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Where to earn money without additional training

Almost every day, many people try to find the answer to the question "where is the money?". On this subject already written a lot of advice and recommendations. Consider the most honest and real ways to make more or less decent amount for a short time.


Employment is a great option earnings (earnings) without investing a lot of time and money. Let's consider some variants of such work.

This profession is quite popular today, as courier services are used by an increasing number of organizations. Almost any organization requires the services of operative delivery of documents or any correspondence to public authorities or to its customers and partners. To use for this by mail it is often impractical too long can be crocidolite, and there is always a risk of loss of documents sent.

 To work as a courier more interesting than sitting in the office

The work of the courier is the need for the entire day running around different areas of the city, while delivering not only letters, and parcels, and other cargo. And their weight can be quite large. Well, if he's lucky to work in a company that has to do this with your own transport. And if not, in any weather you have to go where will send. And one has to know the city to get to the destination as quickly as possible.

Depending on the conditions offered by a particular company, you can get a job as a fixed rate and a daily charge. Of course, the courier company is not the place where you can earn a lot of money,  but not to starve and to reduce ends the first time it will.

The guard works in public transport, in the vast majority, in trams and trolley buses. His responsibilities include the mandatory "obelezavanje" passengers, checking travel documents, "catching" "Zaitsev and maintaining order in the salon. Work day starts very early and continues 7-12 hours, regardless of the weather and time of year. As with any work with a large number of people, requires patience and self-control - with someone can be a joke, but someone in need and to "collide". Earnings usually consists of a fixed salary and percents from the sales. Every day there is always a possibility to postpone what "dripped than planned. This is a good place for beginners, where you can earn in the amount of not less than 100 -150 USD per month.

The simplest and most familiar version of the profession - to hand out flyers and business cards on the street or roadway. Most of all, this work is suitable for students or students wishing to combine a day of school and a place where you can make money fast. Depending on advertisers, conditions intermediary company and the timetable you can get a 50 - $ 200 a month. Experienced promoters of a higher level can participate in promotions promotion of goods or services, which are held near shops, shopping centres and various presentations. Here earnings are higher. In most decent companies calculation with promoters daily basis. 

Their business-projects

If you are a happy owner of four-wheeled "iron horse", private transfers can be a good solution to the problem, and under favorable conditions it may become a basic, daily source of income. In addition, this does not prevent the presence of competitors, nor the abundance of public transport. Especially during peak hours, when, apparently, the entire transport of the city luck staff of enterprises to work or from work. Given that in these hours of free space in any kind of transport cannot be found, you will always be willing to travel quickly and comfortably. The car is the place to earn money quickly with almost absolute guarantee. Cons - the cost of maintaining machines, spare parts, petrol, problems with traffic police (GIBDD). Pros - the daily arrival of the money, earnings at any time of day. Salary depends on many factors and can be expressed as a modest and rather impressive sizes.

The owners of the car is also available another place where you can earn money - supermarket (or the market). You can offer services on the delivery of products or delivery of goods from an Internet shop of another city. The Declaration can be given through a newspaper, or by creating an Internet resource. Interested parties may make older people who find it difficult to carry heavy bags, or young mothers on maternity leave and which does not have time to go shopping or have no one to leave your baby.

Organization of the process is quite simple - get the required number of customers, which would allow it to buy most of the products at wholesale prices, take the list of necessary products, make purchases, and pass (send -) orders with the provision of the check. Your earnings - percent of the amount of the check or Supplement services - as with whom and for how much agree.

Services for business cards are always in high demand. This area of activity, where you earn a lot of money will allow your talent of the designer. A business card is a necessary thing at the business meetings. It can make your company recognizable and popular and represents a sign of trust, allowing to establish business contacts. For the organization of business requires first of all the computer graphics programs, ability to work with these programs and a little bit of artistic skills. Also, as a minimum, you will need a color ink-jet printer and special printing cutter. If finances allow, then it would still buy a laminator (the best of hot shafts) and black-and-white laser printer. With this set of equipment is quite possible to do, not only the production of high quality black and white and color, laminated and simple, coated color metallized foil and without it, business cards on any design paper, but also providing a fairly wide spectrum of printing services : production of invitations, greeting cards, menus, calendars, forms, processing photos, etc. can complement their services business cards with embossed or made special paints (silk-screen printing). For this purpose it is necessary either to acquire appropriate equipment, or agree with any polygraphic firm about partnership relations on this type of product. Depending on the number of orders and complexity of products money can come every day, and during any period. Earnings, with proper organization of the process can be quite substantial. Even if there are many competitors.

If you have a computer, but nature has not given you a designer's talent, it is possible to restrict the set of texts. Also, by the way demand services and the field of activity where you can make money. Special surge of orders possible before the New year and in the end of spring - the time of Deposit of the course and degree projects of students, College professors and universities. Although, of course, typing in demand not only in these periods. Earnings also vary from order to order, but ensuring the quality, beautiful and literate texts constant visitors will be provided. The purchase of the printer (and ideally finisher and laminator) will expand the range of services and the amount and frequency of earnings.

The work, connected with the Internet

For site owners the main challenge is the promotion of website in search engines at the top. To do this, the content should be filled with unique articles, preferably on the topics covered by this online resource. Articles are written either from scratch, this is called copywriting, or taken from other sites and keep in touch with the necessary uniqueness - known as rewriting. Possible and mixed option will partially finished text, rewritten, and it is appended absolute unique copyright. You can do this activity, if you feel confident enough in the grammar and the field of writing. For such services, the demand on the Internet is very high and there are special exchange at which you can enter and to fulfill orders, and where and how to make money fast can any intelligent person. Earnings available every day. The experienced artists, he can reach the level of 500 - 600 USD per month. For the money, you must have at least wallet in electronic money Webmoney and Bank card Visa or Master Card from any Bank.

Not so fast for obtaining money, but not less profitable business can be done on the creation of sites. Just at least need to learn the basics of html and CSS, the principles of working with content management systems (CMS) and at least a little to have a designer's talent. After spending six months to a year on learning saitostroitel'stva, you can try to create a pretty decent projects, earning good money. For example, for a simple site on CMS, you can take 100 - $ 200, spending at him from three to seven days. Naturally, we must not forget about the unique content for the site, for which you can take out a separate fee. And if you get to learn quite a complicated science site promotion in search engines and SEO - optimization, then consider that secured retirement you garantirovana.

Freelance called remote work, tasks which are given via the Internet. This type of income is now very popular. Orders mainly offered and implemented in the field of design, Polygraphy, web site building, writing, audio and video processing, photo editing, scanning, etc. that is, in principle, it presents all the most popular services on which you can earn a good income in real life, but for some reason customers are looking for a contractor on the Internet. There are a lot of exchanges of freelancing, where to make money, good by the way the money can every day. Earnings depends on knowledge, talent, patience execution deadlines, responsibilities, literacy, and many other useful traits!

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