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Options of where to invest a million rubles

 The poll among Russians: where to invest a million rubles

First and most important rule of this capitalist: money must work, not to accumulate under the mattress. So, let's talk about: where to invest?

Where to invest a million?

The Bank is the easiest and most reliable way to increase capital. To call it a very profitable because even the best and high interest rates on Deposit barely manage to cover the cost of inflation. Besides, in case of occurrence of the insured event, the Bank undertakes to pay only 700 000 rubles, the rest of money you will lose. If you plan to store quite a substantial sum of the banking organization, you should distribute it to various representatives.

It is best if these banks will be included in "Top 50", it is perfect if they have state support. Investing money in the Bank you need to create "financial cushion", which in the future, unforeseen circumstances can be of great help. Therefore, if your goal: keep your money and protect them from inflation - you can safely apply to the Bank, but if you want to increase the amount that you have on hand, you should consider other options provided for your consideration below.

If you have at least a modicum entrepreneurial skills,the question: "in what to invest millions?" will immediately receive your logical answer is your own business.

If competent work you will be able to multiply their dividends for a short time. In that case, if you understand that doing business absolutely does not suit you and you will not be able to pay him all the time, then consider investing their money in someone else already established business. This will increase your risks, but, nevertheless, doesn't require a huge investment of money and time. It should be understood that any investment associated with serious risks need to be prepared for the fact that any business can "burn", and the partner is to betray.

More reliable investment than in the property - it is difficult to find. People brought up in the USSR rarely trust that cannot see or touch own hands, that is why,for them, the real estate is the most desirable investment. after all, this is the one asset that is always with you. The most precious are the apartments in Moscow and suburbs. Let's be honest: to buy property in these areas over 1 million rubles - will not work. Prices for housing in the capital is growing every day. But, despite everything, to buy property in provincial towns for that sum is more than possible.

 Trends of real estate market

If we consider this type of investment not only how to save their money, but as the increase them in the future, we can safely say: you will not regret it. To accurately estimate the amount of your profit in this case is difficult. It depends on the market and trends on it. Keep in mind that the risk is always there: you can increase your interest, and everything to lose. See for yourself before you is the indicator which shows tendencies in the real estate market over a five-year period.

You can see that house prices are steadily growing, but it does happen and downs.

If the above options, telling about where to invest one million rubles is not suitable for you, we will consider the option securities. Shares of Russian or foreign companies is a simple variant of revenues, income from which is often underestimated. Yes, these investments directly involve risks of loss of funds, but, nevertheless, they can be a gold mine.

 Fluctuation of prices for gold in 2012

Once you have a question: "where to invest one million roubles", I immediately flashed the thought: "jewels". Yes, it is impossible not to agree with the fact that prices for gold and platinum is growing every day. But, unfortunately, this situation is not much different from buying a property. Even in this case, you have a chance to lose your entire investment. No analyst will not be able to give you a guarantee that you will win. For clarity, we present you a graph demonstrating you fluctuations in gold prices in 2012.

Profitable to invest and get further profit is possible through the creation and development of various Internet-projects. If organize the work site, to bring it to the autonomy, you will be able to profit, without making it absolutely no effort. If the answer to the question: "where to invest 1 million?" obvious to you, and you wish to create your own Internet project, it is worth considering that in order for this investment, however, as all the others, did not turn around for you collapse - it is necessary to understand the subject. The main risks assumes that an investor who does not wish to delve into the topic, designed to increase its wealth.

After all, where to invest 1000000 rubles with minimal risk? To list the advantages of such investments, as PAMM-account can be infinite, because they are absolutely legal, easy to use and affordable for anyone. The main advantage, which, no doubt, appreciate all businessmen - passive, but stable income.

The essence of this method is simple and clear: you give the sum available to people who play professionally in the Forex market. Such people are called traders, they are not just for yourself, make good money on the currency market, but also help others, of course, guided by our interests.

If you want to have a little more specific understanding about it, try to understand: banks provide you with interest rate of 5-10% per year, right? Well, PAMM-account will give you the money for the month.

Yes, there is a risk here, but when compared with investing in gold or property, then the PAMM-account is the most secure.

This is another option where to invest 1 million rubles. It can be called one of the most common ways, because mutual funds - one of the easiest ways to increase your wealth. The principle of operation is similar to an independent trade shares, sole, manage your funds will be specifically designed for this company. The amount of dividends they do not specify, as a guarantee of this to give will not be able.

And 2 million rubles? 

We have examined in detail the investment options that will require investments in million roubles, and now let's try to double digit and analyze where to invest 2 million rubles.

In total, 2 million roubles it is possible to apply the same mechanisms that to 1 million. But, as is known, the higher the amount, the higher the probability of incorrect she ordered and everything to lose.

With the investment of the money in business you have a big advantage: you can't just start their own business and to purchase the already established and well-functioning mechanism. But, obviously, doing business is not suitable for all. Let's look at other options.

The most common advice that can hear people wishing to invest this amount of money is buying property or land. As said by the writer mark TWAIN: "Buy land, it is no longer made". The Council faithful and useful. On two million roubles it is possible to buy a wonderful apartment in a provincial town, in the future it is possible to rent - it will bring more dividends.

The purchase of land has its additional advantages: it does not require you current expenditures in the future, besides, you will be able to sell it in almost two more, enough to know how to haggle.

If you want to store this substantial amount in the bath, then, having made the right choice, you not only save what you already have, but also increase. At good interest you can get a year about 200 000 thousand, which is about 17 000 per month. For life in a provincial town - more than enough.

You can entrust your funds to various investment companies that will handle your capital. It is no secret that this is a risk, which for many was a good source of income. The decision about investing in mutual funds should be carefully considered and weighed.

What to do with 3 million rubles?

If you have any question,  where to invest 3 million rubles, you are very lucky person. Remember that when working with such amount, the probability of losing her - well above average. You can use any tactics described just above, can open a business, invest in anything or use and that, and that option. Three million rubles will allow you to make a significant contribution in the Bank, which will become a "safety cushion", and the rest to send an investment. In this case, even if you lose, and the object of your investment will go bankrupt - will have the opportunity to start over.

What to invest 10 million rubles?

This large amount is greatly respect to its owner. Where to invest 10 million rubles and not to go bust? For this money you can buy a network of small enterprises, in the future, if handled properly, receiving from them a good profit. If you understand that they are ready to engage in such business, then order your business plan for real professionals, hire a team of assistants or find an adequate partner - and get a dream come true!

At the end of the article attached useful material, video lesson which conducts Roman Kozhin, which examines in detail the question of where to invest money in 2013!

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