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Where to earn money for a modern man

The question, where to earn money care of almost everyone. For the ordinary citizen of our country in most cases, the main source of income is salary charged by the employer. However, many are not satisfied with its size, and someone was tired of his job. To earn enough money to have enough for a decent living, you can, and methods for this are many. All of them can be attributed to a category:

Income opportunities for those who have access to the network

The Internet create favorable conditions for the receipt of income from many kinds of activities, and for realization of their creative potential. Most of the creative work which can be done by only one person using the computer, can be done remotely.


The most active freelancers become programmers. For some, the wage received in the Internet - an additional source of income, and someone and basic. For a programmer with knowledge of foreign language, in addition to domestic exchanges of freelancing open expanses of foreign sites. The last interesting fact that payment there is often higher. But the requirements are put forward appropriate. Over time freelancer ’acquires» large number of customers with whom we work directly.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets on the market became very appreciated developers of applications, operating systems, portable electronics. In addition to performing work in order that they can make money by releasing paid or free, but monetized functions, Annex.

Because of the large projects is difficult to make one, especially when it comes to tight deadlines, often programmers and developers are divided into teams. The next step is the registration of a legal entity, and freelance goes into business. It is worth mentioning that, if at the time of unification, a freelance programmer does not become a member of the team as a partner, then, in most cases, it will work again for a fixed salary.

Professionals who want money to share their experience, but it is not ready to accept students at or go to their home as a tutor, can arrange paid seminars with the use of a web camera – webinars. The same applies to the various consultants – individual or group counseling can bring very significant income.

On the Internet there are always new sites: companies open their virtual offices, businessmen are actively developing the network and open Internet shops, many specialists for the correct positioning of the required web-site, and the city that keeps pace with the time, open city portals. All this variety of sites requires visualization. Such work can be found on the exchanges, and on various forums on the Internet where users write about their plans to launch the site.

However, the work for designers on the Internet is not limited to sites. Here they can find orders for the design of logos and printing products. Recently, are in constant demand 3D designers, who can design a 3D character, 3D-space. There are orders and for illustrators.

Mandatory requirements for successful earnings designer online is the same as in a normal office: possession of a whole set of necessary for order processing and graphics programs and timely delivery of materials to the customer.

Users with competent speaker who can write interesting texts good style, also can not find one way to earn money online. For filling the site content is constantly need quality, and, moreover, unique, texts, shop - sell.

Good translators with excellent knowledge of the language traditionally paid well.


Their services can provide not only using the Internet. Here  what you can earn money not using the network and not held as business:

Qualified specialists of different areas with significant experience can earn money by providing paid consultations. This area is not confined to the right, as many people think. Consultations on tax law will be relevant and businessmen, and ordinary citizens who want to minimize their expenses on payment of taxes from reissuing documents, inheritance, property purchase, etc.  On our market is still absolutely free niche of personal financial advisors, to which one could appeal for help in the selection of offers of Bank deposits, the selection of loans and non-governmental pension funds for accumulation of funds for retirement.

Specialists-accountant can afford not to sit in the office, working on a major employer, and to find one, or better yet, a number of entrepreneurs with a small turnover and maintain their accounts. To submit them to report to the tax.

Of course, most families try to find a nanny with the help of the Agency or through their friends, and the man without recommendations, and especially without the required work experience with children, to get this work is almost impossible. But we are talking about nannies is not full time. In big cities for parents who do not have time after work to take the child from the kindergarten, the question of whom to trust this mission is very serious. And mothers on maternity leave, it can be collected from the garden not only your child, but children from the same group and take them home.

Finally, we again became valued things handmade. Wizard with Golden hands got grateful clientele, which is ready to pay money for jewelry, accessories, decor and home decor is made in a single instance or released in very limited quantities. Traditionally, manual work mostly female, but in this area and the skillful hands of men is where to turn: forged articles and wooden decor, leather accessories and jewelry.

This category of domestic workers will never stay without orders. The main thing in their business regularly to gain and retain customers. Having access to modern knitting machines's masters began to knit wonderful exclusive knitted things to order.

Business with minimum investment

When choosing  where to earn money, focused on the creation of a business, you should consider that even the most simple and small business requires capital investment.

How to make money buying and selling anything in the absence of sufficient financial airbags? Strangely enough, but retail trade significantly less costly type of activity in comparison with large wholesale and retail trade. The reason is simple: the period of time between the purchase of large protected areas, partition it into small pieces and further resale quite small.

Before you spend a wholesale purchase, you should study the market, to find potential clients and discuss with them what party and at what price they are ready to buy. Be sure to discuss with them the delivery order and the goods are not stale and retailers on time came. Only after will be found sufficient number of potential customers, be made to purchase wholesale.

 Functional diagram of dropshipping

Dropshipping – for this fashionable word is hiding a whole line of business. The essence of it is to find a supplier of products ready to ship its single goods to the specified addresses. For conducting such business must have an online store, as well as operator for making calls from buyers and sending the order to the supplier. In the role of a telephone operator at first, it may be the owner of this shop.

The way it works is simple and can exist in two versions:

As practice shows, it is easier to implement the first option.

In the car, you can pass the evening and wedding dresses and costumes. The obligatory condition of the rental – a wide range and a wide range of sizes. It is better to separate thematic evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

Owner of a large collection of handbags, ridicule and clutches can rent them.

Regardless of the season demand items for interior decoration for the ceremony, for example, the wedding arch for flowers, capes on chairs, chocolate fountains, tablecloths, napkins and rings on them.

In season you can rent bicycles, rollers, skates. It is not necessary to buy new items you can find and buy online, the ones that have already been used, but are sold in good condition.

People love to learn new things and learn new skills.  How to earn money on this? You can open evening courses where invited experts for 2-2,5 hours talk about the features, for example, underwater photography or will lecture about oratory. Such courses should not be calculated on getting professional knowledge – this market is a very high level of competition. The theme is better to choose guided by the usefulness of the information received in order to use it in daily life.

To promote this business requires some start-up capital. First, you need to buy the equipment, which in itself is not cheap, second, you need equipment to accommodate and for this we need to rent a small but separate room. To recoup the cost of equipment and consumables (ink and so on), you need to spend quite aggressive advertising campaign. This business successfully go at those people in the circle of acquaintances whom are interior designers and architects with regular clients.

About the vending – business using machines for sale of goods – says a lot. The main condition for successful business using automated systems – it is the presence of well situated area with the constant large stream of people. It is best to install these machines not on the street and indoors. But, here we have to understand the realities of our market, most likely for this placement will have to pay or the owner or the person putting this controls. And it's not on the lease agreement, which itself is but an additional payment.

Saying,  how to earn money with the help of machines, we can consider the idea of a small Laundry service self-service. Equipment such as Laundry important in students ' and workers ' residences or in neighboring houses. Special washing machines that are designed for use in such laundries, belong to a professional machines and are quite expensive. But in our market offers conventional machines, equipped with a receiver of the notes. Additional income can bring dispensers with washing powder and conditioner also with receivers for payment. To reduce the costs of starting a business, you can search such washing machines for rent.

The main obstacle faced by the organizers: hard sanitary and fire prevention requirements for the premises, where you can place a Laundry.

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