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Breeding geese as business

The content of goslings

Breeding geese at home is quite profitable. If you ask yourself the question “what to start breeding geese», the answer is obvious – from the procurement goslings. Goslings, very withdraw in special incubators or under goose (9-15 eggs). For incubation is necessary to select a clean eggs without defects, preferably medium in size. The first three weeks are very important for geese, during which they are gaining strength. Daily goslings weigh 100-120 grams, 30 days of their weight already exceed 2 kilograms.

Table growth goslings

You should pay close attention to what goslings will grow weaker, and geese will be poor egg production without additives. Great weight is important in this business, so feed the geese should diverse. Herbs for geese better to mow the early morning and late evening, because it is more juicy.

 Table growth goslings

With the development of goslings need to watch for changes in the Constitution, empennage, behavior. In most farms geese farming is not quite intensively, especially in small gusevogorsky farms (production of meat and eggs in the spring and summer). For the development of goose farm should be repeatedly to complete parental herd and several periods of egg production per year. The goslings spring conclusion of the first oviposition is in January—may, then molt — June—July; the following oviposition — August —October and moult in November—December.

The goslings autumn output is the first oviposition coincides may—August, then molt September and October, the second egg-laying will last from November to February. In order to stimulate the production of geese with age 210 days to increase the duration of light day for 30 minutes in a day, from 7am to 1pm. The geese oviposition begins the first month after the introduction of a long day length, duration of approximately 4—4,5 months.

At the end of egg-laying goose forced moulting. First 3 days geese are kept in the dark, do not drink and do not feed. Then you should install a seven-hour day, to give the feed containing 13 % crude protein and 235—240 kcal of exchange energy (982—1003 kJ), you should add 25—30 percent of grass meal in the feed mixture. Then the length of daylight again lead up to 13 hours. After increasing day length geese transferred to the diet of the entire herd. Molt lasts 60 days. The following oviposition should last about 3 months. Then again forced to shedding according to the old scheme.

 Table productivity of some breeds of geese

In cultivation you need to take early goslings, no later than the day after their conclusion. Daily goslings are not blown baskets, covered with hay, a dry straw, or a soft cloth. The goslings body temperature is maintained at the expense of yolk, remaining in their body. More adults goslings should ensure heating: put a warm heating pad on the bottom of the box or basket for her to lay a bed of hay.

If goslings have overcooled for some reason on the way, that it is necessary to increase the initial room temperature by 3 degrees, as hypothermia can cause losses of young animals during the first few weeks. If goslings has continued into the first two weeks of life (first period), then with sufficient and nutritious their feeding and providing spacious pasture can completely maintain.

Organization of rooms for geese

Geese breeding for fat, fluff and feathers. This is the only species of birds that give feathers and down in life. Feathers rather soft, light, used in the manufacture of pillows and blankets, sewing jackets, various costumes and sleeping bags. Breeding geese on the meat is also very profitable, but it is necessary to observe the conditions of detention of geese.

House geese does not require special finishing and warming, because geese can endure low temperatures, and even severe frosts on dry litter. The floor is advisable to make wooden, the walls are plastered and whitewash, window better be installed at a height of two feet above the floor. It is necessary to provide a ventilation system, possibility of division of the house on the section.

Room height (pass) shall be not less than 1,5 - 2 meters, the walls are about 1.7 metres. LAZ and Windows should be located with a South-East or South side of the house. The roof should not proceed, floor preferably warm, he should remain dry and restrict access rodents in the house.

As litter you can use any household materials, such as straw, sawdust, shavings, peat, corn on the cob . Litter should be dry and clean, free of mold, on which depends the well-being of geese.

In winter litter should be warmer (straw), in summer you can use sawdust and sand. Procurement litter is about 40 kg of material on one goose. If litter raw, feather goose will be dirty and poorly will retain heat that can cause a cold. Bedding set feeders, prepared feed and nest.

Temperature and light conditions

Warm Pooh protects geese from low temperatures, they can withstand temperatures down to -10 (-25 for a short time). At low temperatures egg laying goose may decrease laid eggs can start to freeze at temperatures below -4 -5 degrees. In normal conditions (natural daylight) geese lay eggs in February - March. At artificial increase in day length and zero temperature in January, the egg will be waiting for you at the end of the month.

When natural lighting is less than 14 hours, you can use artificial. If the birds began to drift in the winter, then demolished eggs can freeze and goslings are not displayed. Therefore, it is necessary to care about the well-equipped nest.


On one of the goose should be about 1 square in a normal room (mobile 0.5 m2). Depending on weather conditions (if bird spends the whole day on the run) rate can be increased to three goals per 1 m2 of floor space.

Feeders should be set, taking into account smaller losses of food, they should be comfortable and fairly easy. Produce them from a piece of Board, plywood or other suitable materials for this purpose. Feeders should be enough to avoid overcrowding during feeding. Feeders suspended from a height of 20 cm, they should be clean and fit the norm of a feed.

 The daily expense of forage on 1 goose

For drinkers, you can use wooden or cement-tubs, buckets, set them on baking sheets, which are covered with a grid (metal and wooden). The drinking warm in the cold winter season to water does not freeze or it periodically poured hot water.

