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Where to invest 100 thousand rubles

Where to invest 100 thousand rubles? This question bothers those who are in the hands of a small but significant amount of money and do not want to waste it in vain. Invest the money in real estate will not work - too small a sum. However, you can also consider others not less profitable ways of placing funds. Investing is a business that requires very serious and balanced approach. On the other hand, any investment is always a risk, the degree of which depends on conditions of the project and the overall economic situation. Risk the least the one who puts the money in a home safe, however, and the yield of such a step is equal to zero. The greatest gains can be obtained by investing money in starting a business but also a chance to burn through here also great.

Long-term financial investments. Mutual funds

 The rating of mutual funds

Five years is a long time for the Russian economy. During this time may change the political system, to devalue Il default , the infamous for most people in our country. In other words, the prospect of long-term investment brings very tangible risks, which, however, associated with additional investment opportunities.

Experienced financial experts advise to invest 100 thousand rubles in mutual funds. Its essence is this: the investor buys shares and passes it to the management of an experienced and professional agents who conduct transactions with shares and other securities than provide income of the investor. The advantage of mutual investment background is the ability to instantly quit the game at any convenient time. Thouhgh one must remember that the level of profit depends on the investment period. Today there is a huge choice of such funds, which differ in how the direction and degree of risk. For example, most at risk investors funds, and in relative safety, investors are bond funds. However, the levels of their yields incomparable first able to increase the Deposit amount several times, and the latter will bring only a couple dozen percent for all 5 years.

Bank deposits as a way of investing money earned

 The most profitable deposits

Bank deposits is another form of long-term investment. Banks want to work with the investors, ready to be stored in the accounts of funds for several years. That is why financial institutions offer higher interest rates on deposits with a shelf life of 1 year and periodicity of interest in 365 days. The most promising looks contributions from 9.5% per annum, which are available for customers of major commercial banks.

There should always remember that the larger and more reliable Bank is, the lower interest rate it sets for their contributions. Conversely, too attractive conditions can testify and unreliability of financial institutions.

Thus, Bank Deposit can be considered as a way of augmenting the amount of 100 000, but with some reservations. First, you should not rely on advantageous interest rate. Secondly, you need to consider many restrictions that serve to meet the interests of the Bank. This is a tough time of their granting and withdrawal of the Deposit interests. Ignoring them will result in the total loss of earned interest.

In addition, using a Bank Deposit is possible to protect their savings from devaluation (devaluation of the ruble on the foreign exchange market). For this you need to open accounts in different currencies (roubles, USD and Euro). However, this step greatly reduces future income, because a smaller amount of the contribution is charged a lower interest rate, besides the interest rate of foreign currency deposits is always lower than that of ruble deposits.

Independent game on the market of securities

Another type of long-term investments in the amount of 100 thousand roubles shares purchased independently on the securities market. This is not as difficult as it seems, but it requires some time and intellectual outlay. Here the investor know the price of each share and the amount of the fee paid for the deal. While working through a mutual Fund these data often go unreported. The investor simply confront the fact that such a day, he earned or lost this money. And strategy game of the Fund, its rules and other nuances remain unknown. Independent purchase of shares can significantly reduce the risks. For this you need to purchase the shares not one but several large companies. The amount of the fee for transactions of sale is minimal, and the purchase process takes a matter of seconds. Trade via the Internet. For this we need only to open a brokerage account.

Own business project as a way to success

 Own business project is the opening of a taxi company

And finally, the most risky way of investing 100 thousand rubles is opening his own business. Sometimes this money you can buy a ready business-project. However, you can find an interesting idea and try to implement it on their own. It all depends on the entrepreneur. Whether he is ready all the time to devote to their own enterprise, to risk, to calculate in advance each step? In the best case, the money invested will pay off tenfold. At worst, they will burn against losses young project.

Investing in Internet

Thinking about where to put a hundred thousand, you can look to invest in Internet sites. This amount will be enough to create and promote a couple of promising projects, which will bring about 15 000 rubles as a monthly passive income. This is a great opportunity to repeatedly increase the money invested in the shortest time. However, to start such activities should learn the basics saitostroitel'stva , optimization and promotion of web resources.

Short-term methods of capital increase

Selection of the object for investments for the year takes much more time. For short-term investment approach and Bank deposits, mutual funds and the game on the share price. However, the risks in this case significantly increase, while the yield is not high. Traders on the stock market often face a situation when after a year of work when the purchased shares have not had time to appreciate, there is a sharp decline, and burn all the money invested in one day. In long-term investing falls in the stock market do not bring such a tangible damage.

In the case of Bank Deposit, the interest rate is small, but risks and economic shocks minimum. In any case, this approach looks more attractive in comparison with the storage of one hundred thousand homes under the pillow.

Summing up the results

The choice of investment sum of 100 000 rubles always left to the investor. Having studied all the available information, assessing risks and expected income level, you can select the optimal method of work to place your money on the most favorable conditions. The only way to not only preserve, but also to increase the initial capital, receiving passive income for many years.

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