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Deposits VTB 24 in 2013: a review and comparison

One of the leading Russian state banks, VTB 24 unlike Sberbank is ready to offer its Deposit products at the best conditions for a higher percent and with optimal remote access to your funds. Deposits VTB 24 in 2013 are divided into four groups of deposits issued by Bank; hosted remotely; for payroll customers and mortgage.

Deposits for registration which need to visit the Bank

During the personal visit to the Bank to open a Deposit to the following conditions:

 Statistics VTB 24 on deposits

Remote deposits for lazy

Deposits VTB 24 accepts and remotely, so for those who can not walk to the nearest branch, there are several interesting proposals to place cash through ATM or Internet banking:

Proposal for mortgage borrowers

Placement period - 2 months, which allows to increase their investments even in the period of search for suitable properties for purchase on already approved the proposal. Thus there is an opportunity at any time to replenish an additional contribution not less than 10 thousand roubles, and also to withdraw part of the funds.

Interest is accrued monthly at the rate of 3-3,55% and can be transferred to the account of the client, or to be added to the principal amount of the Deposit. In case of early termination of contract interest for incomplete month is charged at a rate of demand deposits. The amount of Deposit interest rate depends on the amount of accommodation which corresponds to the size of the minimum balance: below 3% can be placed not less than 100 thousand, under 3,55% - more than 5.1 million rubles.

To open such a contribution not only in rubles and in foreign currency, rate, of course, in euros or dollars will be lower-from 0.45 to 1.5%, but if you plan to pay for the purchase of property in foreign currency, this would be a convenient solution.

Contributions for the

Salary card deposits VTB 24 are provided at a higher rate and more flexible access to funds. "Special" can accommodate any holder of salary card who is willing to trust their savings to more than 15 000 RUB. for a period from 1 month to 5 years this Bank. The yield of this Deposit product will amount to 5.75-8.2%, and taking into account capitalization is possible to get to 9,475. By the way, the new rates are effective from mid-March, they were increased by 0.9 %.

The customer can choose the exact placement period (to the day), the frequency of accrual (every month, every quarter or at the end of the term)and the order of payment of percent (capitalization or transfer to another account), as well as to replenish its funds more than $ 100. an unlimited number of times. In case of early withdrawal of funds, the investor loses a third of %. The maximum level of income provided when placing funds in excess of 3.5 million  for 3-5 years.

 Types of deposits VTB 24

Deposits VTB 24, their conditions and goals are different, so to find the best offer is not difficult. Instructions on how to open a Deposit and start earning income from home, see here:

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