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Deposits to Sberbank in 2013 - the most trusted deposits in Russia

 The popularity of card of Sberbank of visible transaction from around the world

Deposits to Sberbank for a very long time are among the most popular, not only because of high level of trust among the population to the financial-credit institution, but also the fact that Sberbank aims to offer its customers a truly relevant to modern financial market conditions on deposits! In 2013 Sberbank deposits provides for different conditions. In the line of the savings Bank deposits, there are proposals, targeted at different age and level of financial affluence, deposits, short-term and long-opened in Russian rubles and in foreign currency.

In addition to the already familiar for all deposits with a fixed term and pre-fixed interest rate, now Sberbank deposits offers well as providing for the possibility of partial withdrawal of funds, as well as replenishment. The interest rate on such deposits may vary depending on what the balance is currently in customer account. Income on various Sberbank deposits can be paid monthly or at maturity of the Deposit agreement. At the request of the customer the interest on Deposit is paid monthly, can be capitalized, i.e. added to the Deposit amount, which will significantly increase its profitability.

Types of deposits and interest

Our regular and new customers Sberbank offers quite a wide choice of deposits, of which everyone can find one that will allow him to increase the level of their well being and earn additional income through effective placement of free funds.

Practically all deposits of this Bank can be opened both in rubles and in us dollars or euros, except for one contribution, entitled the gift of life – this contribution can be opened in rubles. Interest rates on deposits vary depending on the type of Deposit, and are directly dependent on the amount and term of placement of funds – the greater the amount and term of the Deposit, the more attractive will be interest.

 Passbook change on the cards

Sberbank contribution "Keep" in 2013 may open for a period of 1 to 36 months in the amount of 1,000 rubles. Interest on this Deposit make up 5.15 to 8.75% per annum on deposits in rubles, from 1.35 to 4% for deposits in USD and from 1.25 to 4.5% per annum for deposits in Euro. Accrual of interest on this type of Deposit is made monthly and on request of the client accrued interest may be subject to removal, or deposited in a separate account or capitalized.

Contribution top up in 2013 differs from the contribution Keep the fact that for this type of Deposit provides for the possibility of additional depositing funds, as well as the revision of the size of the interest rate in case the Deposit amount exceeds a given threshold. A Deposit can be opened for a period from three months to three years, while the interest rate it can range from 5.1% to 8% on deposits in rubles, from 1.35 to 3,75 % on deposits in USD and from 1,25 to 4.25% on deposits in Euro. Interest accrued on a monthly basis and may be removed by the owner of the Deposit or capitalized.

Contribution Manage different from those described above deposits in that it allows for the possibility of the account, i.e. if necessary, the depositor may at any time withdraw part of the Deposit. Also, as in the contribution of the top up, on this contribution possible to Deposit funds into the account. Another difference contribution Manage in 2013 is that the minimum sum of the Deposit is 30 000 rubles or $ 1,000, but the terms are the same and can be from three months to three years. Interest rates on this Deposit Sberbank is from 4,55 to 7.25 % per annum on deposits in rubles, from 1.3 to 3,55 % for deposits in dollars and 1.1, from 4.1 % for deposits in euros. Accrual of interest on this Deposit is made monthly.


A special place in the line of deposits of Sberbank takes contribution called the gift of life, which can be opened only in Russian rubles. This contribution is of particular interest to those who want to help seriously ill children, because of 0.3% per annum of the amount of the contribution of every 3 months to go to the charity gift of life. Interest rate on Deposit of the gift of life is 8% per annum and interest is calculated every 3 months. Minimum Deposit amount can be 10 000 rubles, and its term of 1 year.

Sberbank deposits in rubles and foreign currency, formalised in the Online

Those of Sberbank's clients, who subscribed to a system of remote access to the services of the Bank Sberbank Online, there is a unique opportunity to issue a Bank Deposit for the most advantageous conditions. Now each user Sberbank Online can independently apply for a contribution in the system, using the user-friendly and intuitive interface and following the prompts. With this method of opening the Deposit customers can expect to receive a high interest rate on deposits in rubles will be higher on average by 1%, and on deposits in us dollars and Euro higher on average 0.15%.

In the system of Sberbank Online can arrange such deposits as Keep Online, top up Online and Manage Online, conditions will be similar to those offered by traditional deposits, but the interest rate will be higher.

Deposits to Sberbank for pensioners

 The number of savings Bank deposits is growing every year

Caring about the elderly, Sberbank has developed special offers for some of their deposits, which only apply to pensioners. On this Sberbank deposits how to Keep and top up for people of retirement age there are special conditions that allow them to count on earning more money on Deposit at the expense of higher interest rate. So, for example, Keep on Deposit for pensioners are offered rate from 6.15 to 8.75 on deposits in rubles, while for all other categories of the population are interest rates in the amount of 5.15 to 8.75. To top up the Deposit rates for pensioners also more attractive – from 6,05% to 8% per annum against from 5,10 to 8% per annum for all others.

 Consider the interest of the commissions

In addition in the line of deposits of Sberbank there is also a separate type of Deposit, which is only available to pensioners. This contribution received the name of the Pension-plus and involves the receipt of income listed for the account in the Bank pension funds. In this case the income is accrued daily on any balance on the account, even if it is just 1 ruble. The interest rate for this type of Deposit is 3.5% per annum and remains unchanged during the whole term of validity of the Deposit agreement. Wish pensioner can shoot with the contribution of the necessary funds, and also to replenish it. You can also leave a Bank standing order on a monthly payment of municipal services, which will be made by Deposit funds.

Sberbank of Russia: deposits for various clients

Not to mention the fact, that the Sberbank of Russia in recent years has made just a huge leap in the quality of service to its clients and has considerably expanded the list of proposed products and services.

As writes Sberbank - the official site - interest rates they are the most beneficial, but is it really so? If you carefully look at similar proposal other large banks, it is possible to notice, that actually interest rates offered by Sberbank, not so great and sometimes lose the proposals from other banks, which promise to its customers and 10% and sometimes even up to 12% per annum. It is worth noting that this is also a solid banks with a good reputation, participating in the Deposit insurance system.

So why do so many people choose as their Bank exactly Sberbank of Russia, if you can find deals and more profitable? Mostly people do it out of habit, continuing to consider Sberbank best and the most reliable, and sometimes simply because they are afraid of changes in their lives, even if this is just about the change of the Bank!

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