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Interest on deposits in banks in roubles - a way to catch up with inflation

While some people chasing loans, others are more lucky or more prudent - looking for where to put their money. We are now so used to the fact that everyone is given in the loan and such offers are pouring in from everywhere that I forgot: after all, you can get the interest on deposits in banks and not to pay their debts.

And in that time, and such options abound. If there are "extra" one thousand, two, ten, a hundred... that should keep them in a stocking? After all, inflation, unfortunately, does not stand still, but because your carefully saved the money can easily be devalued.

If you believe the reports of our statistics, the level of depreciation of money is rather low. In fact, we see more. Of course, we will not be fooled, even the largest interest on Deposit in the Bank inflation to overtake not able to. But it is better to get at least some percentage than not increase saving at all.

How to invest their money?

Actually, in addition to storage in a stocking there are other options: this is a Deposit with the Bank, investment and private business. Here everyone is free to choose at their discretion.

Investment is real estate, mutual funds, securities, Forex and so on. There is a possibility to get a high percentage on deposits, but there is no less risk of a loss. If you are not an expert in Economics, it is better to bypass such deposits party.

Business for businessmen and those who are ready to give much time to maintain it. Can be just as unpredictable. To the same person who has a job, it will be difficult to allocate a few hours a day to practice.

The most conservative course is simple banking deposits in rubles. In rubles - because in the currency rate is significantly less. Money will be intact, and in addition you will receive a bonus. Should I be afraid of deposits? Today - no. Fear of loss of funds, as it was in 90-ies, now biased. For years the money invested subject to compulsory insurance. Therefore, whatever happens, the accumulated amount you will not lose.

So why right now not to proceed with the search for an appropriate line of deposits? Today the sites of the banks just very wide variety of offers. Starting from 1000 RUB deferred money you can take advantage of great deals. And after you can add additional funds that will be an incentive to accumulate a good amount.

How to weed out "bad" banks?

Getting to the study of the proposals on deposits, does not prevent to find out several principles of screening those organizations, with which to deal not worth it. It is the banks that:

Of course, you can go in the Bank. As mentioned above, most organizations insure deposits in banks (specify in place). Just may be delays of payments and similar troubles. Better access to good institutions - specialists in their field, because there are so many!

Select contribution

The parameters, which have to select contribution:

It should be noted that the approximate rate all banks are equal to 9-11%. You can choose in this range, and it is unlikely that you will lose. But occasionally there are new attractive offers up to 13%. And if you heard about it before you take a moment to read carefully all the conditions. Such deposits can sometimes be advertising action. To make money is recommended only when all will be examined and you will be sure that no surprises are expected.

There is also a lower interest rate. They, for example, offers Sberbank. He is so proved that even with such a small income from investments, as 7-8%, people are ready to invest money there. A small bet is because loans Sberbank gives at low interest rates.

Today you can just get lost in hundreds of variants offered organizations. But if you already have analyzed what you need (as suggested above), the circle sharply narrows. And yet, consider a few specific proposals banks with the fact-finding purpose, for example.

Of course, this is not a complete list. It should be noted that on the website almost every Bank has the Deposit calculator that can calculate the approximate income. You can use them to make the right decision. Do not forget that the result is not exact, but close to reality.


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