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The most profitable deposits in banks of Moscow

Focus on profitable deposits in banks of Moscow - interest is due to the desire of people with money to save them from inflation and receive profit at the expense percent. There is a need to consider the basic services of banks on deposits and compare conditions.

Main categories of banking services

Of course, contributions under high procentami not mean greater benefit - it is necessary to study in detail all the conditions.

Bank deposits can be divided into several groups, the main ones are the deposits with monthly payment of interest and contributions, which are paid dividends when you close the Deposit.

Be aware that the longer the term the higher the interest rate.

You should also provide for the possibility of early withdrawal of funds and the reaction of the Bank in this case. Most banks, wishing to reduce losses to a minimum, reduce the rate of interest in case of early closing the accounts up to scratch.

There are also deposits that bear floating interest rates. That is, the rate of interest may change depending on inflation. This Deposit is similar to the game on the stock exchange - you can get a good profit, but there is the probability of a sharp decline of income, if the conditions will change. This option is suitable for investors who are not afraid of risk.

The investor who wants to be able at any time to withdraw your money, may prefer a demand Deposit, which is characterized by small interest rate.

Independently there is such a service as festive contribution. The contribution offered by banks in honor of the holiday, and the interest rate is quite high. Most often, the higher rates on deposits offered in these cases.

A quick survey of banks

Here is a table showing the information about profitable deposits in banks of Moscow:


Of course, the rating of banks on deposits is incomplete, because you need to know additional conditions:

For example, you can compare two contributions for a period of nine months - one is charged annually 43% simple interest, and the second 40% of the complex of interest with quarterly capitalization.

Investing conditionally one ruble on Deposit at the first Bank, in a year the depositor will receive 1*(1+0,43(9/12))=of 1.3225 rubles. In the second case, the income will be 1*(1+0,4(3/12))3=1,331 rubles. So, in this example it is the second Bank offers the highest interest on deposits, although at first glance it seems that 43% lower than 40%.

Therefore, the overview above is only an initial approximation, and, before you make a Deposit, you need to specify the other nuances.

Large deposits and long terms - high interest rates

Some banks offer very favorable terms, if the investor will put quite a large sum.

For example, Bank "Russian standard" offers a three-month Deposit with an annual rate of 10.5%if the Deposit amount exceeds one million roubles. The same percentage offers Investtorgbank, however the minimum Deposit amounts to three million rubles.

Also on high income you can expect if you put money in a long time. In this case, you are guaranteed the highest interest on deposits,of course, if you have patience. The Foundation of the Bank offers to pay 15% of common interest in the case, if Deposit issued for five years, and the minimum amount is one million. Sovcombank offers a rate of 14% for the three-year deposits with a minimum size of 1.5 million rubles.

Thus, if you offer some Moscow banks deposits interest can be different - it depends on specific conditions. However, you can always choose the best option that meet all your interests - just need to clearly understand their needs and carefully study the proposals of banks, which, fortunately, very much.

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