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Work for the disabled at home on the Internet

Despite the fact that we live in a modern society, currently, almost no firms and enterprises, which would take responsibility employment of disabled people, because it brings some difficulties both from a legal and practical point of view. But if you are lucky to find such a company or a firm, it is unlikely that the earnings will be significantly exceed the level of minimum income, so you should continue to look for better jobs.

 Intellectual work in the office for the disabled

Domestic enterprises, which refused employment for people with disabilities, not aware of how valuable employees they lose. These workers tend to have exceptional diligence, userdnattr and new style. In addition, it is doubtful whether such people are guilty of truancy or in the requirements of increase in wages. What can do with disabilities?

Physical work

Most people with disabilities are fully operational, a priori - they have the same set of rights and opportunities, as ordinary citizens. The only difference between them - those or other physical injury or illness due to which you cannot only perform certain kinds of work. But the mental ability of these people are no different from any other person on the planet.

 One of the variants of earnings for disabled guests - weaving Proizvodstvo

On many web sites, you can find job listings, which does not require heavy physical labor. Is any unskilled labor, which does not require special skills or education. Such species include domestic work on the Assembly of stationery, jewellery, packaging products, etc. in addition to these works, there are other, for example, manufacture of "hand-made"products. Especially easily be done will this work for disabled people in Moscow and other major cities, thanks to a large number of people and a wide target auditorilor work at home may require certain skills and qualifications, in addition - the availability of tools and special materials for labour. For this type of work can be attributed needlework (embroidery, weaving, knitting, making products from beads), home-based production of Souvenirs, burning and wood carvings etc. For men certainly useful, interesting and fascinating will joinery and carpentry. Even if you do not have skills in such activities, it is easy to learn - there are a number of benefits in bookstores or tutorials on Internet resources.

The only complication that may prosecute persons with disabilities in such works is the acquisition of materials and tools that can cost a lot of money. This applies these tools to work as sewing machines or machines for woodworking. But here it is necessary to notice: if such work is quite good, the product very quickly pay back the value of the instruments and materials. In our time handmade products are much more expensive than their factory counterparts. Just think what will be different for the best quality and unconventional appearance - carved furniture of a copyrighted work, or a common model purchased on the Internet? Souvenirs, which exist only in single copies and custom made or similar Souvenirs, from which the shelves of shops are crammed? The answer is obvious.

If for any reason there is no option to purchase a large number of source materials, it's also no problem. Initially you can purchase quite a bit, as long as appears experience and skills in a certain area. And after this I can provide ads about services, and to use only the necessary materials, including their costs in the final cost of the product. Moreover - there are a lot of different companies and organizations that offer domestic work for persons with disabilities, ensuring workers source materials and tools, and afterwards engaged in sale of finished products through shops.

Intellectual work

 Home work for people with disabilities

Thanks to the development of the Internet, there is a great opportunity to engage in domestic work. Among people who successfully earn money online, many people with disabilities, which have a different degree of limitation of ability. This wheelchair users, and people suffering from ICP syndrome, and even the disabled of group I, which are permanently confined to his bed. Options for work on the Internet just a lot from things that do not require any specific knowledge in the area of computers and IT technologies, and ending with those for which you want to use, dedicated higher education.

The easiest work at home for the disabled which can be on the Internet, is a comment and creating articles on different forums and blogs. Such tasks can be easily found on all sorts of text exchanges, for this you just need to register and submit a proposal for the implementation of the services posting - writing comments. Such tasks usually enough, therefore, to earn for posting can be quite feasible.

If a disabled person always fluent in Russian language and had high literacy, you can try to write articles for various Internet resources. To find such orders can be all of the same text exchanges, the principle of operation is very simple: after the registration is selected the desired order, sent a proposal to executing customer's orders and payments are made. Everything is simple. After some time there will be regular customers, the work will be stable and constantly paid. One thing you should avoid direct employers who require the services of writing articles out of the exchange. Often one Scam, the purpose of which - free fill the necessary content of their sites.

The task of the moderators to monitor site content (images, comments, video and other content). At each site there are certain requirements to moderators. For the work of the administrator requires knowledge werstok pages and html-codes, know the principles of operation of engines, which are the main core of any site. Administrators constantly watch the website for updates, download them video, images, links, etc.

If the disabled person has education programmer, there is another excellent way to earn money - creation of sites and the development of their appearance and design. This work is rather complicated and requires specific skills, but charges are also very worthy. It goes without saying that there are whole Studio that work in this field. Because the Internet is constantly evolving, it is necessary to provide a unique and interesting information, new web-resources. Therefore, this type of earnings are easy to learn for disabled guests, who are experts in web design and programming. And finally: in order to avoid the risk of fraud, it is necessary to require payment in advance before work.

Certain types of earnings for persons with disabilities

Work for the disabled in the Internet does not end once the above options. A separate question earnings is your own business. These include species such as the creation of their own sites with a view to further advertising. It is worth to note is difficult because it requires not only knowledge of programming, and SEO-optimized to the search engines, the site was in the top 10 or top 20 most visited pages. This type of earnings is forward-looking - at once will not be received offers from advertisers, we should at least wait six months. During these six months, you must increase the rating of the site traffic, unique visitors, post links on the page on various resources, etc. But eventually it pays dividends is a good site can bring earnings more than a few thousand dollars a month.

You can also try your hand in the money at the stock exchanges.

If there is no possibility to invest your money, service may be provided with interest-free loans. And to work on different exchanges, like Forex, does not require special mathematical knowledge - all calculations are made using a special program.


Summing up, I would like to note: there is no obstacle for people who want to earn money, there are only excuses bestestest. The examples very much, and even people with disabilities are able to earn less than their able-bodied compatriots. Our company is ready to take  a work disabled people who can work copywriters or redaktori. Please contact us at

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