In the hot season, the lack of water can cause disease in poultry.

On the floor near the wall to install the nest, at least a month before the laying period. The number of nests is calculated for 1 slot on 2-3 goose, litter is used the same as in the room itself. The nests are placed near the walls and in places bright direct light.

Dimensions jacks: width 0.5 m, length 0,6 m, the height threshold 0.01 m Socket must be available and must be clean, dry and warm. For their production we use the boards, plywood or other materials.

Grazing geese

 Grazing geese in pens

In the absence of grazing geese are kept in pens, put a container for swimming, adding water to the required level. The area of the enclosure is 1m2 for geese, 5M2 for young animals, 15m2 for adults (one bird). In the cage, you need to install the awnings (from sun and rain).

If you have the pasture, then you can release there geese after oviposition. Due to the use of herbs in large quantities geese satisfy their need for the necessary nutrients. After harvesting, geese can eat grain with windfalls that they have is an increase in live weight at a rapid pace. This geese should be provided water to remain long on pasture and used herbs and other feed. In the heat may decrease oplodotvorennogo eggs, the best scenario is to provide the goose pond.

Clean running ponds well affect the breeding geese, although not constitute a necessary condition for breeding geese. In summer there is a possibility to keep the geese in the yard all night, Ogorodov special walking and posting there feeders and waterers. In winter geese can be temporarily released after 11 o'clock in Sunny weather.

Defeathering geese

Home-breeding geese a self care. Adult pluck two times per year. For the first time in may - June at the appearance of molting, for the second time in 2 months. If geese lay eggs in two periods, pluck them only once in may and June. Goslings pluck twice : at the age of 70-80 days (60g. fuzz) and in 120-130 days (100g. fuzz). From adult geese at once receive 80-110 , pen and about 40 was down.

Collecting and preserving of poultrymeat depends on the number of geese, which are subject to plucking. The day before, birds need a good swim in the pond and clean the feathers from dust and dirt. The next morning should leave the number of geese, which will osipyants in the first half of the day. Plucked goose leave in a pen in the yard or grazing near the house. Plucked and not plucked goose should not be confused, as they adversely affected by frequent sorting and distillation. When all the birds are plucked, they can re-join into one fold.

Defeathering can be made at any light room, holding it carefully, quietly and gently, because geese quite nervous and can't tolerate overcrowding. Defeathering carried out as follows: the person who will be plucked goose sitting on a chair or stool, puts on his knees goose down backs and their legs tied, from itself, the right hand shoots fine feathers from the lower part of the neck. Do not remove the feathers of wings, the upper part necks, tail, shoulders and hips. You must keep the wings were pressed firmly against his back because the goose will be waving them, trying to escape, which can lead to trauma of a goose.

To pluck need your thumb and index finger of the right hand, at one time we must take the feathers in the direction of their growth (small amount). During the plucking usually geese behaved rather calmly. On the first day after the treatment, they are a little nervous, fearful and excited. This state passes quickly, and geese start eating food with good appetite. The behavior of geese in a couple of days after plucking nothing will remind about this procedure. The remaining feathers and down should be dried in the sun or in a well ventilated area. Store it in a small cotton fabrics.

Poultry litter

Goose droppings to fertilize the soil of your site For this purpose is necessary periodically to fill superphosphate (simple or double) on the litter in the period of detention geese (also superphosphate dries very wet litter). Filling fertilizers should be held once a week (in powder form): 400 g of simple superphosphate or 200 g double to 1 m2 of the floor space.

Gus - the best bird!

Interest in the business of breeding geese erupted more. This is not surprising. Among the major products in this business but meat is not a small place occupied Pooh, eggs. And the main reason people are tired of all kinds of preservatives, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, dyes and other nutritional supplements I.e. Healthy and tasty food today is valued in many times.

 Goose business profitable

1. Purchased the young must be tribal and only with reputable economy. Among the most popular breeds of Kholmogory, large gray, Kaluga, Tula, Gorky, Kuban, Italian white and Toulouse . Costs range from 1000 to 2000 rubles per 10 goals. 2. Feeding geese up to one month exclusively starting fodder. Then prepare wet fodder , consisting of corn bran , oat bran, potato cleanings, grated zucchini, boiled fish residues. The second month of the feed volume increased due to a grass, cabbage and other vegetable residues and crops (especially oats, if it is grown bird on meat). Definitely added to the diet duckweed or just walking on the rates. When in this mode of feeding the two-month goose must earn up to 2.5 kg 3. Organization of farms in several thousand heads or just the content for their own consumption in several dozen? In the first case, in addition to the official registration of the house veterinary service, technical equipment of places, feeding, walking, note that you will need even mechanization of plucking, washing and drying down, processing liver of goose giblets. Ie in this case, the sector requires the development in the field of food production. 4. The profitability of this business will be in the initial investments from 6 to 20 thousand roubles with the planned income from 4 to 20 thousand rubles per month, i.e. - 100% payback within months. This is simple arithmetic, which clearly shows that the business of content geese best. And if the owner decides to leave the bird on divorce, next year the investments will decrease by several times, while the income, respectively, will increase.

Breeding geese video shows how to organize goose business:

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