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How to predict the price of gold?

The value of gold in the world economy

 The price of gold denominated in convertible currency and profitable stock exchange.

Ever since gold was discovered, it became the main form of payment equivalent to any product or product. In addition, gold at all times was considered the highest material value and a symbol of wealth. Although the gold and provides the money, meanwhile the price is denominated in convertible currencies. Based on the amount of money per gram is calculated between the Bank and the individual. Regarding the global market, there is a Troy ounce.

Today stopped minting gold coins for the mass segment and removed from circulation. However, the gold serves as the basis for supplementary operations, as a means of accumulation and savings. How does gold exist in the quality of the product? In today's market it is represented not only in the form of bullion, jewelry or other luxury goods, but also goods such currency and securities on stock exchanges. It is the gold prices are mostly profitable traders.

 A prediction value of an ounce of gold allows you to bet and make a profit.

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Factors affecting the market value of gold

The cost of gold, like the price of any other commodity, affected by certain factors. Consider some of the factors that affect the volatility of the precious metal:

The relationship of the dollar and gold

The price of gold does not depend only on one factor. Typically, a sharp rise or decline in the value of the metal is influenced by a combination of factors. Often the demand from jewelers fueled by rumors of an upcoming price increase. The decline of gold mining also causes consumers desire to purchase raw material "in store", resulting in a natural increase in the cost.

The relationship between gold and the dollar or inverse correlation – a situation where the decline of the dollar causes the price rise of gold and Vice versa is not always relevant. For example, when a sufficient supply from the mining companies, the growth of the dollar may not cause a reduction in the price of gold.

 In recent decades the price of gold is steadily increasing.

Moreover, the price of gold today at least is dependent on the us currency due to the fact that its convertibility in recent decades steadily fell. The reason was inflation. Accordingly, in the last few years there has been a steady increase in the cost of gold.

By historical standards, today's gold price is far from its resistance line. Moreover, the growing demand for the metal, says only that in the near future the price will only go up.