a few days or a week, on a boring filling the websites with descriptions of goods. But you can easily do this work for a good reward. Usually ads for these vacancies are posted on the websites of freelancing.

Correspondence with foreign suitors

This kind of business has appeared not so long ago, but during this time a lot of people appreciated the advantages of easy money. To earn the correspondence, the need to learn English. Although in most cases a simple machine translation works just as good. What is the essence of work? You can take orders on behalf of our girls who want to marry abroad. In this case you take a certain fee with clients and start correspondence with foreigners on international Dating sites. The main purpose – invite suitors in a city where living woman. Finally you can also earn extra money as an interpreter at their first meeting. There is another way – to cooperate directly with firms correspondence closely. In this case, you will earn on the number of answers foreigners. The more you write – the higher the payment. Write you'll also on behalf of clients.

Restoring family tree

Is a very popular work, especially among the  the mighty of this world". Many people want to learn about their roots, famous ancestors and long-lost relatives. And this can be good money. The work includes information search in archives of your city or other cities. Unfortunately, at easy money not count, because the drafting of even one family tree takes about two months, depending on complexity of the order. But the work is paid very well.


 Tutoring brings good money, but requires a lot of patience

It's time to think about the knowledge obtained at the University, College or courses. That you know, know how and can properly give to others? In principle, the possibilities in this sphere are limited only by imagination, because to teach you absolutely everything, starting from school and University disciplines to promoting websites on the Internet. To save time, you can always arrange tutoring for Skype.

Distribution of advertising leaflets and Newspapers

Wondering what to do to make money as quickly as possible? Distribution of leaflets and putting up ads – the easiest way to earn students, and everyone. As the main source of income of this method is not very suitable, but in difficult financial situations to choose not particularly necessary. It was easy work, nothing nothing no need to convince, and the plan can be quickly let go and do other, more important things. Is it a bad thing?

Repairs in the apartment, repair of household appliances

The perfect way to make money for people who can work hands, whether wallpapering, laptop repair or other important repair work of any complexity. For this to work even do not need special education, it is only important to find customers. It is best to specialize in one thing.

Creation of author's products

Weaving of baskets or chairs, creating beautiful landscapes or wood carving…Option just did a huge amount. The big issue at the moment are the goods for celebrations, for example, beautifully decorated glasses. This job is more suitable for Housewives and young mothers in the decree. May  to combine hobby with other ways of earnings or main job.


 Correctly organized wedding

Young has to take care before the wedding: find a dress for the bride and suit for the groom, choose wedding accessories, hire a tamada, buy wedding cake taste, hire a photographer and choose your venue to celebrate…In General, my head is spinning from all the worries, the more so because not everyone has the time running around town for the wedding. For this purpose employ people who quickly and efficiently organize the celebration for young, take care of all the small details to make the day passed without a hitch.

You need to get started? You need to first find out about all the necessary things for the wedding and explore the places where you can buy everything, arranged and ordered. It is a good idea to establish good contact with the sellers and the leadership of the shops, because you can also receive a percentage of the purchases given your clients. Further on we place the announcement of the list of services on the local sites, social networks and Newspapers. Well first of practice on friends, so in case of some shortcomings you are not asked to return the money. And with the advent of experience in  the organization of weddings things go up the hill.

Sale of Antiques

Probably even in your home are also old and useless things. And you know that even an old sewing machine can cost at the auctions several million rubles? So don't rush to throw out things, it is better to go through all the accumulated trash in search of something truly valuable. Sell goods in Internet auctions to private collectors or firms engaged in the resale of Antiques.

What is valued above? More money you can gain on the sale of old and rare coins  rare books (especially the first editions), medals, military awards.

Cultivation of dogs

It is not the work – it's a calling. To earn money selling puppies, need not just to be able to look after dogs, but to love doing it. The first cost of care and food will be more than profit, but after a couple of years all the initial costs must be recouped.

Cultivation of seedlings for sale

For growing seedlings need greenhouses and hotbeds. You can rent a space for a few months, doing profitable business. Demand for seedlings is kept at a high level every year, so you can count on a good income. However, this exercise is not for the whole year.

As you can see, you have dozens or hundreds of prospects for quick money. Moreover, in some types of earnings useful previously acquired knowledge and skills, while others – you can do the work from scratch.

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